University Proposal Templates

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How to Write a University Proposal?

A university proposal is a document that students write to produce their thesis project. Students use this type of document to convince the committee that the project is beneficial and logical. The approval of the committee helps the student in proceeding to the research. 

University students, undergraduates and those taking their PhD program, typically take on a research project before finishing a degree. This demonstrates the student's abilities to put all their learnings to a single project. If you need to make a university proposal, read our helpful tips below. 

1. Write Executive Summary

The executive summary of your proposal tells readers what your research is about without reading the entire thing. Sum up your sample proposal with two to three sentences. That should give the committee enough ideas about your topic. 

2. Describe Problem and Solution

Now that you have stated what your research is about, it's time to state the problems and solutions. Give the problems your research has and its corresponding solutions. These two should be logical and coherent. 

3. State Objectives

Have a clear list of objectives using your problems and solutions. Remember that in a research project, you need to achieve something in the end. Make sure your objectives are realistic and achievable. 

4. Give Benefits

Every research project has benefits. Give the possible ones that could come out of your project once it's done. These benefits should also be realistic and align with your objectives. 

5. Show a Timeline and Action Plan

Now it's time to show what you're going to do to fulfill your project. Break your project down into pieces. Create a timeline with a fixed deadline that explains how a part of the project is done and the time allotted for it. Don't forget to create an action plan along with the timeline as well. The action plan explains your course of action as you make the project. 

6. Pricing

The last part of your proposal is the pricing. State all the things you need for your project with its corresponding price using a quotation template. Write the grand total of the prices of material at the bottom of the price list.


  • How many pages does a university proposal have?

      A university proposal should have 4-7 pages. 

  • How long should a university proposal title be?

      There's no limit in the number of words for university proposal titles, but it's advisable to keep it short and catchy at the same time. The title should paint a clear idea about the topic of the research. 

  • What happens when the school board approves a student's research proposal?

      The student can proceed making his research when the school board approves his proposal. 

  • What are the common topics for a university proposal?

      Common topics for a university proposal include health, environment, culture, and technology. Some students also make research papers about entertainment, economy, among other things. 

  • Does a university proposal include data about the research?

      No, data about the research is reserved for the actual paper itself.