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15+ Magnificent Restaurant Billboard Templates

Billboards are definitely attention-grabbers. An outdoor sign that measures around 50 to 100 feet usually attached to a wall or a steel post is not something you can just ignore. Billboards are put up mainly for advertising purposes. They are very effective marketing tools, and companies across different industries (retail, food, banking, travel, business processing, information technology, etc.) have used billboards to get information across to their clients.

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Restaurant Billboard Template

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  • Ai

Size: 48×14 Inches+ Bleed


Catering Service Billboard Template

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Size: 12×6 Inches+ Bleed


Free Restaurant Billboard Template

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  • Ai

Size: 12×6 Inches+ Bleed

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Restaurants use billboards as well. Mouthwatering food is the easiest thing to sell, and including images of food in a large billboard will certainly help convince hungry passersby to go directly to the restaurant after they see the billboard.

Here are some restaurant templates to use if you want to boost the marketing efforts of your restaurant or if you want to increase the visibility of your startup restaurant.

Pizza Restaurant Billboard

This restaurant billboard is available in three designs, each with its own unique color theme. The first billboard advertising design uses a green background with an image of a turbo-boosted delivery truck signifying fast delivery service. The address and contact number of your restaurant can be added in the template for easy communication with customers. The second and third billboard templates have the same design as the first template but use brown and yellow backgrounds instead. Just like the food images used in the templates, you can use food with colors that correspond to the color of the templates.

Multi-use Billboard Template

Use this multipurpose billboard template for any business, including restaurants. The blue abstract design in the background complements food photos well. Business and formal style free fonts are also used in this template.

Restaurant Advertising Billboard

Restaurant Promotion Billboard Template

Aside from the food photos, wavy curved designs and low opacity font styles bring the visual appeal in this restaurant billboard template. A bigger portion of the template is used for the food image, so make sure the images you use are your best-sellers or your most delicious dishes. The portion where you list down your contact number can be adjusted to make it bigger and it can also be edited with the bold option.

Multi-business Billboard Template

This restaurant billboard template collection uses some nice colors with blocks and curved designs. Green and yellow colors are available for this template but the text colors can be easily adjusted. The heading is also written in bold text so it can be easily seen by a passerby. The contact number can be written in the block design so it doesn’t get lost in layers of colors and other designs. Similar to the template designs, colors of the dishes should resemble the template color so there would be a uniform look to the design. Additionally, almost half of the template’s size is devoted to the food image, so be careful with the food photos you choose.

Burger Restaurant Billboard

Restaurant Billboard Template

If you happen to serve falafel in your restaurant like in the image above, then use this restaurant billboard template as the falafel’s form and its ingredients like the lettuce and tomato match the billboard’s design and color. If you don’t serve falafel, don’t fret as you likely have something served up that has a red and green color combination, like salads and pasta. Additionally, burritos, shawarma, and similar foods can be used in this template as they look similar to falafels. The large text makes the template more eye-catching, which will definitely aid the restaurant in its marketing efforts.

Creative Restaurant Billboard Design

Multipurpose Billboard Template

This restaurant billboard template uses a combination of black and green. The templates have a more formal effect with sharp diagonal lines that can be used for more formal restaurants, although casual restaurants including fast foods can still definitely use these templates. The heading is also written in bold font and you can add discount prices in the circular design provided in the template.

3D Restaurant Billboard

Food Restaurant Billboard Template

This restaurant billboard template best fits an Italian restaurant or pizzeria with its red color and wooden table background. Everyone loves pizza, and this billboard template will surely make your customers take a trip to your restaurant the soonest time possible.

Restaurant Business Billboard

This red, green, and white-colored restaurant billboard template can fit any restaurant concept. Although the color combination is a better fit for Italian or Mexican-themed restaurants since they resemble the colors of both countries’ national flags, it can still be a good fit for any restaurant. Although the colors are nice, the food photo is still the most important factor in this restaurant billboard template.

Elegant Restaurant Billboard Design

Advantages of using billboards for your restaurant

Increased visibility

Billboards do not only grab the attention of the restaurant’s customer base, but also any potential markets which have yet to be fully tapped. Due to their sheer size, anyone can see them. Word of mouth can also easily spread if people have seen the billboard, especially if it contains provocative or entertaining images. Strategically placed billboards can be viewed by over a thousand people each day. Even if your restaurant only has a hundred loyal customers, the billboard alone can easily spread the news of what you are selling to more than a thousand people. People in your area or city aren’t the only ones who can see the billboard as tourists visiting from another city or another country will be curious and may want to try out your restaurant if they see the billboard.

Increased sales

A billboard is a form of marketing, and marketing is meant to execute a sales plan and attract additional income for a business. Billboards are very effective since they can be seen by just about anyone, and people will get to know the business right away. Restaurants who make attractive billboard designs will certainly entice visitors to schedule a trip to their restaurants in the near future.

Billboards are also used when companies sell something new or offer big discounts. This is also true for restaurants. They utilize billboards if they are selling discounted meals or offering a new dish. Most of the time, very little text is used as images of food are more than enough to attract customers.

Easy to find restaurant information

Billboards are not only displayed to show something new, but also provide important information to customers. Most of the time, billboards show the address and contact numbers of the company. This information is very handy for people who are not yet aware of the location or contact number of the company.

This can also be applied to restaurants, especially for startups who are expanding in other locations. Get the information across and make it easy for customers to find you even if you already have complete online portfolio designs. Always keep in mind that customers are always looking for your products so keep them informed all the time.

Potential investment

Chances are customers aren’t the only ones looking at your billboard. Since they can be seen by everyone, investors may be looking at them as well. Investors are needed for any business. Investors can provide a bigger financial budget so businesses can invest or expand into other industries. Even large corporations look for investors by going public and selling stocks and other securities.

Restaurants need investors to continue running their business and eventually expand. Restaurants don’t naturally have a very long lifespan due to competitors selling the same dishes and people’s food preferences always changing. It is important for restaurants to look for investment proposals so they can stay competitive.

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