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Entering the real estate scene is probably one of the most challenging business feats an entrepreneur still new to the industry would ever dare to take. It is an industry that involves a lot of speaking to and meeting people face to face, discussing options, possibilities, and opportunities that the market can offer.

real estate partnership agreement templates

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Simple partnership agreement templates can help you create the right business agreement between you and your client. These agreements can be tough to make. We present to you the best templates that can help you make them in the easiest way possible. Keep scrolling!

7+ FREE Real Estate Partnership Agreement Templates

Real Estate Partnership Agreement Template

real estate partnership agreement template
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Simple partnership agreement templates will help you understand better how to create a perfect agreement for your business. Real estate is one of the biggest industries in the business. If you ever want to be successful in this area, then you should build a smooth partnership with your business partners. You can do that with the help of the above template, which you can easily edit and customize as you like. The template provides you with an outline of the obligations and expectations of both parties to avoid legal mishaps in the future. Try it out now!

Partnership Agreement Template

partnership agreement template
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Real Estate Partnership Agreement

real estate partnership agreement template
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Sample real estate confidentiality agreements available online will help you file the correct agreements for your real estate business. The above template is a real estate partnership agreement template that shows what are the agreements that can be done between a client and a real-estate owner. This could be regarding buying buildings or apartment place from them, finding hem a place to live, etc. All you have to do is download this template, edit and customize it the way you like.

Sample Partnership Agreement Template

sample partnership agreement templatesbdc.duq.edu
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Sample Farm Partnership Agreement

sample farm partnership agreementwww2.gov.bc.ca
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Sample partnership agreement templates like the one above, can be easily edited and used for the best of your business. They are easily editable and customizable to suit your business needs perfectly. Farm partnerships can be defined as a farmland that is shared by two or more parties and the details of their shares are clearly mentioned in the agreement.

Real Estate Partnership Contract Agreement

real estate purchase contract templaterealestate.utah.gov
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Model Joint Venture Partnership Agreement

model joint venture partnership agreementapps.americanbar.org
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Investing in Real Estate

software project proposal template 788x50

You can make or break a deal depending on how well-rounded you are when it comes to your knowledge of investment property. Being successful as a real estate investor takes time, the drive to learn what you can, especially about market changes and trends and real property ownership as well as leasing rules on top of learning how to make wise investment decisions. Check out the agreement templates in Word for more.

While you, like many others, may not be open to the idea yet as a new investor, the answer to such dilemmas are real estate partnerships, and if you’re serious about staying and surviving or growing in the industry, at some point, you’re going to engage in a real estate partnership. It’s safe to say that having enough courage and confidence to be for and with people is usually a requirement in being a real estate investor.

Data from the Census Bureau showed that only 8% of businesses in the United States were partnerships.

Moreover, the most common business type is a sole proprietorship, with 73.1%. S corporations take up 13.1% and 5.6% for C corporations.

On another note, figures from Statista show that the wealthiest tycoon in the global real estate industry is Li Ka-Shing, with a net worth of $28.7 billion.

Real Estate Partnerships

Finding the right partner is hard to come by but if you know where to look and have the proper documents to back you up when you’re ready to make a deal, an investment property partnership may just be the stepping stone towards greater opportunities in your real estate business. Agreement templates in Pages can help you create the best-needed agreements you want of any kind.

Much has been said about strength in numbers and building a winning partnership with someone in the business that’s just as hungry for success as you, is one of the fastest ways into having an investment portfolio that attracts only the best people to do business with, which is what you need in achieving your long-term goals for your company.

A well-thought and well-balanced real estate investment partnership offer a great advantage for investors since they can provide not only a broader analysis and knowledge, skills, and network but also moral support when the going gets tough.

For those looking to expand their business or just try to get it off the ground, investing in tandem with an individual or another business with goals that are closely related to yours, someone you can trust and work with, can help you gain leverage when properly done and with each party having a good understanding of what their agreement entails. Advantages would include significant tax benefits and a great chance to increase capital. Simple partnership agreement templates will help you draft the right contracts and agreements for the growth and partnership of your business.


Investing in the real estate business would mean you’ll be entering a partnership agreement sooner or later. Such partnerships can benefit both parties because they allow you to pool resources and capital, including the sharing of overhead costs and the responsibilities that come with real estate ownership or management. It would also mean you would be sharing profit and income from the investment return you’ll be receiving, thus a partnership agreement would need to be put in writing and formalize each party’s rights and obligations and limitations.

A real estate investment partnership, that is, one that has all the correct parts in place would have the capability to bring an investor’s career to the next level. This type of business partnership would also be a good opportunity if only for an entrepreneur to seek assistance from another investor in an area of business where they can use all the help they can get. Check limited partnership agreement templates for more. It is however very important to remember that working alongside another investor will only be good for all parties involved if they can commit it for the duration of the contract ad if they take the necessary steps as well as lay the foundation for a fruitful career together.

A real estate business partnership is also inherently symbiotic. Every last part of a whole is equally as important as the next, which means thriving real estate business partnerships are those that are made of two people who work with diligence and make sure that everything is in its proper place before taking one step forward.

2 Basic Rules in Investment Property Partnerships

basic rules in investment property partnerships

1. Communicate

When two people of different backgrounds, with different philosophies about business, come together, there’s bound to be an explosion of creativity when they are on the same page and see things the same way. But finding out 4-6 months into a partnership that the partner you chose to work with, does not see things from your direction can cause a lot of trouble with your investments.

You have to make sure that your partner is someone you’re able to communicate and make good decisions with. Being clear about where your strengths and weaknesses lie will put everything on the table from the start and no matter how brutal and difficult this process may seem at the start, but it will help you make and build a solid ground for your investment property partnership.

Want to make agreements in a document form? Worry not! You can check out agreement templates in Google Docs that we have on our website. All you have to do is edit it according to your needs and voila, it’s done!

2. Set Realistic Expectations

For the partnership to be effective and meet the purpose for which it was formed, each party must play realistic roles if only for laying out each partner’s responsibility or each one’s part of the deal as it is important to set things clear before anything is finalized and before anyone commits to anything he may regret later. Check partnership agreement templates for restaurants to understand better as to how to create the right partnership agreement.

Importance of a Real Estate Partnership Agreement

importance of a real estate partnership agreement

Whether you’re purchasing a piece of real estate or a big part of it with someone else who wants to make the same investment, you should make sure the transaction comes with signing an official contract, usually called a real estate partnership agreement, outlining the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in the transaction. You may also see operating agreement templates.

Agreements or documents like these barely make room for confusion or misinterpretation in case of disputes over fraud claims or the right to sell and process for early termination as well as a proper allocation for rental income or when on suffers from investment losses. It also helps in having a written record when it comes to property management, decisions, construction, equipment and remodeling costs.

1. Establishing of Partner Contributions

What makes up one of the most crucial elements of a partnership contract is each partner’s contribution to the property. Whatever either partner brings to the table in making the transaction go more smoothly should be properly accounted for and stated in the agreement.

The most common real estate contributions for investment include cash on a purchase, a previously owned property for development services and construction projects or brokerage. Writing down each person’s contribution to a list encourages the proper establishment of ownership percentages when the time comes for dividing income and returns.

2. Allocation of Profits and Losses

As with any investment, and even with two heads working rather than one in trying to make wise investing decisions, real estate could give you positive or negative returns. Profits may come from rental payments and sales proceeds. On the other hand, profit losses may stem from a decline in the market itself, loss of property, or damage to property amenities. Agreement in Google Docs can also be of great use to you.

Having a real estate agreement will set the terms for how these returns should be divided. Most of the time this will depend on the partner’s ownership percentage developed from contributions made. Then again, you’re also allowed to divide the returns differently, especially if one of you is more involved in the management and maintenance of the property or properties.

3. Outlining Duties and Responsibilities

The division of duties and responsibilities should be written in detail. Ownership and management of a real estate property take a good deal of responsibility and each party should list the duties and obligations you have agreed to. It indicates who should take care of what and what obligation they have, to minimize the possibility of a conflict.

Wrapping Up

Usually, real estate property management responsibilities would involve finding tenants, paying for maintenance, utility bills, coding, and taxes, getting in touch with customers or present tenants, supervising construction and remodeling as well as negotiating with vendors, suppliers, and other contractors.

The real estate business is after all, about building trust and good relationships with both stakeholders and other people in the business, and even to some extent, your competitors. It’s a skill that can take time to hone but it isn’t that difficult to build when you’re determined to learn what you can about the industry and when you know how to build on your success through partnerships with other investors.

General FAQs

1. Define a Real Estate Partnership Agreement.

A real estate partnership agreement can be defined as a legal binding agreement to operate a business together in the real estate industry. Partnerships have advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when you are determining if or not you need a partner to run your real estate business.

2. What is the purpose of using a Real Estate Partnership Agreement?

At its core, a real estate partnership agreement shows a commitment between two or more business partners who want to run the business together. It typically outlines shared goals and a mission for the business; the goal of this agreement is to ensure both partners are constantly working towards the same thing.

3. What is included in a Partnership Agreement?

The details in a partnership agreement depend on the type of industry it is made for. Some of them are:

  • Percentage of ownership
  • Division of profits and loss
  • Length of the partnership
  • Decision making and resolving disputes
  • Partner authority
  • Withdrawl and other terms and conditions
  • Business development strategy, assets, rental properties, etc.

4. What is the key benefit of a Real Estate Partnership Agreement?

The key benefit of a real estate partnership agreement is that it allows all the parties involved in it to combine all their resources and capital. It also splits the operating costs and expenses of the business in the search for some good real estate opportunities in the market.

5. What are the principles of a Real Estate Partnership Agreement?

Here are some principles of a real estate partnership agreement that need to be kept in mind:

  • Reasons as to why the agreement is being signed
  • Who does what and when
  • Explaining how the money works
  • Ways to protect the partners
  • Steps to achieve high-profits
  • Removing one obstacle at a time

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