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Do Your Presentation Remotely, Make Your Portfolio Layout In Minutes, And Prepare Your Pitch Deck Within The Comforts Of Your Home. You Don't Need A Designer App To Create Your Reports Because Has Prepared Free And Premium Work From Home Templates That You Can Use To Make Your Infographics, Posters, Brochures, And Other Needed Documents.See more

The COVID-19 pandemic put most people in a work from home setup. Many were ordered by their bosses to use their resources to work from their homes. The remote work setup was not as mainstream as before, but it does offer a handful of benefits. While hiring employees hasn't stopped despite working from home, there should be some kind of promotions through flyers and brochures to get more people in the workforce. Browse our collection of work from home templates that you might want to use for your company or business. 

Our templates come with premade content that you can just edit in a snap. We have brochure templates ready in case you want to put more content in your marketing campaign. All templates are customizable in Adobe InDesign, so it will be easy for you to save your work in a certain file format. If you need a one-page document, our flyer and poster templates are the best option for it. The templates contain a strong and clean layout that you can change anytime. Fill the sections with the colors you want to make your document look sharp and professional.

Take a template and do your work. Always save your work and use our editor tool if you didn't download the template. You can always request to go back to the office in your usual schedule if you want to, but it's better not to take the risk. Just stay at home and create a checklist of tasks you need to complete for the day. Download our templates now!