University Log Templates

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Recording vital details for university researching, gift card audit information, and others are crucial. They offer transparent records of events and activities that can serve as evidence. Also, you can do your recording through a simple log sheet. Log sheets contain essential sections that are quick to fill out. They are also neatly designed so you can easily use them. Document and save crucial information with the help of our ready-made University Log Templates! These templates printable and 100% editable. Each template has professional layouts and high-quality content. These are available in US sizes. Download now!

How to Make a University Log?

A university log is a record sheet of university attendance, project action, issues, and more. According to the University of Northern British Columbia, records provide evidence of activities and functions. It implies that recording activities on logs, for instance, is essential for record purposes.

Looks like you need a log today and to help you create an efficient university log, check the ideas below.

1. Provide University Letterhead

Even simple log sheets need branding. Letterheads will represent your university. The letterhead at the top of your sheet is going to brand your document as your university's property.

2. Identify What It's for

Start your log by identifying what it's for since there are lots of logs out there. Focus on a single topic to make your log specific and quick to use. Do you need to make an attendance sign-up sheet, a timesheet, an issue log, or others?

3. Make the Layout Simple

The value of a simple layout is big. It keeps your information sheet usable. You can also scan details in no time because there's nothing much going on with the design. 

4. Organize into Different Sections

A log contains different categories. Unlike other documents, it doesn't contain paragraphs of information. Instead, it has divided sections.

To split it into sections, check out the crucial information you need. A university research log needs sections for the date, time, and research details, for example. Lastly, make sure that you don't add an unnecessary area or column to your log because it's useless and steals space.

5. Highlight the Headings

To make your log sheet clearer, highlight the heading of each section. It can help the users fill out each section quickly. You can use uppercase or boldface to make them visible. You can also highlight them with colors if you want to add more art to it.

6. Use Legible Typography

The typography you will use will affect the look and the readability of your basic sheet. Make sure that you use legible and formal typography. Additionally, limit your typography to two or three. Using more than what's recommended can make your log unprofessional and cluttered.


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