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Flashcard sizes are often taken for granted but are actually very important if you’re creating your own. The sizes of flashcards matter since the extent of details that they can hold varies, especially if they’re designed for young children. flashcard-sizes

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Flashcard Sizes Standard


The most common size of a flashcard is 3 inches by 5 inches. This size is followed by read-made flashcards and is also the default flashcard size for design software.


The dimensions of an A6 flashcard are 105 x 148 mm. This is a quarter of an A4 sheet of paper, which is small enough to easily stack and carry around.


A7 flashcard size is 74 x 105 mm. This is 1/8 of an A4 page or sheet of paper and is the smallest among the standard flashcard sizes.


A large flashcard size measures 5 inches by 7 inches and is commonly used for early education, such as preschool and kindergarten. Bigger flashcards can easily catch children’s attention.

Flashcard Sizes for Digital – Social Media

Today, people are more conscious of paper waste, hence digital flashcards became a thing. People opt to use digital flashcards in sizes 3×5 inches or 5 x 7 inches. There is also a digital flashcard maker where you can customize the size of your flashcard depending on your need.


Flashcard Sizes for Print

Flashcards in their printed form are an efficient and reusable tool for learning, testing, and memory improvement. Flashcards can follow the standard sizes of 3 in x 5 in for Standard, 105 x 148 mm for A6,  74 x 105 mm for A7, and 5 in x 7 in Large. The printed flashcards are more extensive and creative and allow the option to create engaging and interactive flashcards.


Flashcard Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

In making your own flashcard in Adobe Photoshop, you may set the size at 3 inches wide by 5 inches high. You may also add a half-inch to an inch for bleed. This will provide you with more than enough room for your content without making the layout look cluttered.


Flashcard Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

Making your own flashcard in Adobe Illustrator allows you to customize and personalize your output depending on your needs and wants. You may set the dimension on its standard size of 3″ x 5″, or customize other sizes like 3.5″x 5″ or 4″ x 6″ with bleed.



How to change flash card size?

In changing flashcard sizes, you may opt to use any design software and choose the perfect size for your need.

What size should flashcards be?

The standard size of a flashcard is 3 inches by 5 inches.

What paper is used for flashcards?

Almost all kinds of paper can be used for flashcards, but the recommended ones are those thicker like vellum boards.

What size is a large flashcard?

A large flashcard has a measurement of 5 inches wide by 7 inches high.

How big is a 3×5 flashcard?

A 3″ x 5″ flashcard is a standard and recommended size.

Do flashcards work for studying?

Flashcards work because they have been proven and tested to help in studying and retaining information.

What are right-brain flashcards?

A right-brain flashcard is a technique used in training where children are exposed to flashcards to simulate photographic memory.

Why is there an arrow under each word in the flashcards?

The arrow acts as a guide for both teachers and students in reading the information.

How do you add pictures to flashcards?

The addition of pictures in flashcards depends on the software you are using, but generally, download a photo of your choice and then attach it to the canvas.

How to reduce flash card size?

Reducing flashcard sizes depends on the software you are using, but most can be reduced in Size then arrow down or click the minimize size arrow.

What are examples of flashcards?

Among the most common flashcards are math flashcards in multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction, Science flashcards in biology, chemistry, anatomy, and simple ones like weather, plants, etc, and children’s flashcards for the alphabet, numbers, etc.

Where can you customize the size of flashcards?

You may adjust the dimensions of a flashcard using different word-processing software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, design software like Photoshop and Illustrator, and template maker software like Template.net and Canva.

What is the recommended font size of flashcards?

Flashcards can use readable fonts in long-distance viewing, somewhere between 14pt up.

What are other learning instruments besides flashcards?

Besides flashcards, there are a lot of learning instruments that you can use, such as posters, charts, and traditional A4 size paper for printed reading materials.

What is the difference between Standard size and Large size?

For comparison, standard flashcards are commonly used for personal use, while large sizes are perfect for teaching use especially those dealing with young kids.

Is there a ready-made flashcard in Amazon?

Yes, you may purchase ready-made flashcards at Amazon, and you may choose whatever type, kind, and style you wish.

Why use flashcards?

Flashcards are useful memory enhancement tools that help in studying, familiarizing, and learning.

What are the different measurement types for flashcards?

Flashcards can be in inches, centimeters, pixels, and mm.

Who uses flashcards?

Flashcards are used by teachers, young kids especially those in kindergarten and preschool, students, adults, those reviewing for important examinations, and basically everyone who needs to be refreshed with something, memorize and familiarize something, and those who want to learn.

What is the size of a compact flashcards?

Compact flashcards are those that fit on pockets, purses, and pouches, hence they must follow the standard size of 3 inches by 5 inches.

What layout is common for flashcards?

For flashcards, both portrait and landscape layouts are used depending on the type of use, kind of material, and users.