10+ Best Wedding Poster Templates


You might be wondering why posters are being used during weddings and it’s not always what you think. These posters may be for promoting wedding-related businesses or as a welcome sign for guests during the event. Whichever you’re trying to create, we’ve got the best wedding poster templates for you.

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5 Steps to Create a Wedding Poster

Step 1: Prepare the poster’s content and other elements

You should start your process of creating your own event poster by thinking of the content and writing it down as a draft. By preparing your content early in the process, you’ll already have a clear picture of what your poster is for and what information you’re trying to convey through it.

Step 2: Download a wedding poster template

Looking for a fully editable wedding poster template shouldn’t be that hard, in fact, they’re probably available all over the internet. But instead of having to look for them yourself, we’ve done it for you. All you need to do now is choose from among the ones available below and click on the download button.

Step 3: Change the color scheme and customize the design

Our wedding poster templates below are all fully editable and after downloading one, you can use your editing tool to start customizing the design according to your preferences. There’s a catch, however, in order to fully edit the template, you will need to use an editing tool that’s compatible with the template’s format. Learn more about it below.

Step 4: Start adding the wedding poster’s content

After applying all the necessary modifications to the template’s design, you can then start adding the event poster‘s content based on your written draft. Even with the draft, you are still allowed to make changes to the content if needed. Also, make sure to proofread your work before proceeding to the next and final step.

Step 5: Print copies of your wedding poster

Posters cannot be printed using regular printers because of their large size, they will need to be printed using a specialized piece of equipment that’s capable of printing large materials. Unless you’ve got your own large printer, your choice is to only get your posters printed by professionals. No worries though, since getting things printed by professionals is inexpensive.

10+ Best Wedding Poster Templates

1. Creative Wedding Day Poster Layout

creative wedding day poster layout Download

Here’s a wedding poster template that’s worth displaying all around the wedding reception’s venue. This template is in the PSD format which means that you will need to edit it using Adobe Photoshop. In addition, this template has an alternative layout that might also interest you.

2. Vintage Wedding Garden Poster Format

vintage wedding garden poster format Download

Vintage styles never go out of style and we’ve got an actual proof right here. Just like the previous template, you can only get this in the Photoshop PSD format. Even though this is a vintage poster template, it is optimized for printing on A4-sized paper stock as well.

3. Collage Style Wedding Poster Example

collage style wedding poster example Download

A collage is a collection of various photos on a single frame while a mosaic is a design or image made up using various elements. This template has a little of both although it’s actually only made to look like one or the other just for creative purposes. Indeed, it works well which makes it a good wedding poster.

4. Movie Wedding Invitation Poster Sample

movie wedding invitation poster sample Download

During the wedding, all eyes are on the couple which makes them feel like they’re movie stars, so why not make your wedding posters look like movie posters as well? Here’s something that might inspire you. The image above isn’t just an example, it’s an actual template that you can use for making your own personal movie poster.

5. Elegant Wedding Announcement Poster Sample

elegant wedding announcement poster sample Download

Once again, here’s a poster template in PSD that you might want to consider using for your wedding. However, since this serves to announce the information, it is best used before the wedding rather than during. Although this template only comes in one style, it is optimized to be printed either in 4 x 6 inches, 7 x 11 inches, or 8 x 11 inches.

6. Wedding Ceremony Art Poster Template

wedding ceremony art poster template Download

Here’s a sweet deal for you. For just a single download, you’ll get not one but three different wedding poster designs. All three designs consist of illustrated elements rather than stock photos, which help give you that retro, rustic style. Speaking of rustic, you might also be interested in our rustic wedding program template.

7. Unique Horizontal Wedding Poster Design

unique horizontal wedding poster design Download

Creativeness and uniqueness are traits that may seem objective but are actually subjective. One person might consider something to be creative or unique while the other might not. However, we’re certain people would be unanimous in saying that the poster template above is both highly creative and impressively unique.

8. Photo Overlay Wedding Poster Template

photo overlay wedding poster template Download

People often resort to simple designs since it is the safest among them all the designs and it can cater to the preferences of everyone. The template above is an example of a simple design that’s enhanced by the overlayed photo. For more simple templates that you can use for the wedding, here’s a cute yet simple wedding invitation template.

9. Hearts Minimal Wedding Poster Design

hearts minimal wedding poster design Download

Whether it’s Valentine’s day or not, you shouldn’t stop yourself from using the wedding poster template above. This minimal and formal poster template in Illustrator would work perfectly when used for making flyers or invitation cards as well. This template can be fully edited and you won’t even have to worry about a loss of quality.

10. Rustic Typographic Wedding Poster Layout

rustic typographic wedding poster layout Download

If you’re planning to create welcome posters which are basically just posters that’ll greet guests at the entrance, then you’ve got a template right here. This rustic poster template makes use of large and bold typography that’s clearly visible even at a distance. You can also use this template for other events such as Valentine’s day or anniversaries.

11. Chalkboard Wedding Day Poster Example

chalkboard wedding day poster example Download

Chalkboard themes never grow old even though actual chalkboards are no longer widely used today. Here’s a chalkboard poster template that might interest you, it’s simple but not uninteresting. Since this template comes in either EPS or JPG, you can only edit it using Illustrator or Photoshop, respectively.

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