Phone Case Sizes

Phone cases provide you with a variety of available options for sizing and how they may appear differently for each phone model. Being aware of the differences in sizing will help you to expect which size is appropriate for your phone case. phone-case-sizes1

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Phone Case Sizes Standard

iPhone 7 or 8

Over a billion individuals utilize an iPhone, which makes it one of the leading brands for mobile devices. Due to their popularity, iPhone 7 and 8 models share the same size and a recommended design dimension would be 1748 px by 3662 px. This is due to the possibility of the file shrinking upon printing so creating it larger than its actual printing size is recommended.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Another recommendable iPhone model is the iPhone 11 Pro Max which has a recommended phone case design measurement of 1642 px by 3544 px. It has a slight variation from the iPhone 7 or 8 but the thought remains that is better to print it in a larger size than the actual phone case to not ruin the quality.

Samsung S8 Plus

Samsung is another reputable phone company that many users may opt to use if they don’t prefer Apple products. The sizing for their phone case is slated at 1570 px by 3638 px, a bit smaller than the example of iPhone case sizing above.

Samsung S21 Ultra

The largest out of the standard design phone case size would be measured at 1944 px by 3862 px. Since some phones are indeed much larger in dimension compared to other mobile devices, then you should be prepared and consider the area the design would cover. Since a larger design equates to a larger area that you will need to fill.

Custom or Universal Phone Case Size

The universal phone case size is said to be 1000 px x 1500 px, this measurement will allow you to have an ample size in customizing the elements or design that you want on your phone case. Although that sizing may only be applicable if your chosen template does not have too many details that could get lost upon printing. So this sizing is ideal if you have a small or medium-sized mobile phone.

Phone Case Sizes for Print

Artwork Phone Case

Printing an artwork is tricky, especially when it is saved smaller than intended. When you print a small artwork, it will appear pixelated or not in its highest quality. Thus the recommended size would be 2.93 x 6.1 inches with 300 DPI and saved either as a JPEG or PNG, with PNG if your artwork should be a transparent file.

Frame Wallet Phone Case

Preparing a phone case that would fit a wallet-sized photo can have a sizing of 8.5 cm x 5.4 cm which has a similar size to your credit card. Ensure that the phone case will accommodate and offer ample space so the photo can be visible and not covered.

Fuji Instax Mini Phone Case

Comparable to a frame wallet phone case, the fuji Instax mini phone case also shares a similar purpose of displaying a printed film behind your phone or underneath your transparent phone case. The measurement of a fuji Instax mini film is 3.39 inches x 2.13 inches. They have only a slight difference from the frame wallet phone case but the difference does matter when designing around the film.


Phone Case Sizes for Business

For business, it is recommended that you either stick with popular and well-known phone companies such as Apple and Samsung, or cater to personalized phone models such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and other brands available. The sizing will differ from phone model to phone model. But start to design the phone case with a 1000 px x 1500 px and a 300 PPI.


Phone Case Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

The recommended phone case size when designing on Adobe Photoshop is to go for the custom phone case size which is 10.4 in x 15.6 inches. Keep in mind that the dots per inch should be 300 DPI or higher to retain the quality of the design upon printing and file size below 3 MB. Upon printing as well, check that the software settings are on sRGB so the color profile does not fade out or appear different.


Phone Case Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

The standard phone case size when using Adobe Illustrator to design one has a width of 9.82 cm with a height of 15.2 cm will do. Keep the resolution at 300 PPI. The image size should also indicate the dimensions which should be 1160 px x 1795 px.


Phone Case Sizes FAQs

What size is a phone case?

There is no standard phone case size as there are various phone models available, but the common custom phone case size is recommended to be 1000 px x 1500 px.

How do you measure phone case size?

Find a ruler and measure the device’s length, breadth, and depth then always take the longest, widest, and deepest measurement possible.

What size picture will fit in a phone case?

A frame wallet phone case is recommended to have the measurements of 8.5 cm x 5.4 cm which is a similar size to a credit card, this size may not apply to smaller phones.

What is the font size of a phone case?

The font size for a phone case would vary depending on how you would layout the design, if your type of phone case would have quotes, then it may have a larger font size.

Do phone cases cause overheating?

Phone cases that transfer heat poorly or lack insulated heat can lead to heat buildup thus contributing a role to your phone overheating.

What are the dimensions of a phone case?

The phone case dimensions will depend heavily on your current phone mode, an example of this would be an iPhone 5 which has a dimension of 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 in.

How thick should your phone case be?

Medium thick cases should not add more than 2 mm to the thickness of the phone whereas bulky cases exceed up to 4 mm.

What is the DPI phone case size?

The recommended DPI when customizing your phone case is at least 300 DPI to at least retain the high-resolution aspect.

What size is an iPhone XR case?

The size of the iPhone XR case is measured at 5.94 x 2.98 x 0.30 inches and due to its size and design, this iPhone model is different from previous iPhones thus old cases will not fit it.

What is a phone case made of?

Polycarbonate and polypropylene are two of the most popular plastic materials used to make phone covers since they are both extremely tough and serve as a protective casing for your phone.