Billboard Sizes

The best billboard size is not all about going big, just because it is a hard-to-miss, king-size structure of outdoor advertising. There are eclectic billboard sizes as seen on the street, freeway, and even on the web, and this article guides you on how to find the appropriate size for your billboard. billboard-size

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Billboard Sizes Standard

Bulletin Billboard

The standard bulletin billboard measures 14 feet high and 48 feet wide, and they are often seen near fast-food restaurants and highway ads that reach up to 1o ft × 40 ft and 10½ ft × 36 ft.

Spectacular Billboard

Just so they are named, spectacular billboards are the biggest type of billboards that the average size is 16 feet high and 60 feet wide or up to 20 ft × 60 ft.

Poster Billboard

A 30-sheet or poster billboard’s typical scale is 12 feet, 3 inches high and 24 feet, 6 inches wide, but some poster billboards may reach 10 feet, 5 inches high and 22 feet, 8 inches wide, such as a 32-sheet billboard.

Junior Poster Billboard

Also called an 8-sheet billboard, a junior poster billboard is the small version of most billboards as they measure only around 6 feet high and 12 feet wide.

Billboard Sizes for Digital – Social Media

Facebook Billboard Size

In contrast to outdoor advertising, you can use Facebook’s cover photo image or Facebook banner as a digital social media billboard. The standard size here would be measured in pixels, specifically around 820 px × 312 px for computers. Adjust the Facebook billboard size to 640 px × 360 px if you are using mobile.


Twitter Billboard Size

The closest tools on Twitter that are similar to any digital billboard are the Twitter ad image and the Twitter header image. If you compare the two, the Twitter ad image size measures 1200 × 1200 pixels with a 1:1 aspect ratio. Meanwhile, the Twitter header image is around 1500 px × 500 px.


Billboard Size for Any Website

Aside from social media sites, a general website can insert a digital billboard as a graphic pushdown ad. Whether your website is about construction building, landscape design gallery, glow-in-the-dark LED lights, beauty products, electronic devices, breast cancer awareness campaign, or even an online contest, any type of website can follow the dimensions of 970 px × 250 px for the billboard size.


Billboard Sizes for Print

Billboards are generally designed for print as seen near a commercial road, building, or highway. The common US sheet size for a billboard is 27 × 40 inches. However, there are more billboard print sizes than you might think including the following:

  • 1 sheet (508 × 762 mm)
  • 2 sheet (762 × 1016 mm)
  • 4 sheet (1016 × 1524 mm)
  • 6 sheet (1200 × 1800 mm)
  • 12 sheet (3048 × 1524 mm)
  • 16 sheet (2032 × 3048 mm)
  • 32 sheet (4064 × 3048 mm)
  • 48 sheet (6096 × 3048 mm)
  • 64 sheet (8128 × 3048 mm).


Billboard Sizes for Email

If you want to insert a billboard in an email you wish to send to a number of people, then make use of king-size email ads measured in pixel or bleed as your digital billboard. Digital billboards added into an email would measure around 600 px × 350 px. However, the size depends on the email dimensions available for Google Mail or any email platform and whether your digital billboard is in a horizontal or vertical orientation.


Billboard Sizes for Business

Business billboards follow the layout and size of a bulletin billboard, which is about 14 feet high and 48 feet wide. Also, they come with 672 square feet of space for advertising because business-driven billboards aim to promote. And to come up with a dynamic billboard for your business crew or brand, consider more than just the billboard size such as how creative, riveting, or memorable your billboard is.


Billboard Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

If you are using Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop CS6, billboard templates in Photoshop are available to build a custom billboard quickly. But if you need specific dimensions in making billboards with Photoshop, start with a bond or canvas size of 40 × 20 in. Then, make sure to keep at least 2000 × 1300 & 71 PPI or around 4200 × 2800 & 300 PPI to increase the clarity of your billboard image or screen.


Billboard Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

Besides an Adobe Illustrator billboard template, the key to creating a billboard in Adobe Illustrator or Illustrator CS6 is to consider the width and height limit available in the program. For example, Illustrator CS6 has a width and height limit of 227.54 in, 577.95 cm, and 16383 px. With that said, your billboard size shouldn’t be more than 16 feet or 5.70 meters; change for scaled size documents or small sizes with HD graphics in Illustrator instead.



What is the standard size of a billboard?

The standard size of a billboard is 14 feet high and 48 feet wide, which is the bulletin billboard size.

What pixel size is needed for a billboard?

If a current standard billboard is 14 ft × 48 ft or 96,768 square inches, multiply that by 4 × 4 px, which leads to a total of 1,548,288 px or 1.5 MP.

What is the size of a digital billboard?

A digital billboard generally measures around 970 px × 250 px as seen in most website billboards.

What are the dimensions of a billboard?

Standard billboard dimensions include 14 ft (h) × 48 ft (w), 672 square space, 27 in × 40 in, and 2’3 ” × 3’4 “.

What are the billboard sizes in meters?

Here are the standard billboard sizes in meters: bulletin billboard (4.2672 m × 14.6304 m), spectacular billboard (4.8768 m × 18.288 m), poster billboard (3.7338 m × 7.4676 m), and junior poster billboard (1.8288 m × 3.6576 m).

What pixel size is best for large format billboard printing?

The 100 dots per inch (DPI) is the recommended printing size for big documents or images such as billboards; so if you have a 40″ × 60″ billboard, keep the image size at 4000 px (40 × 100) by 6000 px (60 × 100) while still at 100 DPI.

What are the perfect resolutions for billboards?

The best resolutions for billboards are scaled in pixels per inch (PPI), specifically 10 PPI to 30 PPI.

What is the size of a billboard in inches?

The standard billboard size measures around 48 inches × 576 inches.

What size do you create a billboard in Illustrator?

In Adobe Illustrator, any size is possible as long as you don’t go beyond 16 ft (5.70 m) or more than the CS6 limit of 227,54 in, 557,95 cm, and 16383 px.

What size to make an InDesign document for the billboard?

If you are using InDesign to make a billboard, set the resolution to 40 PPI and observe a scaled document size that doesn’t reach more than the InDesign maximum size of 5,486.4 mm.