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Table of Contents

  1. ECards Definition & Meaning
  2. What Are ECards?
  3. 10 Types of ECards
  4. ECards Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in an ECard? Parts?
  6. How to Design an ECard
  7. ECards vs. Cards
  8. What’s the Difference Between an ECards, Gift Cards & Print Cards
  9. ECards Sizes
  10. ECards Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in ECard


ECards are the digitalized version of a physical or handheld card meant to notify the receiver of a special occasion or act as a greeting celebrated by the recipient. It is an efficient and creative way to disseminate information through email and to multiple people.

ECards Definition & Meaning

ECards are digital cards with design, fancy text, or even an image that is commonly sent through virtual means for the recipient to view and download for their consumption.

ECards are easy to send and can include animation as well as a personalized message at the same time they save paper, are easy to organize, and are frequently free.

What Are ECards?

Electronic cards or shortened as eCards are decorative invitations for various events such as romantic Valentines or weddings, company vacations, family reunions on Newyears, and many more. It acts as a greeting card to the recipient and informs them of what is to come and whether or not they can attend and join the celebration regarding the contents of the card.

10 Types of ECards

Birthday ECard

A birthday e-card is a celebratory card meant to honor the momentous occasion of the celebrant aging up. Most ecards will include the celebrant’s image, their name, the venue of the party, the time and date it will be taking place, and other details. This template available is a simple but straightforward type that delivers the message.

birthday e card

Friend ECard

A friend e-card is made in honor of a close relationship you have with either a certain individual or a larger group of friends that have made your life special. This kind of ecard doesn’t necessarily have to be an invitation, but rather, a special greeting to thank your friends for maintaining a steady bond with you. You can even add a message where there is a spacious area left on the ecard.

friend e card

Thank You ECard

A thank you e-card, from the name itself, suggests you are giving gratitude to a general audience or a specific recipient. Either way, this type of ecard is meant to announce and delivered after a ceremony or departure of an employee or a special member of the organization. You can add in your company logo as well if it is a formal thank you ecard.

thank you e card

Wedding ECard

A wedding e-card can either be the digital equivalent of a physical invitation or be given to the newlyweds to congratulate them on their recent wedding. Most wedding ecards will have a diverse design but the overall theme will remain the same. By utilizing the template available for this type of ecard, you can have an idea of what it would look like.

wedding ecard

Baby Shower ECard

A baby shower e-card is an event focusing on the impending birth of the mother and welcoming their soon-to-be child into the world. This ecard can be sent to family and friends inviting them to the celebration of the new coming baby. With different cultures all over the world, this also entails that each celebration and theme would be unique to the couple and their beliefs.

baby shower e card

Holiday ECard

A holiday e-card is one meant to greet recipients, regardless if they are family or friends, of the upcoming holiday. As each holiday is different from the other, you may want this type of ecard to have a design that would suit the specific holiday otherwise this site offers various templates and layouts you can select from especially if you are pressed for time. Make sure to add images and visual elements to make this ecard more fun and vibrant mood.

holiday ecard

Farewell ECard

A farewell e-card acts as a memento to be given when you or a special person in your life is moving away from your area or transferring to another company. This kind of ecard could be sent when you would want to remind the person that they are not alone and you are but a message away. Sentiments are the strong suit for a farewell ecard and the recipient can keep it with them as a token of appreciation while also remembering that they are adored and appreciated, and their presence would never be forgotten.

farewell ecard

Business ECard

A business e-card can double either as a direct invitation to the recipient to join the focus of the company or share it on a more public site such as social media to engage followers of the page. Either way, the contents may vary depending on what the business is all about but the purpose of the ecards remains the same as it calls for a response. Don’t forget to include professional business details and also your company logo as well.

business ecard

Animated ECard

An animated e-card is a type of ecard whose visual elements are not the same as the others because it is usually non-stagnant and has a loop system. It is common in the file format GIF as it constantly moves. Some sites may not be able to comprehend an animated ecard so be wary of the medium in which you will be sending it.

animated ecard

Real Estate ECard

A real estate e-card is a card meant to gauge the audience’s interest in owning or renting a real estate property. Real estate companies will often utilize this to share with many audiences and potential buyers. The design is not as overfilled as other ecards, a simple background and minimal text will do.

real estate ecard

ECards Uses, Purpose, Importance

ECards act as an alternative instead of physically sending invitations and work gatherings, you can opt to design one and send them online. They not only help you to save in budgeting especially if you know they cost quite a lot in printing and spending on ink, but they are also efficient in not needing to reprint changes or errors. There are various reasons why eCards are gaining prominence but the thing you should know is that they do the job and serve their purpose.

Allows Customization

Nobody wants to receive a generic card, often, receivers or recipients feel special when you cater the contents of a file or document specifically with the relationship in mind. So when you have an event, an eCard allows you to personalize the layout, elements, and other factors included. Encouragement can reflect on how well the recipients receive the electronic card, which could prompt them from participating in the said event or missing out on it due to its generic design.


As mentioned throughout this site, sending an eCard through email, social media, or other digital means helps you or your company to save your budget as opposed to mass printing it. You would no longer have to worry about allocating a large amount towards this item and instead use the money for other aspects of the party. Either spending on a DJ for the music, adding decorations to the office, or purchasing additional tokens as giveaways are viable scenarios when you have the additional budget saved as opposed to printing physical cards.

Stores Necessary Information

Companies would often use notice or a plain announcement and send them to emails, although that saves time and spends less effort, it may not be as inviting as crafting an eCard. They do serve the same purpose as they are still able to hold important information, especially regarding events but the edge an eCard has is that they creatively present the details.

Being Environmental Friendly

Other than being efficient when sending out ecards, you are also being socially aware of how consuming ink and paper can affect the environment. Thousands of trees are cut down each day to accommodate the needs of various individuals and although you can’t control their decision, you do have the choice to ease out on using paper and switch to electronic cards. This also shows how serious you take carbon footprint and how environmentally responsible you are when it comes to the sustainability of resources.

Minor Editing

When utilizing a digital or electronic card, you have a soft copy available for when you need to make changes to the content itself. Certain situations can’t be avoided, this includes a change in the venue or adjusting the time of the event. With the use of an ecard, you don’t have to panic about re-printing the cards because you can just update the content of the file and resend it to emails or repost it on social media.

What’s in an ECard? Parts?

Main/Front Panel

The main face of an electronic card is the equivalent of the front side of a physical card. As it acts as the main or front face of the ecard, it will commonly have visual elements such as animated graphics, photos, text, or an ample combination of the latter two added to it. This part of the ecard is what draws attention and sets the tone, whether for business or a more personal and enjoyable setting for the ecard.

Back Panel

As a digital version of a card, it is not common for designers to add a back version and just send the front face of the ecard. But in case you do, this section of the ecard can contain the company’s name, logo, copyright notice, and contact information. When creating your own ecards, consider including your name and date, as well as a customized stamp or logo.

Pop Up Tabs

Certain parts of the ecards text may bring you or your recipient to another site that could contain more information regarding the contents of the ecard. For a wedding, for example, it can indicate for you to click on the provided link to RSVP so the couple or organizers can track who would be going. Interlinking is wise when wanting to redirect your invitees.

what’s in an ecard parts

How to Design an ECard

1. Choose an eCard Size
2. Define the purpose of your eCard
3. Select an eCard Template
4. Change the font and color scheme
5. Add Images or other visual elements
6. Save and email your file

how to design an ecard

ECards vs. Cards

An electronic card or e-card is a special event, greeting, or postcard that is generated and personalized on a website and delivered to the receiver through the Internet.

A card is often a folded piece of paper with text or graphics on the front and a message on the inside.

What’s the Difference Between an ECards, Gift Cards & Print Cards

An ecard’s primary distinction is that it is created and designed using digital media rather than paper or other traditional materials and then shared over the Internet.

A gift card allows the holder to be entitled to avail products or services of a certain value from the supplier or until supplies last, the expiry is met, or the promo on the gift card ends.

A print card bears the person’s name and company affiliation, as well as their title, address, phone number, or other information they want to be included, printed, or engraved on it.

ECards Sizes

The standard eCard size is around 600 pixels wide by 450 pixels tall mainly due to these dimensions looking good on mobile devices and in e-mail inboxes. Though another option for a flat greeting ecard size would be at 7 x 5 inches, with postcards following closely at either 5.5 x 7.1 inches or vice versa depending on the orientation.

ecards sizes

ECards Ideas & Examples

There is a vast amount of eCard designs available on the web and you may feel overwhelmed by choosing which one would fit the occasion that you will be having. This site offers you eCard ideas that you can check out to see if the examples provided are what you will be needing.


Do you have to pay to send an eCard?

Usually, you don’t have to pay to send an eCard since emails are free and no subscription is required to send them but if you or your company is using an exclusive site, then charges may apply.

What should be included in an eCard?

Things you may need to include in your eCard are company information such as logo or motto, the event or celebration’s official title, venue or location, date and time, as well as the RSVP number.

How do I send an eCard to someone?

Sending an eCard is usually done through email, regardless of the account you are handling at the moment, alternatively, you can also send them through other means such as social media.

What are the ways to edit an eCard?

Editing an eCard depends on the file it is saved as, if you have it saved within a site, then the elements can easily be changed but if you plan to open a JPEG in Adobe Photoshop then the layers cannot be moved and edited.

What is eCard payment?

An e-payment account allows you to send and accept funds online without the use of your credit or debit card information.

How do you make an animated eCard?

To make an animated eCard, you can first go to your preferred site and select a template suited to your needs, afterwards you can then customize the contents and layout, add animations or transitions, then save it as a video or GIF.

What is an eCard for business?

ECards allow businesses to send interactive cards to clients, customers, and even employees, and some sites, such as this one, allow you to customize pre-made ones.

Why is eCard so popular?

ECards provide a faster and more cost-effective route, and they can also be changed right up until the date of sending, are less expensive, and do not require staff hours which is why they are gaining popularity.

What are the benefits of eCards?

An advantage that people gain from using eCards is they can avoid using paper, envelopes, and ink, and along with that is avoiding the necessary process of having to mass produce and transport these cards.

What does eCard help for companies?

ECards can help draw your clients’ and leads’ attention to your promotions while also informing them of any new products or services in your company’s arsenal hence why this is known as an inexpensive means of marketing common company events.

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