How to Make a Billboard in Photoshop

Plenty of cities hosts large billboards, either on buildings, highways, or subways. Billboards are great tools to advertise to individuals passing by in high-traffic areas. Various billboard designs represent different products or services that a company provides. There are different types of billboards that come in varying shapes and sizes. Billboard design costs are still costly at present. Not to mention that digital billboards are also everywhere because of social media. There are many billboard design samples available online, and if you want to create your own, the step-by-step guide below is helpful to help you with the basics. how-to-make-a-billboard-in-photoshop

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  • Open your Photoshop Application and create a New Document.
  • Create a billboard size canvas.
  • Insert elements into your postcards, including photos, text, and other useful information.
  • Save your final product under various media file types for reproduction.

How to Make a Billboard in Photoshop

Setting up a billboard design can become trying at first. The guide below allows you to start designing your own billboard from a simplistic point. Over time, you can improve on your designing expertise to create more intricate and beautiful designs.

1. Open the Photoshop Application. To start making your billboard design, click on the File menu, and click on New.

2. A window pops up that allows you to name your document, adjust its dimensions, resolution, and color mode. For a billboard design, you can set the canvas size to 40 by 20 inches. Click OK.


3. Divide your canvas into two different sections, and you can do this by clicking on the Line Tool on the left panel of the window. Draw a slanted line on the middle of your canvas. You can divide your canvas into multiple panels or even no panels, depending on your vision of the design.


4. After making your panels, you can open the photo you want to use in your billboard design.

5. Click the File menu, and select Open. Look for the photo in your folders and select it. The photo will then open in another window.


6. To transfer the photo to the new canvas, click on the Marquee Tool or the rectangle with dashed sides on the left panel. Once the photo is selected, use the Move Tool to drag the photo to your existing billboard canvas.

7. Move your photo below the shape by dragging the layers below one another. Right-click on the shape layer and select Rasterize Layer. With the Paint Bucket Tool, fill the right side of the photo where we can input our text. You can opt for any color you want.


8. To insert a text box, click on the Type Tool and drag it over the area where you want your text to appear. Type in what you want your audience to see. Make sure to include important information as necessary.


9. To edit your text, including its size, color, and style. Select your text and check the text toolbar on the upper section of the window.


10. Once you are content with your design, go to the File menu, click on Save As and select the file type you want for your billboard design.

Note: Creating a billboard can be challenging for the first time. It will take experience and practice to perfect it. That is why there are plenty of useful and free templates available online for your company. has a collection of billboard templates in Photoshop that are available for use and download!