Posters are large, printed promotional tools that businesses and organizations use to convey messages to the public. Just like flyers and brochures, posters are for advertising products, services, and events. posters

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Poster Definition & Meaning

Posters are marketing tools that businesses and organizations use to promote their brand to the consumer market.

This means that posters are used to provide the target audience with details about their products, services, or events.

What Is A Poster?

Posters are big, printed materials that contain text and images to advertise the products and services of a company. Posters are commonly seen in stores, malls, and other public places with heavy foot traffic.

10 Types Of Posters

Promotion Posters

Promotional posters are what people see whenever businesses release new products, services, or events in the area. Many companies also give out promotional flyers to match the posters for a larger reach of audiences. Promotion posters are common during sales or discount seasons.


Event Posters

Event posters are more common in companies promoting live events to the public. These include sporting, church, and business events that an organization hosts or produces. Different industries are more likely to use event posters to promote their respective events.


Concert Posters

Another type of poster that many people are familiar with is concert posters. These posters focus on the musicians and artists. As such, many concert posters have musical elements in them with band logos or photos on the printed media.


Sales Posters

Businesses utilize sales posters to advertise sales events of products and services. This type of poster is prevalent during year-end events, special occasions, and clearance sales. If you’re creating sales posters, make sure to highlight your company’s name and the details of your products and services.


Travel Posters

The principal goal of a travel poster is to raise awareness of different travel destinations. Airlines and travel agencies use these posters to attract customers. Incorporating beautiful places and tourist attractions into the travel poster is a sure way to attract more people to travel soon.


Wanted Posters

Wanted posters are hard to miss and are common in police stations, government agencies, or more public areas. The purpose of wanted posters is to inform the public about dangerous individuals and to report any sightings to officials.


Agency Posters

Agency posters are informative posters that contain information about the services that an organization offers. Whatever agency you’re managing, make sure to mention the services and how people can benefit from them. And of course, don’t forget to include your contact details in the poster design.


Work Posters

Work from home posters is one of the common work posters posted in public spaces to advertise job vacancies and openings in different organizations. Work posters include necessary information regarding job qualifications and requirements. It also incorporates contact information, including company email addresses and phone numbers.


Holiday Posters

New Year, Labor Day, Independence, Christmas; whatever special occasions or holidays it may be, celebrate your festive activities with eye-catching holiday posters! After all, they are the most common type of posters used and seen regardless of any season.


School Posters

For educational institutions, school posters are used to relay their message to the audience. People can find these posters in schools or universities. These school posters incorporate elements that can attract students, parents, and other interested individuals to sign up.


Poster Uses, Purpose, Importance

Since posters are one of the most recognizable advertising tools available to organizations, people need to know how to use them, why different organizations use them, and their significance.


The most popular use for posters is for advertising and marketing purposes. Posters aim to attract the attention of the public by incorporating eye-catching elements.


Posters provide information and relay campaigns for social awareness. They incorporate images or elements that resonate with the message that they are trying to convey.


Other companies or organizations use posters for aesthetic or visual purposes. A good example of aesthetic posters features pop culture references and bands.


Some posters consist of messages, images, and quotes to inspire readers. These posters can influence the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of individuals.


Educational posters often offer visual representations of contextual information. They enable audiences to digest information with ease through practical and graphic elements.

What’s in a Poster? Parts?


The header section of a poster is what immediately catches the attention of various audiences because of its large and bold typography.


The content of the poster is where the message is located, and it should deliver all the important details to the reader while staying relevant and concise.


Slogans are short and memorable phrases that deliver an idea to make it easier for readers to remember what’s being advertised.

Pictures or graphics

High-quality images and other visual elements are added to enhance the overall look of the poster and help in capturing the attention of audiences immediately.


Incorporating the brand logo enables audiences to identify which company is promoting the poster without having to incorporate the entire name.

Product information

The product information specifies the details of what the business is trying to sell to consumers, and this usually includes the purpose and benefits of the product.


How To Design a Poster

1. Choose a Poster Size

2. Specify the Purpose of Creating the Poster

3. Decide the Poster Template

4. Adjust the Color Scheme

5. Edit the Text Elements

6. Finalize Changes and Save Your Work

Refer to the article below that learn how you can create posters in a different file format:


Poster Vs. Pamphlet

Posters are large and promotional materials that advertise products, services, and events at a large scale by demonstrating them in public places for mass consumption.

On the other hand, pamphlets are small sheets of paper, single or double-folded, that promote a specific item or event.

What’s the Difference Between a Poster, Flyer, and Brochure

Posters are often massive in size and are attractive and informative at the same time, often found on walls and other surfaces.

Flyers, or handbills, are commonly in A4 size and are the most cost-effective marketing or advertising tool for companies.

Brochures are more expensive in comparison to posters and flyers as they have a more targeted audience, with more specific information and design to cater to their products or services.

Poster Sizes

Poster sizes follow international standards in the A-series and other non-standard sizes. The table below shows the common poster sizes that companies utilize depending on their placements.


Poster Ideas & Examples

Create a poster for your company or organization by checking out the different poster ideas below.

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What Are the Requirements of a Poster?

Different elements make a good poster, including the materials used, color selection, design idea, format or layout, and the message.

Why Are Posters Useful?

Posters are useful advertising tools to relay the company’s message to a larger audience for a much cheaper price than radio and television advertisements.

What Is a Multimedia Poster?

Multimedia posters are learning tools that educational institutions use to support student learning through interactive means.

What Information Should Be on a Poster?

Posters consist of four principal components, including a title, graphics, text elements, and white space.

Why Is an Advertisement Poster the Best?

Advertisement posters are the best marketing tools available to different companies and one of the most cost-effective tools for advertising products and services.

What Does a Campaign Poster Look Like?

Campaign posters must possess a strong and positive message using symbolic words and images with general information about the campaign.

How to Print a Poster on Multiple Pages?

When printing multiple copies of a poster, start by converting the poster into a PDF file, open it in Adobe Reader, and print the document under the poster option.

What Is a Digital Poster, and How Do You Make It?

Digital posters are marketing tools that are present in the digital platform, and people can make these posters through different software or websites offering templates to users.

What Are the Benefits of Posters for Advertising?

Using posters as a part of advertising campaigns saves money, raises company visibility, increases credibility, boosts chances of recall, and provides a call to action.

Why Is Poster Printing Important for Your Business?

Posters are excellent tools for advertising and marketing products and services as they are versatile, cost-effective, and efficient in capturing the attention of audiences.