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Table of Contents

  1. Scrap Book Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Scrap Book?
  3. 10 Types of Scrap Book
  4. Scrap Book Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Scrap Book? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Scrap Book?
  7. Scrap Book vs. Photo Book
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Scrap Book, Journal & Portfolio?
  9. Scrap Book Sizes
  10. Scrap Book Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs

Scrap Books

Scrap books are known to preserve sentimental and important memorabilia while also allowing you to creatively design the layout and add in your thoughts as a form of journaling. They are crafts that not everyone would practice crafting but it is a susceptible process when it comes to a more personalized photo album.

Scrap Book Definition & Meaning

A scrap book is a blank book that allows you to adorn each page with various items not limited to newspaper clippings, stickers, and personal photographs.

Everyday life becomes history unless properly documented, so storing photos and mementos properly through a scrapbook can ensure that you can preserve them for a much longer time.

What Is a Scrap Book?

Scrap booking is a crafting and documenting hobby that entails taking books with blank pages and filling them with images, mementos, writing, and decorations. Scrapbooking is popular because it allows people to preserve their personal life while also socializing with others as they fill each page together. Engrossing yourself in this hobby is also a sustainable way because you can be resourceful and utilize available graphic elements as opposed to spending a huge budget on it.

10 Types of Scrap Book

Vacation Scrapbook

A vacation scrapbook is a book you can fill with memories from your time spent away from a modest life at home and a hardworking life at the office. This type of scrapbook allows you to document your summer leisure and recreational activities by filling it with images of your adventures. The theme of this scrapbook will follow closely your personal hobbies rather than a generic kind of design.

vacation scrapbook

Party Scrapbook

A party scrapbook is a kind of book that would cover your party-filled life. If you are into hosting and joining parties of various purposes, themes, and advocacies, then you can keep a memory log book through this item. It could also double for an event manager who would need to create a portfolio of the events they were able to manage especially if clients would want to seek out samples.

party scrapbook

Recipe Scrapbook

A recipe scrapbook is a thing for you if your hobbies include cooking homestyle meals, baking pastries, and even mixing cocktails and beverages. Recipes may slightly be altered especially if you found a measuring that works for you as opposed to other more popular ones. So storing your unique recipe in a scrapbook is essential to record it while also being given the chance to display it with an image of the food after you have made it.

recipe scrapbook

Preschool Scrapbook

A preschool scrapbook acts as a creative photo album that you can use to capture each moment of your younger sibling, kids, or child’s journey as they enter the realm of school. This type of scrapbook could be a fond memory for members of your family to look back to and even show to a much older star of the scrapbook. Just remember that since the photos do contain the presence of a minor, you have to be wary of who gets a copy of it.

preschool scrapbook

Wedding Scrapbook

A wedding scrapbook is a momentous book that you use to collect photos and images of the couple during their wedding day or of the attendees that joined them in celebrating their union or anniversary. You can even ask your guests to fill up a short and sweet message at an allocated space so the couple or you and your partner can read them after the ceremony and reception. The common colors for this type of scrapbook are white and whichever shade the organizers chose for the shade of the wedding.

wedding scrapbook

Birthday Scrapbook

A birthday scrapbook is the type of book that you can use to record the special day of your life. You can design this type of scrapbook however you like, ranging from a specific theme for each birthday to or alternatively color scheme that you favor. You can even continue a birthday scrapbook until you turn older and not just for one specific birthday to see for yourself the changes you went through.

birthday scrapbook

Travel Scrapbook

You can collect and store your travel mementos and little tokens that you have obtained through your Christmas trip in a travel scrapbook. If you live an adventurous life and go to far places numerous times a year, investing your memories in this kind of scrapbook could be ideal so you can reminisce about the days you spent out having fun. Don’t forget to add the dates so you can recollect which time of the year you took that particular trip.

travel scrapbook

Graduation Scrapbook

A grand graduation only happens once in your lifetime, unless you took a second course or pursued a degree in masters. But the essence cannot be repeated and you may want to preserve the memory by producing a graduation scrapbook. With this type of scrapbook, you can design it with the theme relating to the course you completed and even add your thoughts as a journal.

graduation scrapbook

Winter Scrapbook

A winter scrapbook details all about your experience with spending time out surrounded by snow. If you are from a tropical country, then the experience could be worth noting as it can be a fun memory to reflect on. Take photos of you building a snowman, sledding, or even making a snow angel.

winter scrapbook

Family Scrapbook

A family scrapbook is a book that would be filled with memories of you and your family. Creating this kind of scrapbook would be a level higher than an ordinary Facebook photo album as it allows you to incorporate other visual elements and even quirky captions with each photo. Having a family scrapbook would be good for future generations to see and spectate your life before they were added in.

family scrapbook

Scrap Book Uses, Purpose, Importance

Scrapbooks are known to take your time, effort, and budget to complete each page in design especially if you are meticulous about the layout and the entire concept of your former blank book. But indulging in this type of hobby would also be rewarding in the end once you see the finished product. Being aware of the uses and purpose of a scrapbook will help you to see its importance.

Utilize Photographs

Your parents or older relatives may have thousands of developed photos and even have more stored on your computer or phone’s album. Now is the chance you can use them and have them adorn each page of your scrapbook with a fun little caption beside them along with stickers or graphic elements that help to complement it further. This way, you could clear out your storage and free up some space for more photos on your next adventures.

Unleash Creativity

Indulging in this activity is time-consuming but the positive side to it is it allows you to be in control of the situation. This means you have the liberty to design the book however you like and you can unleash your creativity without any bounds. Scrapbooking allows you to express yourself in your own unique and telling techniques.


Scrapbooking may be more common than you think. You can meet up with others who share a similar interest and do crafting together. This way, not only are you able to work on your scrapbook but you are also socializing with friends who are into it.


When you are stressed from school, work, or other life endeavors you have gone through, resorting to a scrapbook is a possible means. Doing this hobby will help you to calm yourself while also being busy. You may truly focus on anything pleasurable that you are doing, allowing you to relax and feel peaceful.

Gift Item

Scrapbooks are excellent and memorable present ideas for everyone in your life, especially your family and closest friends. These are keepsakes that will be treasured for a lifetime. It is a fantastic method to show your loved ones how much you care as you handmade DIY them their birthday gift.

What’s in a Scrap Book? Parts?

The Cover

Similar to a book, a scrap book will also have its cover or frontpage. They also share a similar objective which is to portray the concept or contents of your scrapbook in a unique way.


Scrapbook layouts are all about photos, the only exception being journals. Most scrapbooking pages will include one or more photographs.

Photo Mat

The layer behind a photograph creates an all-around border that causes the photograph to stand out from the background. However, this is entirely up to you and is not required when scrapbooking.

Page Title

This is not necessarily found at the top but can be placed anywhere on the page layout. They are frequently created by handwritten calligraphy, stamping your titles, using computer-generated fonts, using alphabet stickers, or writing out your titles in acrylic paint.

Graphic Elements

Any type of decoration, such as a flower, ribbon, or other materials, is used to decorate a scrap book page. Page accents should complement the page concept and not overwhelm and take away emphasis from the photographs.


A number of materials may be used to make decorative borders. You may also add photographs and text to the borders.

whats in a scrap book parts

How to Design a Scrap Book?

1. Choose a Scrap Book Size
2. Specify the purpose of your scrap book
3. Select a Scrap Book Template
4. Decide on the theme
5. Change colors and add photos
6. Save or print your work

how to design a scrap book

Scrap Book vs. Photo Book

Scrap booking is an enjoyable and artistic crafting activity that allows you to memorialize important moments, the chance with saving keepsakes and souvenirs and drawing art or cartoon to unleash your inner artist.

A photo book is a book with pages produced using personal digital images.

What’s the Difference Between a Scrap Book, Journal & Portfolio?

A scrap book is a binder with blank pages where you may add pictures, mementos, ephemera, and stickers.

Writing in a diary helps people to express their personal experiences and emotions.

A portfolio is a collection of resources that demonstrate your values, abilities, credentials, education, training, and experiences.

Scrap Book Sizes

There are various scrap book sizes intended to fit the standard dimensions of 12” x 12” and 8.5” x 11?, so make sure to choose whichever you believe will work best for you. Remember that 12″ x 12″ prints provide more capacity for images and accessories, but also take up more physical space.

scrap book sizes

Scrap Book Ideas & Examples

If you lack the inspiration and need further ideas when creating your scrap book, the curated list below can help provide you with ample examples of what you can do. A wide variety of scrap book ideas that may suit your preferences will get you started in no time.


What should a scrapbook contain?

A scrapbook album typically contains images, writing, stickers, clippings, colorful washi tapes, doodles, little trinkets, and other keepsakes that have sentimental value to you.

What makes a good scrapbook?

A scrapbook should always convey a story, whether through images or by writing and displaying a tale on a page, it is recommended that you write down your memories, then have it be accompanied with photographs.

Are scrapbooks worth it?

Investing in a scrapbook would definitely take a chunk out of your time and wallet as they require effort and a budget in designing each page but if you look forward to the long-term future, you can see its value in preserving memories and be seen by other much younger generations.

How do you create a scrapbook?

Creating a scrapbook includes the process of securing a blank and spacious scrapbook that allows you to creatively add stickers and other graphic elements to adorn each page, followed by pasting photos, and adding in quotes or text.

What’s the point of scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is a fun and creative crafting activity that allows you to record important moments, save keepsakes and mementos, and express your inner artist because even in today’s fast-paced digital environment, making your own personalized scrapbook album is a popular method to save memories.

What is a scrapbook business?

Scrapbooking businesses generate money by selling finished scrapbooks with individual pages also sold by some company owners.

When did scrapbooks become popular?

Letters, poetry, recipes, scrapbook quotations, and similar materials were placed near commonplaces and the scrapbook or also known as a “friendship album” gained popularity in England in the fifteenth century.

What is the purpose of a scrapbook journal?

Scrapbook journaling combines writing and creative design in one medium, keeping a scrapbook diary is an excellent method to record important memories and memorabilia while also adding your individuality and artistic flair.

How do you keep pictures in a scrapbook?

Permanent techniques include double-sided tabs and tab rollers, double-sided tape, sticky dots, and glue and glue sticks.

What kind of paper is best for scrapbooks?

Cardstock is thicker than printer paper but thinner than cardboard and is essential for any paper crafting project, this type of paper is often available in plain colors such as white, black, and cream.

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