What Is a University Flyer?

A university flyer is a promotional template that contains announcements and invitations to students regarding school activities. University flyers can also contain educational messages or encouragement to students to apply for their undergraduate programs in college.

How to Create a University Flyer

There's no doubt that flyers are an effective advertising tool. Despite the onset of the digital era, flyers remain a cost-efficient way to promote activities of the university. If you need to make one, read our helpful tips below.

1. Get Reliable Info

Do not miss the opportunity to maximize your flyer. Get the most reliable information for your announcement or any other promotional activity. Write each piece of information on your notes for reference.

2. Add Images

Find the best images that relate to your content. May it be a university gathering, scholarship application, or any other venture, make sure that all images relate to your content. You can also include graphic elements on your layout. Choose the colors that correspond to the branding of the university as well.

3. Write the Message

Keep the message of your flyer short and simple. Always write a sentence that can prompt an action to the students, especially if it's an invitation to a school event. Don't forget to include contact details too.

4. Finalize Layout

Maximize your creative touch in finalizing your design. Try to check if you missed something. Add some elements and colors on the document when necessary. If there's nothing else to add, you can print multiple copies of the flyer and distribute them right away.

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