A document that shows the internal hierarchy and displays the general structure of a university is vital. A great way to make it possible is by creating an organizational chart. To aid you in making a functional one, we have created a wide range of ready-made University Organizational Charts Templates that you can easily download anytime and anywhere for free. This will surely get you through the process of making one with its professionally-written contents that are 100% customizable to suit your preferences. Let us help you by providing you with ease in doing your job. Don't let this opportunity pass! Secure a copy of one of our University Organizational Charts Templates now! 

How to Create a University Organizational Chart?

Organizational charts illustrate the job affiliations, rights, and responsibilities of each key individual involved in a university. It is essential for any growing university since there will be new hires. The said the formal document will help new hires identify names and titles to understand better where they belong, allowing a better relationship for the personnel. Also, having it displayed for all college students to see will be useful for them to determine key players of the university.

Having poor employee relations can affect work performance and an organization's employee retention, which could lead to revenue losses. Most of the time, poor employee relations is a result of personnel not grasping opportunities for promotion. This is the importance of organizational charts; it shows where an employee could shift job roles. To help you create yours, we made a list of helpful tips below for you to follow and help you craft an exquisite org chart for your university.

1. Gather Necessary Data

Universities have different structures. Your university sure does have its structure. So before you start making an organization chart, make sure that you are well aware of every person in each department and their specific functions, their names, and the position of each employee. You start from the interim president down to the faculty of each department of the university. Knowing the levels of each position allows you to know where to place and structure each of the personnel in the department organizational chart.

2. Make Use of a Template

Using templates will require you lesser effort in creating a professional org chart for your university. We offer free University Organizational Chart Templates. Download and have access to its well-structured and sample chart contents. Select the template that best suits your needs!

3. Select the Most Convenient Tool

After gathering the necessary information and selecting a template, you can now start the process of making your org chart! Choose a tool that you are comfortable editing your downloaded template with. Thankfully, our templates are available to download in any file format. We suggest using MS Word since this tool is easily accessible and super basic to use.

4. Choose a Structure

Simple Organizational Charts are always preferred. There are two structures you can choose from, vertical and horizontal structure. However, the vertical structure can make your document longer, while the horizontal structure can make it wider. The good news is, you can use a combination of both structures to have your document look well-structured.

5. Review the Chart Design

Reviewing your material will help it become free from errors. You can review it on your own. However, don't be afraid to get some help from people whom you know can help you. Let them review your document and make a simple list of all their constructive comments and work on applying them.

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