How to Design a University Rack Card?

A university rack card is a printed content used for advertising an institution. Rack cards are commonly displayed in coffee shops, bookstores, and other establishments where people can pick them up and read the content.

Universities have to take their advertising to another level. Rack cards are one of the most efficient ways to promote universities. With its handy size and comprehensive content, rack cards have all the information you need to read. Read our tips below in making one for your university.

1. Do Research

Get information about the institution that you're advertising. Make a list of all important information, so your rack card doesn't lack content and can cover all pages. You have to double check if the information you have is accurate.

2. Write Content

Decide on the size of the rack card. Open a blank document in Photoshop or Illustrator to start designing. Write in short sentences and always use proper indentation when formatting the content. Always make sure that your content presents the college well in every way possible. Make sure that you include the benefits of enrolling in the university and a call to action.

3. Add Graphics

Now that you're done writing the content, put some colors and graphic design in your rack card on your layout to give it more life. Use the colors of the university as a basis. It also helps in keeping the consistent branding of the institution. Most importantly, don't forget the images, logo, address, and contact information of the university.

4. Review the Document

Always check your document if you missed any detail. Polish every page to make sure that it's spotless. If there are no missing details, you can proceed with the printing process.

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