“Come all! Read about the news, and keep yourself updated with the current state of affairs!” There was a time when newspaper boys yell out this line together with the headline at a street corner. Getting updated with current and relevant events is part of modern life. You get to know people who died through the obituaries, featured restaurants in the food and health section, travel stories from adventure seekers, and heated political issues. Accurate reports and professional journalism are prime elements in every newspaper. You craft the stories while we provide our ready-made, printable, and professionally designed newspaper templates in Pages, PSD, and Publisher formats. Our files are easy to use and customizable for your desired branding! Grab a template now, and start spreading the truth!

How to Create a Newspaper Template?

how to create a newspaper

A newspaper is a printed document or publication that consists of sheets of unstapled paper. The published content contains news, feature articles, advertisements, and interviews. The objective is to relay information to the public, which can help with business and shaping public opinion. One of the key features is the editorial where selected people get to write views worth sharing.

Aristotle once said: "All men desire to know." Amidst the onslaught of fake news and lies, upholding the truth is the primary objective. Reporting facts and truth-telling without borders is the goal. Make your newspaper the symbol of authentic information, democracy, and freedom! Below are the following steps to jumpstart your truth campaign!

1. Gather Stories

A publication without stories is just a piece of paper. Stories are important, and that is why you need to collect a decent number for your articles. Always tie-up with key institutions that can grant you access to crucial information. Whether it is in the senate, police station, streets, or malls, you need to establish a connection. Send a courteous proposal and wait for their consent. Or, keep yourself vigilant on any whereabouts that are newsworthy!

2. Do Rigid Fact-Checking

Pseudo-journalism and fake news are rampant nowadays. Refrain having your newspaper listed as untrustworthy because it is bad publicity. Always do a fact-check! Before printing, do extensive research about the authenticity of gathered details. Have a comprehensive checklist of the guidelines for authentic stories. Use it for your articles as well. You have to avoid misinformation and disinformation.

3. Sort Out

Since there are many sections, you need to sort them out. Asking which story goes to which category must be a meticulous task. What will be on your front page? Do these articles go to the arts and culture section or technology pages? All these are essential questions to keep your news well sorted out. Create a detailed outline that can help you with the organizational process.

4. Make Room for Advertisements

Advertisements are one of the most significant contributors to the newspaper’s existence. They help in shouldering funds for the production expenses. So, give them space to market their products. Find trustworthy and competent business partners who will grab any opportunity for publicity. Create a detailed inventory of possible prospects and start the negotiations!

5. Design for Convenience

Your readers should not get lost. Let their reading be worthwhile and convenient. By doing so, you are creating the perfect conditions for effective information transmittal. Page numbers must be visible. Do not overlap articles, and create the necessary borders. Maximize the space through margin management. Also, fonts must be perfect for reading. Let your readers go through it like a personal notebook of a famous persons' life!

6. Have an Eye-Catching Headline

Usually boldened, your headlines are the hook that will invite people’s curiosity. But doing textual effects is not enough. You have to sell your news! And other than a good story, you need to have the highlight of the century! A boldened headline that arouses emotion and attention altogether is the perfect eye-catcher, just like every book needs to have an ideal book cover. Tempt the public to read!

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