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If you own a business and have made it a point to have an online presence, you should be familiar with what an email newsletter is. Basically, this is a kind of promotional mail that you send to your clients and customers. Say for instance you are about to launch a new product or have done so already, in that case, you can use an email newsletter to inform others about it. In case you want to create an email newsletter, you can always use these templates.

Free Business Email Newsletter


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Free Corporate Email Newsletter

free-corporate-email-newsletter Free Download

Fashion Email Newsletter Template

fashion-email-newsletter-template Free Download

Photography Email Newsletter

photography-email-newsletter Free Download

Product Email Newsletter

product-email-newsletter Free Download

Travel Email Newsletter Template

travel-email-newsletter-template Free Download

Restaurant Email Newsletter

restaurant-email-newsletter Free Download

Free Wedding Email Newsletter

free-wedding-email-newsletter Free Download

Marketing Email Newsletter

marketing-email-newslettermarketing-email-newsletter Free Download

Monthly Real Estate Email Newsletter

monthly-real-estate-email-newsletter Free Download

Real Estate Email Newsletter Template

real-estate-email-newsletter-template Free Download

Sales Email Newsletter

sales-email-newsletter Free Download

Agriculture Farming Newsletter Template


This email newsletter template would be perfect for farmers and those involved in agriculture. If you own a similar company, you can advertise yourself using this template.

Architecture Newsletter Template


Do you own an architecture firm? Then you can use this template to design your email newsletter. You will have sufficient space to add different details about your company and the graphics.

Baby Sitting Newsletter Template


If you are a professional baby sitter, then you could use this template to advertise your services. The template comes in three formats- namely psd, word and html. That makes them easy to edit.

Beauty Parlour Newsletter Template


If you want to advertise the services of your beauty parlour, then you can do so with the help of this template. It allows you to edit and modify the various details which have been neatly organised on the template.

Business Services Newsletter Template


This email newsletter meant for business services looks rather professional and formal in nature. Also, it focuses more on the textual aspect than the images or graphics with an option for editing.

Car Repair Newsletter Template


The black and red theme certainly makes the template look all the more attractive. Plus, the template allows you to incorporate different elements as per your requirements. It is well designed and minimalistic as well.

Car Wash Newsletter Template


This email newsletter template for car wash has been designed in such a way that it instantly catches your eye. It allows you to list all the various services you offer and the rates you charge.

Education Newsletter Template


An education themed email newsletter should be informative and formal in tone. That is exactly what you get with this template. Plus, it comes with attractive colour schemes.

Electrical Store Newsletter Template


As an electrical store, you should be able to advertise all the products you have. This beautiful electrical store email newsletter will allow you to do that. This template is editable.

Energy Environment Newsletter Template


This template comes with a stunning theme and is in an easy to use format. The colour scheme is attractive and adds to the beauty of the whole template. It also gives you ample space to add your own details.

Exterior Design Newsletter Template


This template comes in three formats- html, psd and photoshop. That means, once you download the newsletter template, you will be able to edit the template as per your requirements.

Fashion Newsletter Template


True to the genre, this email newsletter template has been kept very stylish, chic, modern and fashionable. So if you own a fashion related company, you’re going to love this template.

Flower Shop Newsletter Template


This email newsletter template for flower shops would be perfect because it doesn’t go overboard with the design. The template comes in a pink theme and a beautiful design.

Furniture Newsletter Template


Do you own a furniture business? Then you can use this template to send out newsletters to your clients and customers. It allows you to experiment with it as you feel like.

Gym Newsletter Template


This email newsletter template for gyms and fitness centers comes in three formats- html, psd and Microsoft word. That makes the newsletter template easy to edit and cane be customized.

Hospital Opt Newsletter Template


This email newsletter template for hospitals has been kept as neat and tidy as possible. It has a no-nonsense look and a simple and minimalistic layout. The plus point is that the template comes with easy customization.

Hotel Opt Newsletter Template


This email newsletter template would be perfect for hotels. You will be able to add images of your hotel along with other details. The template has been kept simple and to the point.

Innovative Newsletter Template


This modern and chic new design for email newsletters would be perfect for any upcoming business. You have sufficient space to add as many details you want. Each information comes in a separate section.

Agriculture Newsletter Template


This email newsletter template for agro clubs and companies interested in agriculture comes in three formats- word, psd and html. It makes the template easy to edit and use.

> How can you use the Email Newsletter Templates?

An email newsletter would be the best and most promising way of advertising your business. You can include all the relevant details of your business in this template and then send it out on a mass scale to your clients and customers. In Email Newsletter Templates, you will find a variety of designs to choose from. Based on the kind of company you own or represent, or the kind of promotion you’re looking for, you can choose a template. All the templates here are editable. They all contain a basic sample of the format you are supposed to follow. Keeping that in mind, you can efficiently design your own email newsletter.

What are the benefits of the Email Newsletters?

Email newsletters would be a great way of launching a new product or catching the eye of prospective customers. If you’re still hesitating, then the templates come with the following benefits:

The email newsletter templates here have been designed by professionals who know exactly what your company needs. There are different templates here for different companies. Based on your requirements, you can choose.

The templates are fully editable. The email newsletters here just contain a basic format. You have to adhere to this format and design the rest of the newsletter. The whole process becomes a lot easier for you.

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