What Is a University Letterhead?

In general, letterheads are headers found on the topmost portion of business documents. A university letterhead is the same, but it is only used on documents issued by the university. It includes the university’s name, logo, address, and contact information.

How to Create a University Letterhead

According to Education Unlimited, the US has around 5,300 universities and colleges to date. If you’re handing out letters frequently, always remember to include a letterhead to keep it from mixing with other documents. If you’re still about to make one, we have tips below to help you out.

1. Familiarize Yourself with the University’s Image

Letterheads make documents official, and its design should correspond to the entity it represents. In this case, your letterhead’s theme should be similar to that of the university’s. Always consider the color scheme, font style, and most of the visual elements.

2. Use High-Quality and Appropriate Fonts

Speaking of fonts, you’re allowed to use any typography for other elements in the letterhead. When choosing a font, make sure to go with appropriate ones since your simple letterhead should convey professionalism. And if you’re using font generators, render the text in the best quality.

3. Include the University’s Logo Design

Another visual element that you must include in your letterhead is the university’s logo. You can place it in the middle or on the leftmost side. While most letterheads contain both the university’s logo and name, the latter can be optional if you have many other elements.

4. Add White Space to the Layout

Earlier, we mentioned adding informative content to your business letterhead. If you’re doing this, make sure not to clutter your letterhead with a lot of elements. Format the letterhead and add some white space to keep the details apart from each other.

5. Keep the Letterhead Neat and Simple

At the end of it all, simplicity and neatness should be evident in the letterhead. Only include what’s relevant and arrange all the elements properly. Even though letterheads utilize only the top edge of the stationery, its presence can leave a big impression on the reader.

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