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Table of Contents

  1. Loyalty Card Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Loyalty Card?
  3. 10 Types of Loyalty Card
  4. Loyalty Card Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Loyalty Card? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Loyalty Card
  7. Loyalty Card Vs. Membership Card
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Loyalty Card, Loyalty Program, and Reward Card?
  9. Loyalty Card Sizes
  10. Loyalty Card Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Loyalty Card

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are cards that a business gives to a customer. Businesses use them to thank customers for purchasing products or services, and also to keep track of what clients purchase.

Loyalty Card Definition & Meaning

A loyalty card is a plastic or paper card that a retailer or company gives to a consumer.

It means that it is a card that is used to keep track of what consumers purchase and to reward them for purchasing goods or services from that store or corporation.

What Is a Loyalty Card?

A loyalty card is a kind of card that is used to reward a customer and promote the company’s brand. It contains your name and the company’s logo, as well as your contact information, such as email or phone number. The customers’ points will be credited in the form of discounts, gift checks, promos, or free items from the store.

10 Types of Loyalty Card

Salon Loyalty Card

Clients gain points in rewards programs by purchasing your salon’s products and services using a salon loyalty card. They can be rewarded with free things or discounts after accumulating a particular number of points. You can use this loyalty program to encourage your customers to purchase more products and services from you rather than from another salon. Kinds of salons include nail salons, hair salons, boutique salons, massage and spa salons, and more.

salons loyalty card

Restaurant Loyalty Card

Restaurant loyalty cards are a technique to give a loyalty program to clients in the food industry. Customers can collect stamps or punch cards after each successful transaction with these cards in a restaurant, cafe, bakery, or hotel. Customers can exchange their loyalty cards for free goods such as free burgers or pizzas after making enough eligible purchases.

restaurants loyalty card

Company Loyalty Card

Existing customers are given a company loyalty card as an incentive to return for more purchases. When your customers are loyal to you and return for another visit, you are essentially rewarding them. Discounts, cash refunds, and early-bird incentives are examples of incentives that businesses can provide.

companys loyalty card

Beauty Loyalty Card

Cosmetics and beauty loyalty card programs are a subset of reward systems created to address the fashion industry’s particular challenges. Beauty rewards programs are designed with features that drive long-term engagement since this area is characterized by high purchase frequency but low cart value. Customers are also encouraged to try out more luxury products, like makeup, using this program.

beauty salon loyalty card

Customer Loyalty Card

Customers receive customer loyalty cards, which are custom cards with boxes or holes that are distributed by businesses to their customers as part of their membership. Marketing experts feel they are particularly effective at persuading buyers to make recurring purchases. Customers that buy their preferred product or service repeatedly are rewarded with these loyalty cards.

customer loyalty card

Business Loyalty Card

You’re probably familiar with the business loyalty cards that many businesses, including designer businesses, metallic businesses, and makeup artist businesses, employ. They are program cards that encourage customers to return to a local business. Customers receive unique product discounts, vouchers, and points toward items and other benefits in exchange for their willing membership in the program.

business loyalty cards

Car Wash Loyalty Card

Build a loyal customer base by creating your car wash loyalty cards that reward them for returning and encourage them to tell others about your business. A regular customer’s recommendation is the best kind of advertising for your car wash. Loyalty cards are a terrific promotional tool for the growth of your business.

carwash loyalty card

Coffee Shop Loyalty Card

A coffee shop loyalty card is a marketing tool used by coffee shops to reward customers for their purchases. The rewards help to retain visitors and turn them into regular customers over time. Coupons, stamp cards, a physical cafe loyalty card, or a full-service loyalty card app can all be used to implement the program.

coffee shops loyalty card

Loyalty Reward Card

A customer loyalty reward card is a plastic card that members of a loyalty program can use to earn points. They will be able to take advantage of the program’s extensive benefits with ease. The magnetic strip coding on the loyalty rewards card is used to track every purchase or transaction the customer makes with the brand.

loyalty rewards card

Customer Loyalty Punch Card

Customer loyalty is symbolized with a customer loyalty punch card. An actual or digital hole is punched through the card’s surface for every purchase made. The customer is rewarded with a targeted gift, discount, or special deal after making a certain number of purchases.

customers loyalty punch card

Loyalty Card Uses, Purpose, Importance

A loyalty card is a perfect way to start rewarding your loyal customers and encouraging them to return for more. Points are credited to the card each time your customer makes a transaction. These points can be redeemed by the customer for any of your establishment’s products or services.

Maximizing Repeat Customers

Consumer loyalty grows with each purchase a customer makes from your company, boosting customer retention even more. Regular and repeat clients who spend more and remain loyal to your firm are awarded loyalty cards, allowing you to maximize repeat customers. This gives you the chance to form significant, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Give Marketing Campaigns a Boost

Marketing campaigns are extremely costly, and they frequently employ a hit-or-miss approach. Loyalty programs, on the other hand, target loyal customers who are more inclined to shop at your store or eat at your restaurant. Instead of investing more money to attract new consumers, you can use loyalty cards to market your business to existing customers.

Higher Profits and Sales

According to studies, customers who are loyal to a brand spend multiple times more than new customers. Customers that have enticing loyalty programs are more likely to suggest them to their friends and family. To put it another way, loyalty cards aid in the development of a loyal customer base, which leads to higher sales and profitability.

Raise Product and Brand Awareness

Customers with loyalty cards are more likely to try new and creative products or services they might not otherwise attempt. You can end up extending their purchases from your business if you provide them with the opportunity to sample it for free or at a discounted price because of their loyalty. Many businesses find that adjusting the rewards from time to time keeps things interesting and allows them to notify their clients about new products.

Make Your Customers Feel Valued

Customer satisfaction has the greatest positive effect on businesses. Providing free gifts, discounts, coupons, and other extra incentives as customers purchase more from you is an excellent way to make them feel valued and delighted with your business. Furthermore, they may have more patience and empathy in the case of a business mishap.

What’s in a Loyalty Card? Parts?

Brand Name

The most important part of the loyalty card is your company name. It is mostly located at the top of the card. It is also written in bold letters for its readability.

Brand Logo

The brand logo points out the logo of your company. It should be unique, and it is usually seen next to the name of your company. Also, consider the size of your logo on the loyalty card; it shouldn’t be too big or too small.

Contact Information

Some of the loyalty cards provide the company’s contact information. This includes email, contact numbers, or even web addresses. The company’s contact information is written at the bottom part of the loyalty card.

Stamp or Punch Space

Loyalty cards in businesses such as Avon, Avery business, lashes, car wash, cafe, restaurant, salon, and other businesses provide a space for stamps and punches. This also indicates the number of stamps or punches needed for a qualified special deal, promo, or discounted product or service. They are commonly illustrated as circles.

what’s in a loyalty card parts

How to Design a Loyalty Card

1. Choose a Loyalty Card Size.

2. Identify the purpose of the loyalty card.

3. Select the Loyalty Card Template.

4. Fill in the important details of the loyalty card.

5. Insert a unique image or design.

6. Complete the adjustments and save the file.

how to design a loyalty card

Loyalty Card Vs. Membership Card

A loyalty card is a card given to a customer by a supermarket or chain store to track credit points earned for money spent in the store.

A membership card, such as a club card, is a little piece of plastic or stiff paper that shows you are a member of a group or organization.

What’s the Difference Between a Loyalty Card, Loyalty Program, and Reward Card?

Loyalty cards, which might look like physical credit cards or be keychain fobs or stickers, are given to customers for rewards.

Loyalty programs are provided by retailers and businesses to attract and keep customers.

A reward card is a credit card that offers a benefit or reward for using it, such as cash back, product discounts, or frequent flier points.

Loyalty Card Sizes

Loyalty cards are used to boost your brand and to gain more loyal customers. One of the factors that affect the effectiveness of your loyalty card is determining its perfect size. Typically, the loyalty card sizes are considered to be the same size as credit cards, which is 85x54x0.8 mm.

loyalty card sizes

Loyalty Card Ideas & Examples

Customers are rewarded for their purchases with loyalty cards, which might influence their decision to return to you rather than go to your competitors. These cards are the same size as business cards for convenient storage and mobility, and they offer discounts, deals, or freebies depending on the preferences of the business. With our loyalty card ideas, making them is easy.


What does a loyalty card do?

A loyalty card is a sort of card issued to customers that gathers points that can be used to get free products, discounts, or special deals.

How do you make a custom loyalty card?

Choose a loyalty card template from, edit the content, and print it in the size, format, and layout you desire.

How businesses use loyalty cards?

Businesses use loyalty cards to promote customer retention, sales, product awareness, customer satisfaction, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

What type of information do loyalty cards collect?

Customer data such as shopping patterns, product descriptions, department preferences, brand preferences, prices paid, and more will be collected when loyalty cards are utilized.

How do you make a virtual loyalty card?

Pick a good loyalty card template from, customize the content, and download your finished output.

Are loyalty cards worth it?

Customer loyalty cards are extremely effective, and the best part is that they benefit everyone involved.

How to improve customer engagement with loyalty cards?

Loyalty cards are a terrific way to boost customer engagement by providing strong tools for tracking and analyzing your customers’ purchasing habits, personal preferences, and overall influence on your business.

How does a loyalty card work?

Customers receive a hole punched or stamped in their loyalty card for each purchase they make, and after a particular number of holes set by the company, the customer receives a special deal or discount.

What is a loyalty card program?

A loyalty card program is a sort of incentive program that allows a business to collect information about its customers and reward them with discount codes, vouchers, points toward purchases, or other loyalty rewards in exchange for their active participation in the program.

Do loyalty cards compromise your security?

As a result of the surge in identity theft and credit card fraud, criminals have been able to connect loyalty cards with credit and debit cards, allowing them to perform larger crimes, so you must be extremely cautious when sharing your information and always take extra precautions.

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