What is a University Brochure?

A university brochure is a folded promotional material distributed by an institution to entice school-age individuals to enroll in their school or learning facility. It can either be a trifold or bifold brochure, depending on how much content is put into it. In university brochures, the most common information includes the school's background, the programs and courses offered, the staff and faculty members, and the contact details.

How to Make a University Brochure

The Guardian listed establishing your identity as an institution as among the strategies for successfully recruiting students to get onboard your school’s courses and programs. Having a solid brand identity can help lure talents to your institution, and one good way of showcasing your identity is by incorporating it into your university brochure. For most students, the brochure is their way of gathering details about a high school or college institution. To make an efficient university brochure, follow the steps provided below.

1. Send a Message at First Glance

Brochures come and go. They are distributed in bundles and sometimes fail to serve their purpose to drive information to a target market. This is why your brochures need to stand out by making a clear and direct message that the public can easily grasp. Your school brochure should be able to send a message at first glance. A catchy headline or motivational tagline written in large fonts can attract the audience and prompt them to go further into your brochure.

2. Categorize Content Into Concise Sections

Because a brochure contains various information related to the university, it would be hard to filter through lengthy content to sort out the most relevant information. Divide them into categories and summarize them in short phrases. Use infographics, bullets, and lists. A concise content invites attention because they’re easy to read and understand. Long sentences may compromise your output because you’ll have to fit them all in a fairly limited space.

3. Prioritize Your Target Audience

If you want those geniuses to enroll in your university, then your content should revolve around their needs. Their primary goal is to look into what you have to offer them. Take this into consideration and paint a picture of your school’s best assets. Highlight benefits, programs, and accommodations. Scholarship programs can easily attract attention, so state what available grants they can avail. Students might only be focused on getting a diploma, but they won’t spend their entire college life buried under their books. Include leisure activities and events that will enable them to unwind.

4. Use a Brochure Template

If you’re short on manpower and skills to conjure an impressive brochure layout, it might be a better idea to use templates instead. This way, you can solely direct your focus on your content and how you would present it in a way that would result in marketing success. Choose a brochure template that could serve you your purpose of promoting your school and incorporate branding designs during customizations. These include color schemes, logo designs, and font styles. Afterward, you can organize the content and get a finished product that you can readily print after meticulous proofreading.

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