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Table of Contents

  1. Photobook Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Photobook?
  3. 10 Types of a Photobook
  4. Photobook Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Photobook? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Photobook?
  7. Photobook vs Photo Album
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Photobook, Portfolio, & Scrapbook?
  9. Photobook Sizes
  10. Photobook Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Photobook


Photobooks are wonderful tokens of memories that bring joy and blissful nostalgia. Creating a good one does not have to be splurgy as there are tons of meaningful ways to fashion them with the truest reflections of the good old vibes—etched and captured in the heart.

Photobook Definition & Meaning

A photobook is a special book of memories with an eclectic theme or homogeneous storyline that can be used for personal intentions or as a project portfolio of an artist or a photographer for which they can disseminate their work fetchingly and visually to a mass audience.

It is a collection of photographs that set forth substantial contributions to the overarching tone of the whole content, allowing each item to tell its own special story even when uncaptioned.

What Is a Photobook?

A photobook is a special photograph collection that usually comes with custom texts and striking features, printed and bound like a real book with a sleek design that gives voice to the actual narrative and energy of the images on display. By and large, it reflects one common theme and showcases relative snaps from the same occasion or moments with akin interests. And unlike a traditional photo album, a photobook does not have sheets from which a photograph can be inserted.

10 Types of a Photobook

Birthday Photobook

Traditionally, a scrapbook is considered to be one of the most fascinating gifts anyone can give. It entails a superfluous passion and dedication to come up with an alluring keepsake for a beloved celebrant and host. Now that the old times meet the modern times, you can simply hop on the computer and look for the best birthday photobook template and make your digital scrapbook work like magic.

birthday photobook

Wedding Photobook

Remembering the most special day of your life deserves a tiny fraction of creativity and invention. But why go through the trouble of contemplating and conceptualizing when there are several stunning wedding photobook templates that will truly give you, as well as everybody else, a lasting first impression? Like this one, for example.

wedding photobook

Travel Photobook

While all those YOLO and FOMO moments are no doubt worth chronicling, your spinetingling escapades with your best friends some of the best times in your life. They are worth keeping as these the remnants of your youth. And as a creator of your life’s adventures, use this best friends travel photobook template for your memories to be worth noticing.

travel photobook

Baby Photobook

Cannot get enough of the first beautiful memories and winning milestones of the tiny little star? Keep your senses close to each of their remarkable first moments by creating a cute and sweet baby photobook, showcasing all their adorable imprints. And every day as they grow older, keep it ever more updated.

baby photobook

Retirement Photobook

One of the most rewarding moments in anyone’s lifetime is when they reach the retirement age. Early or not, it does not seem to matter as it is around this moment when they can finally do the things they have been looking forward to. That is why it is only right to give your old fellows a precious retirement photobook that reflects their character and unique ways of joggling between work and life.

retirement photobook

Recipe Photobook

Giving a recipe a whole new twist makes the kitchen very invigorating. But, what can be more exciting than putting all your newly discovered kitchen creations in a beautifully curated recipe photobook? This will not only keep your masterpiece alive but also get everyone interested in giving it a try.

recipe photobook

Vintage Photobook

Old times but great times should never slip anyone’s head away. So, why not bring the color of the good old times back to life by giving it a creative, golden touch? A highly personalized vintage photobook is a great gift for your old folks too.

vintage photobook

Anniversary Photobook

Every day is a joy when you are with the most adorable person in your life. Yes, there is no perfect marriage, but you can always choose to make happy memories together. So let no trouble come your way, and instead, kickstart your DIY anniversary photobook project.

anniversary photobook

Graduation Photobook

Nothing can be more freeing and humbling than finally stepping out of the uni with a diploma in your hands. But before getting out there to begin a new chapter of your life, get all the fascinating stories of the academe, as well as your academic success, summed up in one magical graduation photobook you can make not only for yourself but also for others. It is a novel way of reminiscing the best days of school, so start making a wonderful collage of your college life.

graduation photobook

Adoption Photobook

Seeing that lovely little gift running around the used-to-be empty home brings so much joy to everyone around. Documenting his or her baby steps and all the other mini-milestones gladdens even the echoing hollow walls that used to scream of sadness and loneliness. Now that your little angel is in your hands, give each of his or her beautiful moment home through a beautiful adoption photobook.

adoption photobook

Photobook Uses, Purpose, Importance

Interestingly, a photobook is not only about a classic display of memories. It is a photography book that is created and accomplished with laborsome editing and graphic design that help curate a splendid visual narrative. At some point, it is a vehicle for authors that enraptures readers with their marvelous photographic essays and writings.

Visual Narrative

For the most part, a photobook is used as a chromatic representation of captured memories bound singularly in one meaningful volume of different life episodes. Notwithstanding the presence of critical textual elements, the photographs themselves can fully express whatever needs to be said in words as they play the leading role in the entire story. And what makes it more interesting is that, it is not mere fiction.

Photography Marketing

Marketing is hands down costly. However, coming up with a DIY marketing material can save you a lot of dollars. Believe it or not, a great way to begin your DIY marketing efforts is to maximize the existing snapshots of your product and put your interest in photography to good use. This is particularly helpful for a small, local business that has yet to have the right budget for a professional marketing team or even a website.

Artistic Display

A photobook is not just any photography collection but an autonomous art form that emulates distinct characteristics and scenarios much the same as a play, a film, a painting, or a piece of sculpture. In a photobook, however, dramatic events are translated into prints interwoven in one soulful piece in a form of a book. And regardless of its orientation (landscape, portrait, or square), this will be a great illustration of your life’s adventures.

Portable Exhibition

Every artist deserves a good spot in the gallery where their work is adored by many. Nonetheless, not everyone gets the chance to be in the spotlight, and on many occasions, overshadowed by others. The most convenient and reasonable way to reach a previously unreachable audience is to put all your best photography work together and get them bound in a spellbinding hard cover book you self-publish.

What’s in a Photobook? Parts?


The front cover may not speak explicitly of the entire content but it is a very important element all books must have. A photobook’s layout needs not to be grandiose, just simply choose a photo that presents a huge fraction of what your audience can expect to find inside.


Bookbinding is a technique of bringing together each individual piece that makes up the entire book. As the binding directly complements the cover, it is important to select a perfect binding proportionate to the background.


The spine is technically the by-product of any of the binding styles, lay-flat binding and side-stitching. But to put it simply, it is the outer edge of the book with which the title, as well as a brief description, is embedded.

Interior Pages

The heart of your memories is found inside. The saying that implies not judging the book by its cover is often accurate as no one can really tell what is inside unless they begin flipping through the pages.

what’s in a photobook

How to Design a Photobook?

1. Choose the photobook sizes here.

2. Specify the purpose of your photobook before navigating the online photo design studio.

3. Decide on the most befitting photobook template to use.

4. Remember that the text matters a lot, so choose carefully.

5. Always consider the quality and try not to all photos in a single book.

6. Organize and select the photos that go harmoniously with the theme.

7. Scan old photographs to give them new life before adding them to your collection.

8. Press print the book you are already confident with your personalized labor of love.

how to design photobooks

Photobook vs Photo Album

A photobook is a collection of photographs bound together to make up a special visual narrative that may or may not come with descriptive textual elements or a photographic essay.

A photo album, on the other hand, consists of a series of prints individually kept in a certain compartment rather than getting them infixed on a digitally printed page. More often than not, it is a lot bulkier.

What’s the Difference Between a Photobook, Portfolio, & Scrapbook?

Photobooks offer a dramatic means of sharing your blissful nostalgia through a collection of all your favorite captured moments which can be a perfect display in the family room or even on the coffee table.

A photography portfolio is an epigrammatic collection of beyond Instagram-worthy photos as this showcases all the best work that can get you your next photography gig or project.

A scrapbook is a fun way of preserving memories where you can definitely get your creativity and artistry to come together in curating one exciting, fully embellished journal and a photo album combined.

Photobook Sizes

Photobook sizes vary significantly according to how you would like the project to be. However, the most common ones have the following dimensions:

photobook sizes

Photobook Ideas & Examples

Creating a photobook depends entirely on the theme and purpose of the project. Nonetheless, here are some practical photobook ideas and examples you can probably apply to your own.


What should be included in a photobook?

A photobook must have meaningful photographs that go well with the theme, properly organized in a way that capture the exactly story.

What is photobook concept?

A photobook concept is an idea behind the creation of the project which is otherwise referred to as a theme.

How do you layout a photobook?

Start by identifying the purpose of the project, then decide on the theme and pick out the best photos with a feature hero shots across a spread while keeping the margins and symmetry consistent.

Why do I need a custom photobook?

A personally hand-crafted or digitally created custom photobook gives it more authenticity, inspiration, and sophistication.

What is a lay flat photobook?

A lay-flat photobook uses a continuous sheet of paper for every page spread that is folded down at the center, making it appear as though it is two-facing pages, and is glued to the next spread, without having to glue the individual pages into the binding directly.

What paper is used for photobooks?

You can choose between high gloss, silk, luster, linen, deep matte, or even pebble paper depending on what your instinct and taste primarily decide on.

What should a photobook be, matte or glossy?

While a glossy finish offers a natural shine to your photobook, having it matte-finished can be extremely beneficial, especially if your book is handled often considering that this type of finish does not absorb fingerprints, although the downside is that the colors may not seem to appear vibrant than its glossy counterpart as this is designed to refract as much light as possible.

What does a photobook contain?

A photobook must have a cover, binding and spine, and interior pages.

How does a photobook work?

A photobook is pretty much like a magazine, only that, it is an illustration of your life, which can be a great display in the living room where you can easily revisit your wonderful memories from the distant and the not-so-distant past.

What do you say in a photobook?

Your photobook can have a simple introduction that reflects your love story if it is a wedding or engagement photobook, or your exciting wanderlust with your friends or loved ones.

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