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Table of Contents

  1. Flashcard Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Flashcard?
  3. 10 Types of Flashcard
  4. Flashcard Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Flashcard? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Flashcard
  7. Flashcard Vs. Charts
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Flashcard, Cards & Index Card?
  9. Flashcard Sizes
  10. Flashcard Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Flashcard


Flashcards are instructional and educational tools containing numerical, alphabetical, and other visual elements. Check out the full article below to find out more about this tool.

Flashcard Definition & Meaning

Flashcard is a small card containing information that you want to learn, remember, and memorize.

Flashcard is commonly used by students who are trying to study, teachers who are teaching and testing their student’s knowledge, and anyone who wants to test and master something.

What Is a Flashcard?

Flashcards are cards used for studying, practicing, and memory retrieving and improvement. These cards are usually two-sided, with one side containing a piece of specific information, and the other with an answer or extra information. Flashcards are among the go-to and common educational and instructional tools.

10 Types of Flashcard

Alphabet Flashcard

Alphabet flashcards are commonly used in preschool and kindergarten. This contains the alphabet and sample word for each letter. Alphabet flashcard exposes children to repetitive information for them to remember.

alphabet flashcards

Vocabulary Flashcard

Vocabulary flashcards contain words, important grammar information, and vocabulary lessons. This type of flashcard is handy when teaching younger kids. Vocabulary flashcards are helpful in exposing kids to the language arts.

vocabulary flashcard

Number Flashcard

Number flashcards are most probably among the common types of flashcards. This flashcard help learners get familiarized with numbers at a young age. This type of flashcard contains numerical symbols for easier memorization and familiarization.

number flashcards

Body Parts Flashcard

For young children, identifying the parts of the body is quite a challenge. This is where Body part flashcards come in handy. This type of flashcard helps children to learn and get familiar with the different body parts through repetitive flashing and active recall of cards.

body parts flashcards

Preschool Flashcard

Preschool flashcards are tools that aid in early education. This type of flashcard normally includes alphabets, numbers, colors, and many more. Preschool flashcard is fun to create and use.

preschool flashcards

Family Flashcard

Getting familiar with the people around can be quite tricky for young kids, hence a family flashcard will come in handy. This type of flashcard shows the different members of the family and what they are. Family flashcards help children build good relationships with their family members.

family flashcards

Toddler Flashcard

Toddlers are curious kids. At this age, children start to use their senses, they start to feel, think, taste, and see. With this, a toddler flashcard guides them, this is also the time to teach them to listen and observe.

toddler flashcards

Transportation Flashcard

There are different modes of transportation present today, and it is not foreign that we get lost sometimes. This is where a transportation flashcard comes in handy. This type of flashcard works for children, adults, and basically anyone who wants to learn more about transportation.

transportation flashcards

Math Flashcard

Math flashcards are used for numbers, equations, formulas, and other Mathematical elements. This type of flashcard is used to practice Math problems and get acquainted with the different Math lessons. Math flashcards are used by students, teachers, and anyone who wants to efficiently learn Math.

math flashcard

Letter Flashcard

Letter flashcards are kind of the same as alphabet flashcards, however, this is more comprehensive. This type of flashcard is common in early education and is still used up to middle school. This is an effective way to practice lessons and know more about letters.

letter flashcards

Flashcard Uses, Purpose, Importance

Flashcards are commonly used by students, teachers, and learners. This tool is proven and tested to help learners remember and master something. Below are more uses, purposes, and importance of flashcards:


Flashcards are used in schools and other educational facilities. This is the go-to tool of teachers to impart knowledge to their students, test their learnings, and retrieve their memory on something. Flashcards are easy to make, handy, and can be reused for a long time.


Flashcards are a useful self-testing tool. This approach to studying is common among liberal arts students, medical students, and professionals with plenty of familiarization and memorization.

Active Recall

Since flashcards are physical stacks of cards containing different information, these tools are perfect for active recall. The repetitive flashing of cards will help learners to remember efficiently, effectively, and quickly the information shown in the cards.

Visual Learning

Flashcards are an efficient, inexpensive, and easy-to-use visual learning tool. The more you practice and study with these physical cards, the more your brain will stimulate the learning and practice your memory to quickly remember something because you have already seen it a couple of times.


Flashcards are information and educational aid used for different needs. Flashcards can be used for studying for exams, discussing complex information, preparing for performance tasks, and many more.

What’s in a Flashcard? Parts?

Visible Writing

With Flashcards, bold and large fonts must be used. This is to ensure that even the person at the back can see the information.


Visual elements like a drawing, a photo, or a symbol are used to catch the attention at first glance. This element is used to supplement the prompt.

Key Words

In making flashcards, you must remember that less is more. Do not overcrowd the cards; only use shortened words, bulleted ideas, or short statements.

what’s in a flashcard parts

How to Design a Flashcard

  1. Choose a Flashcard Size
  2. Determine the purpose of the flashcard
  3. Select the Flashcard Template
  4. Finalize the content
  5. Select the proper images, symbols, or other visual elements needed
  6. Design the flashcard accordingly

how to design a flashcard

Flashcard Vs. Charts

Flashcards are small decks of cards containing alphabetical, numerical, and other visual information used for studying, memory retrieving, and mastering.

Charts are graphical representations and visual tools used to connect, display, and visualize information.

What’s the Difference Between a Flashcard, Cards & Index Card?

Flashcards are educational and instructional materials used for testing, mastering, and remembering.

Cards are flexible paper tools used in a variety of ways, such as business cards, birthday cards, wedding, cards, mass cards, etc.

Index Card is paper paraphernalia used for small amounts of data and brief information.

Flashcard Sizes

There are different flashcard sizes depending on your needs, materials used, and the purpose of the flashcard. See them below:

flashcard sizes

Flashcard Ideas & Examples

There are different flashcard ideas that you can use depending on your needs and wants. Here’s a list of ideas and examples that you can refer to easily.


What is the main reason to create flashcards?

Flashcards are educational and instructional materials for studying, remembering, and memory retrieving.

What are digital flashcards?

Digital flashcards are flashcards that are not printed but can be accessed online.

Why are flashcards good for learning?

Flashcards simulate learning, practice your brain to remember important and repetitive information.

What makes a good flashcard?

A good flashcard must have a visible vocabulary, numbers, proper symbols, and visual elements.

What is similar to flashcards?

Index cards are similar to flashcards, both are used for brief and small information.

What are flashcards Kindle?

Flashcards Kindle are a specific type of flashcards that are created and used on an Amazon Kindle device.

Why are flashcards good for toddlers?

Flashcards are good for toddlers as it promotes early learning and exposure to different brain exercises.

Are flashcards effective for babies?

Yes, it is! This allows them to start learning alphabets, numbers, words, animals, and other necessary learnings.

What age can you start flash cards?

Commonly, toddlers are exposed to flashcard learning either in kindergarten or at home.

How many times can you go over flashcards?

The number of times you go over a flashcard depends on your learning capability, however, the recommended is at three times.

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