How to Design a University Certificate?

A university certificate is a printed document awarded to a student for his or her achievement. As the name implies, this type of certificate can and will only be issued by the university whose name and logo appear on the document.

According to Lauren Haley, recognition of small achievements can help boost one’s morale. This can be done as simple as giving an award certificate. Since there are things to consider when making certificates, it’s best that you take notes from our list of tips below.

1. Include a High-Quality Letterhead

Surely, your university should already have its own letterhead for all your letters, memos, and other documents. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to make one. Anyway, your certificate should have a letterhead that bears the logo, name, and other important details about your university.

2. Write the Recipient’s Complete Name

Certificates are like awards, they are valuable for its recipient. When designing a certificate, write the student’s complete name by including his or her first and last names, and a suffix if applicable. If you want, you can also include his or her title and middle initial.

3. Comprehensively Explain the Recipient’s Accomplishment

Aside from the recipient’s name on the certificate, there should also be a description of his or her achievement. This is written right below the recipient’s name. This explains to readers what the student was able to accomplish or complete that made him or her eligible to receive the certificate.

4. Don’t Use Too Many Font Styles

Achievement certificates consist mostly of text with subtle graphical enhancements. When writing the content, you’re allowed to use any font with two restrictions. First, you should only use fonts that look professional. Second, you can use either two or three font types for the whole format.

5. Choose the Right Type of Paper

The type of paper matters when printing certificates, use what’s recommended by experts. The most common stationery used is parchment paper, which helps give the certificate a unique look and feel. Refer to the FAQs below to know what other paper types can be used for printing certificates.

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