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How to Create a Work from Home Template in Excel

MIcrosoft Excel is an all-around spreadsheet that's useful for making document templates. You can make a timesheet, plan, activity log, and any other template that's useful for daily office routines. You can also make the same templates for work from home purposes. Excel has a lot of features to make it possible.

Read our tips below in creating a work from home template in Excel. 

1. Get Data

Gather data for your work template. Make sure that your data is appropriate for the template of your choice. Verify your data before using it. 

2. Input Data

Open your Microsoft Excel and label all rows and columns that need one. After that, put your data one by one. You can make a formula for adding values in every column if your template involves numbers. If it's a work schedule template, you have to add some colors to the columns to differentiate the days from one another. 

3. Check and Re-check

After putting all your data on the rows and columns of the Excel smartsheet, you need to check if the calculations are right. You also need to verify once more if the data you put in are accurate. Remember that templates like this are important in keeping schedules of employees who are all working from their homes. 

4. Make Final Edit

Do some final edits of your document before printing it. You might have overlooked something or forgot to add a few elements. 


  • Do people usually prefer to work from home?

      According to Buffer, 84% of employees prefer to work from their homes even if they can just work anywhere. Some of the other reasons why people choose working from home is control over their schedule. 

  • Does the company pay for your internet connection when you work from home?

      The company can give allowances for internet and other expenses, but most of the time the employee pays for his internet service when he decides to work from home. Companies don't also pay for the employee's working space in this kind of work arrangement. 

  • Can companies track the productivity of their employees in a remote work setup?

      Yes, if the company uses a tracker application that watches over the productivity of the employees. Inspection of real time work output can sometimes be done. Most of the time, companies just ask for an EOD or end of the day report to know what the employees have been doing the entire work shift. 

  • Do remote employees feel disconnected from the people working in the office?

      There's a big chance for remote employees to feel disconnected from their workmates in the office. Working from home makes some people lonely since their interaction with other people is very limited. 

  • Do some employees choose to work remotely?

      Yes, because of the nature of the job and the flexibility it offers. At some point in their careers, other employees would choose to work from home too.