Every university implements an ID system that's applicable to all its workers and students. This helps them register the person in their system as well. If you don't have ID cards for your institution, download our University ID Card Templates now! Each template in this collection is 100% editable and customizable. It contains original content as well, so you won't have to start from scratch. You can get these templates in Word, Pages, and PSD formats. Score better deals by subscribing to our website now!

What Is a University ID Card?

A university ID card is an item that students, faculty, and staff use to identify themselves when they enter the institution. It's a small card that contains all the information about the person.

How to Create a University ID Card

It's always important to wear an ID card whenever you're inside the premises. The staff and security personnel will always ask you to identify yourself. Your ID card serves other purposes when you're inside the university, so it's important to always keep it with you.

If you need to make one, read our tips below.

1. Decide on Format and Size

Before making your ID card, you have to determine its format and size. There are various ID card sizes. For the format, you can go for either horizontal or vertical. That depends on what your university commonly uses.

2. Get Info

An ID card has a lot of information in it, both on its front and back parts. Get a list of all the students and people working in the university. The front part should contain the name of the institution, logo, address, contact details, name of the owner, position, and ID number. The back part contains the emergency contacts of the ID card owner and the signature.

3. Add Details

Your ID card should not just look plain and dull. Add some colors and graphic elements to it. The front part of the ID card is most commonly seen by anyone, so it needs more work. Be creative in selecting colors that fit the branding of your institution. You can have a plain design for the back part of your ID card as well.

4. Leave a Space for Photos

Allot a small space, particularly a square, at the center of the ID card for the photo. The photos to be used should appear neat and format. Make sure that the square won't take up too much space in your template.

5. Finalize

Add some finishing touches on your document before printing it. Make sure every single detail is in the right place.

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