How to Create a Timeline in Apple Numbers

A timeline is a critical tool in the professional industry as it allows individuals to estimate and calculate projects within a specific amount of time. Due to its professional visual presentations, timetable users can understand their schedules and expenses effectively and efficiently. how-to-create-a-timeline-in-apple-numbers

How to Create a Timeline in Apple Numbers

Creating a timeline requires table sheets and other processes that you may want to research. Since it can be challenging, we provide steps to guide you develop a timeline in apple numbers in an easy way. 

  • Step 1: Choose a Table Sheet Template

    First, to start with your project, you will need to choose a table sheet template. When you open your apple numbers you will be prompted with various templates you can use instantly. You will need to choose and click it, that way, we can start.

  • Step 2: Determine the Number of Rows and Columns

    After that, you have to decide the number of columns and rows. When you have decided, you will then click a cell of your table to see the sidebar tool. That way, you are offered choices of buttons such as table, cell, data, and arrange. You will need to click the table bar to see more buttons, including rows and columns number editor.

  • Step 3: Write Content

    After deciding the number of columns and rows, it is time to put the contents. To type your content you will need to double click the cell you want first to put content. You can do that to other cells depending on your plan.

  • Step 4: Change Colors

    Apple numbers allow you to change the color of your cells however you want. To change the colors, you will need to click the cell button in the sidebar tool. After clicking it, you will see options, including the tabs to edit fonts, font size, font colors, and cell color. However, you must first ensure the “fill” check bar has a check on it for your cells to have a color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use a timeline?

A timeline provides data depending on its purposes as it is to calculate expenses over a specific period, personal plans, or to record data to estimate and calculate them to give you the data you need, therefore, allowing you to organize and forecast accurately.

Why are apple numbers mostly used for timelines?

Apple numbers provide multiple tools you can use to generate timelines and professional table sheet templates you can use for your timeline to avoid starting from scratch.

Is apple numbers convenient to use?

Due to the apple numbers’ various features, most apple users find it convenient to use; however, beginners might find it challenging to navigate tools the same as all digital documenting tools.

How do you create a schedule in numbers?

Apple numbers have existing table sheet templates you can use for your schedule since it has editable columns and rows you need for scheduling.

How do I make a Gantt chart in apple numbers?

To make a Gantt chart, you can set up a table sheet manually by choosing a template in apple numbers; however, if you need a graph you can click the graph icon button above the sheet to choose the graph you need.