How to Make University Business Cards?

This is a type of business card used by those working as university faculty or those accomplished in advanced departments of education. According to The Balance (a business-oriented resource), even in technology-rich societies, business cards remain a classy and widely used medium for exchanging professional information.

When creating your own unique business card design, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you’d like to know what those are, then go ahead and read through our tips found right below!

1. Set up Appropriately Sized University Business Cards

Something that makes business cards still so appealing is how they’re portable and easily carried around. Therefore, once you’ve opened a fresh document in your chosen processing software, set the card copies’ dimensions to 3.5 x 2 inches (oriented horizontally). This size is the most ideal and recommended measurement for a proper business card.

Besides that, include small bleed areas around each design’s actual body, as this prevents under-printing the physical copies.

2. Make Your University Business Cards Look Good

Besides a business card’s portability, there’s also the compact yet impactful visuals that come with it. So, when considering your graphic design’s designs color choices, keep it minimal but also go with bold and striking tones. Doing this helps your business cards stand out while still maintaining a professional flair.

3. Your University Business Card’s Content

A business card’s primary function is presenting your credentials and contact information in a digestible format. The main details in a university business card are your name, profession, contact options (e.g., email address, phone number), business name, and business address.

If you work for a university (or similar institution), then use that as the business name--add the school’s logo in the upper left corner. Other additional bits include a slogan and website address.

4. Final Adjustments for Your University Business Card

Before you start making a bunch of copies right away, do a test print first--those bleed areas come in real handy here! Do as many tests and adjustments as needed until you get the results you want. Once you have as many copies as desired, place them in a proper cardholder when bringing them with you, preserving their neat appearance from being ruined.

So, with that, you’re now armed with information to make a professional and unique university business card design! Feel free to come back and review our tips in case you forget them down the line. And, if you need 100% customizable samples for your card design, then check out our University Business Card Templates!

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