University ID Card Templates

Using's Free Editable University ID card templates, you can create attractive ID cards for your company. Urganization Logo, Orientation, Employee Photo, Name, Designation, Durability, Signature, Contact Info, and Address are included, Single or Dual Sided. Customize, Edit and Print your own Professional Designs Online.See more

Free University ID Card Template, Printable, Download

You can design distinctive ID cards for your university students and faculty members using the Free Editable University ID Cards from For staff and employees, college, institute, library, international students, back, blank, front, city, American, vertical, horizontal, virtual, school, professor, and Santa ID card templates, we provide sample templates. Choose one of these free ID card templates right away to start creating more accurate IDs.

Customize University Student Identity Card, ID Badge Online for Free and Download

With the help of our Free Editable University ID Card Templates, you can produce better and more precise IDs for your institution. Our templates include Columbia, academy, varsity, school, polytechnic, learning IDs, and examination ID templates. They also feature straightforward and contemporary designs. All of these templates can be altered using our editor tool. The text and font styles are editable, and you can drag and drop components like the business logo, vector symbols, and backgrounds. Once you have a design, download the PDF template and start printing.


  • Why is an ID card important?

      An ID card is important since it helps people identify others and determine where the person comes from. 

  • What are the common sizes of an ID card?

      There are three common sizes of an ID card:

      1. CR80 - The standard size. It measures 3.375" x 2.125".

      2. CR79 - This is slightly smaller than the standard size, which measures 3.303" x 2.051".

      3. CR100 - This size is often called "military-size". It measures 3.88" x 2.63".

  • In what applications can you make an ID card?

      You can make an ID card in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other photo-processing applications. 

  • What is an ID number?

      The number in an identification card is used to track its owner in case of loss. It's also a number that's registered in the system of the school. 

  • What is the resolution of photos in ID cards?

      The photos in ID cards have a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.