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Table of Contents

  1. Phone Case Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Phone Case?
  3. 10 Types of Phone Case
  4. Phone Case Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Phone Case? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Phone Case
  7. Phone Case vs. Card Holder
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Phone Case, Screen Protector & Wallet
  9. Phone Case Sizes
  10. Phone Case Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Phone Case

Phone Cases

Phone cases are protective shells that you attach to the back and sides of your device. These are available in a variety of forms, features, factors, and materials, but their purpose remains to help reduce any drop damage.

Phone Case Definition & Meaning

A phone case is a cover that protects the outside of your phone and acts as a guard to your gadget against scratches, grime, and other risks.

That means it protects your electronics and extends the longevity of the device as opposed to ending its lifespan early.

What Is a Phone Case?

Phone cases although made from various materials, serve the same purpose which is to protect your phone from suddenly being dropped, scratched, and brushed against unwanted texture. But not only that, since a phone case is considered an accessory, it can also be used with various beautiful designs ranging from a plain printed wallpaper to a 3D bejeweled concept or a popular brand pattern like Chanel.

10 Types of Phone Case

Aesthetic Phone Case

An aesthetic phone case is a particular type of trendy design that represents how you can style a certain accessory to compliment your entire personality and have it personalized. In some cases, matching a phone case with your outfit would be complimented. With the example below, you can use it when you wear colors that match the cool design.

aesthetic phone case

Classy Phone Case

A classy phone case could be just for you if you plan on going on themed events that involve being stylish or sophisticated. A glitter classy design does not mean going overboard so a simple but meaningful design is well suited for this type of phone case. Using this phone case will exude your personality as a person with elegance and refined taste.

classy phone case

Stickers Phone Case

A stickers phone case is the type where you attach all kinds of adhesive that have various designs not limited to icons, company logos, or funny images at the back of your phone case. An alternative method of designing one is to attach the PNG straight into your phone case design so you don’t have to look for stickers. Either way, it will allow you to adorn your phone case with cartoon and anime characters such as Disney.

stickers phone case

iPhone Phone Case

An iPhone phone case is a type of phone case, particularly for Apple smartphones. The kind of design shown on this type of phone case can be common and be seen in other models of iPhones. These white and gold streaks come second in a common but coolest design used by this phone model, the first one being a white and black marble effect.

iphone phone case

Geometric Phone Case

A geometric phone case is a kind of phone case that establishes itself as quirky and marked or ornamented with periodic lines, shapes, and patterns. Utilizing this type of phone case does not necessarily equate to being interested in geometric figures. Thus, anyone with a good eye can make use of this type.

geometric phone case

White Phone Case

A white phone case is ideal if you are opting to style your outfit and have it match your phone case. White is the color that exudes purity and peacefulness, but it can also be a very amazing versatile color. Using this type of phone case will keep your phone accessory and bling pristine but keep in mind how prone to dirt the shade could get.

white phone case

Transparent Phone Case

A transparent phone case will remind graphic designers of the base image of what can be seen when using editing software. The classic grey and white squares represent a clear or transparent background for PNG or other file formats. But using this type of phone case will make you seem witty and be an excellent conversation starter for others who can get the message.

transparent phone case

Floral Phone Case

A floral phone case is a type of phone case that shows a design with hints of flowers or anything that resembles flora or plants that can be symbols relating to it. This phone case is ideal for individuals who are either interested in floral design or those who have an appreciation for flowers. Either way, the design can be accompanied by other designs such as a butterfly or fauna.

floral phone case

Unicorn Phone Case

A unicorn phone case could be just for you if you prefer a type of phone case that has mythical creatures on them. Not only that, but this phone case is also excellent for younger children who get mystified by cute icons being displayed on the back of their phones. This phone case is ideal when you want an awesome but simplistic design.

unicorn phone case

Animals Phone Case

An animal phone case is not merely for animal lovers or veterinarians out there, anyone who has a deep appreciation or interest in them can utilize this type of phone case. The design can vary from dogs, cats, or even a couple of your pets at home. Using this phone case template is an option for you to present cute animals at the back of your phone.

animals phone case

Phone Case Uses, Purpose, Importance

Phone cases are not only meant to provide your phone with creative adornment, in fact, they effectively look appealing while serving their function. If you are unconvinced about purchasing and using one, reading this section of the article may help you be more aware of its importance.


This purpose is first on the list as it is the main intended usage of the phone accessory. Gone are the days when mobile phones were delicate and users fear dropping them resulting in losing their effectiveness. With a phone case, phones are protected and the shock is duly absorbed.

Retain Resale Value

Phones are admittedly being upgraded each year and the production rate of various phone models is not slowing down. The better condition your smartphone is in, the higher the sale value, and you will also be performing a favor for the person to whom you are selling the phone. As a bonus and if your phone case condition is not destroyed, you can give it for free to the buyer.


As mentioned, phone cases aren’t merely for function as they can also provide an additional appeal to the phone. With so many to choose from, you can have different designs for each day of the week, or have different colored cases depending on the mood you are in, the choices are endless. This can improve the quality of your mirror selfies as people will notice a sparkly phone case to a blank one.

Slip Resistant

Another significant advantage of a bespoke phone case is that it is slip-resistant, which reduces or eliminates the possibility of your clients’ phones unintentionally slipping and falling, which may cause major harm. Many high-end phones on the market now have a sleek and narrow design, making them difficult to grasp. With phone cases, your consumers may browse their phones without worrying about the gadget falling from their grasp.


The older the phone, the more likely the phone case matching that model has also been mass-produced. So this means that the price will lower as there is competition in the market. If you like, you may buy many at once because these phone covers are not expensive even if you buy three or four.

What’s in a Phone Case? Parts?


The entire back section of a phone case is often made with the strongest material as they are known to absorb most of the shock when the phone is dropped. Commonly known materials include hard plastic, wood, silicone, metal, leather, etc.


Certain phone case corners are either rounded or raised. This is due to the main cause of a user dropping the phone so when a corner of the phone case hits the ground, the case can absorb the shock and affect the phone less.


All phones have buttons on each side of the device, which is why you must match your phone case model to that of your phone so the buttons align correctly. This will provide you to easily push and access the buttons of your phone.


Intentional gaps or spaces on your phone case are meant to serve as areas where the camera, flashlight, and even thumbprint are made to be accessed. This also means that it is essential that your phone case matches your phone model so the gaps align respectively with your phone.

whats in a phone case parts

How to Design a Phone Case

1. Choose a Phone Case Size
2. Define the purpose of your phone case
3. Select a Phone Case Template
4. Pick out a theme and color scheme
5. Print your work and attach it to a blank case

how to design a phone case

Phone Case vs. Card Holder

A phone case is a container that protects your mobile phone from being scratched or broken while also giving it a nice style and fashion.

A card holder is a tiny, compact wallet meant to contain your cards, whether they be debit, credit, business, or gift cards.

What’s the Difference Between a Phone Case, Screen Protector & Wallet

A phone case envelops the entirety of your phone, particularly in the back area, and goes all the way around the edges of the front side of your phone.

Screen protectors are plastic or glass films that may be attached to a smartphone display to protect your screen from scratches and breaks if it falls face down.

A phone case wallet is for individuals who prefer to travel light without carrying a huge wallet which allows you to keep your cards, cash, and ID in one location.

Phone Case Sizes

There is no standard phone case size as it solely depends on the phone model of the user, but common brands such as iPhone and Samsung have their familiar sizes. For other options, you can refer to phone case sizes and see the recommended dimensions when designing your phone case.

phone case sizes

Phone Case Ideas & Examples

If you are the type of individual who desires to have custom phone accessories, then having a unique phone case design will be your kind of thing. There are phone case ideas available on this site for additional inspiration and to aid you in selecting a design that best fits your personality.


Which type of phone case is best?

Since a phone case is meant to protect the phone from shock or scratches, the recommended type would be rubber or silicone as they can withstand the impact and are made of shock-absorbent material.

What phone case gives the most protection?

Your best alternatives for a phone case that will look great and protect against mild bumps, scratches, and scuffs are silicone or leather cases, but for protection against stronger impacts, you may want to explore a hard polycarbonate case.

How often should you change your phone case?

Although hard plastics could last you a lifetime, there may be times it can chip or fall which could potentially harm your phone so you may not have to change your phone case every day but only when you notice it getting worn and torn.

What should a phone case be?

A good phone case will not only protect your phone from scratches but should also be worth the money you spent on it, do your market search on how the retail price should be and not overly cost you.

Do phones still need cases?

Technically, it improves damage prevention, and especially in situations where you never know what will brush against the screen and back of your phone, having a phone case is preferable to not having one.

What qualities make a good phone case?

The qualities that make a good phone case are its ability to cover the whole body of the mobile phone against external harm as well as any types of scratches or nicks that may come onto its body.

What percentage of phone users use a case?

A survey from Statista reports that about 79 percent of smartphone owners make use of a protective cover for their respective mobile devices.

How effective are phone cases?

Since phone covers or case products offer appropriate phone protection and are known to primarily protect the phone’s corners, back, and edges, they do serve their purpose and are effective against unexpected situations.

Why you shouldn’t have a phone case?

If dirt, debris, or moisture make their way inside your phone case, they might harm or shatter the phone.

What is the strongest phone case material?

Among the strongest material for a phone case, are wood, metal, or exotic material such as real leather but do keep in mind they still have their shortcomings in specific situations.

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