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10+ Referral Agreement Templates – Free PDF, Word Documents Download

Referral agreements can be defined as an agreement between companies or individuals where either of them introduces many prospective clients or channels to one another. This is mainly done in exchange for compensation for the job.

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A referral is known as a recommendation; a request; or an action of providing testimonials about a certain person, business, and products. A referral agreement form contains a response to requests and references to the referral forms that were sent to you. It consists of an information document of you saying yes to the parties who gave you the referral. Here are a few templates that can help you make your referral agreement with ease!

Referral Agreement Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


With the help of this template, you can create an agreement between your company and individuals who refer potential clients or workers to your company in exchange for a referral fee. Increase your potential to boost sales and profit with this template today!

Business Referral Agreement Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 36 kB


If that is the case, on this website, we have provided for you several agreement template forms for you to use for any purpose they may cater to you. Usually, business referrals are done when a company has tie-ups with different individuals or other companies that agree to the referral program. This way, when the employee is fired or leaves willingly, they can get another job in the referred company.

Sales Referral Agreement Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 313 kB


A sales referral agreement is made between two companies or individuals where one sales company can benefit from the other through a referral program from others. The details that are to be mentioned in the agreement are- the order, prospect or referral, approved prospects, paid invoice, referral period, etc. It also has the duties, terms and conditions that both the sales companies have to follow.

Agent Referral Agreement Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 18 kB


Create a Referral Agreement in 5 Steps

Step 1: Identify the Parties

This is the most important step in creating a referral agreement. You should know who the parties involved in the agreement are. Give all the details that are needed to recognize each party- name, address, etc. This way, you will know who are the parties involved in the agreement and what do they do too.

Step 2: Qualification of the Referrals

The next step in creating a referral agreement is to know the qualification of each referral that is being sent to you. Check employment referral agreements for more. Knowing the qualifications will help you understand each employee you will hire better and also, you can decide which job role will they be best suitable for.

Step 3: Payment Methods

Once you have the list of all the referrals, the next thing you will have to do is know what payment method you would use to pay the agency that has given you the referrals. These payment methods can be cash, credit card/debit card, cheque, net banking or in installments. Make sure that you have a mentioned time given so that you can pay the agency on time always.

Step 4: Referral Expiry

The next step would be to know when is the expiry of these referrals and when do you need to renew the contract to continue getting referrals from the agency. This might also mean that if the referral becomes a loyal customer, then specify the limit to the amount of time you will pay the commission to the agency, or just mention the pay-out period.

Step 5: Revenue Commission

It is very important to specify what revenues will be subject to payments. This means that make a bote of all the credits and returns that you get from the business, including taxes, duties, and tariff. Make sure that you are paying commission out of the revenues you are getting.

Client Referral Agreement Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 92 kB


Client referral agreements are those agreements that are done between an associate agency and a company. This means that the agency gets clients for the company, gives the information of the client and also the information of the broker, whereas the company pays the agency and the broker some compensation for the referral. Simple service agreement templates will be of great help if you want to create any kind of agreement for the services you are being provided.

Referral Commission Agreement Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 163 kB


A commission referral agreement is done by a company that is in business of providing clients to private and crporate lenders and investors through referral contacts on a commision basis. It has all possible details of what a company provides to the broker and in what basis.

Loan Referral Agreement Sample

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 183 kB


What Is a Referral Agreement Form?

There are a few major components a referral agreement should have. Some of these are the following:

  • Recitals – Here is where the company agrees to engage with the referring party.
  • Services – Enumerates the services to be rendered by the referring party.
  • Standard of Performance – Lists the standard performance the referring party shall obey.
  • Terms – The effective date and when it shall end.
  • Payment – The payment method.
  • Expenses – The expenditures to be made.
  • Notices – Any bills and reports required for this agreement.

A referral agreement form is a contract that formalizes the terms and conditions in which a certain agent will promote goods and services of a particular company with a referral fee.

A Wide Application

A referral agreement form can be used in several types of settings, as long as there are a request and purpose for such referrals. These are contract types of documents that shape up how a certain party referring to work with another party will be paid. Check vendor agreement templates for more. This gives an advantage, particularly toward businesses, when giving incentive referrals as they may bring more clients.

Among these many types of forms, we have quite a few that we offer. These are the forms we have on our offering:

  • Business Referral Agreement
  • Loan Referral Agreement
  • Sales Referral Agreement
  • Client Referral Agreement
  • Agent Referral Agreement
  • Medical Referral Agreement

Marketing Referral Agreement Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 161 kB


Medical Referral Agreement Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 41 kB


Partner Referral Agreement Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 293 kB


Referral Agent Agreement Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 26 kB


Why Use Our Templates?

Putting all transactions with other people or a group of companies is essential for documentation. These documents can help in any issues that may surface like inconsistencies in duties and breach of contract. They also contribute to the timeline of both parties concerned as a record of all transactions that had happened in that specific time period.

Aside from this, here’s why you should download from our archives:

  • Our templates are general and editable.
  • Our templates provide consistency.
  • Our templates ensure clarity of details.
  • Our templates are reusable.
  • Our templates provide effective content.
  • Our templates are a great source of information.
  • Our templates are easy to use.

Apart from them being accessible by visiting our website, efficient to use, and free to download, our referral agreement form templates can assure you that they provide detailed and accurate data that can guide you into finishing up the correct facts. Take a look at the agreements in Google Docs as well.

General FAQs

1. What is a Referral Agreement?

A referral agreement is an agreement between two companies where one party refers customers to the other party in exchange for some kind of compensation. Many businesses enter into referral agreements because good referrals can be a reliable source of revenue and are one of the most valuable ways to gain trust from others.

2. What is the purpose of using a Referal Agreement?

A referral agreement is an agreement made between companies or individuals who refer potential clients and leads to other parties for business reasons. It can also be used when a company or individual wishes to refer clients for a fee or any other kind of compensation.

3. What does a Referral Agreement include?

A referral agreement can include the following details in it:

  • Scope of referral services bring provided
  • Referral fees and procedures
  • Details of the parties involved
  • Termination
  • Relation of the parties
  • Non-competition and other clauses
  • Protection of the parties’ confidential information clause, etc.

4. What are the key takeaways of a Referral Agreement?

Referral agreements formalize all mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses. Such an agreement must include the nature of the agreement, the exclusivity of it, the duration of the agreement, referral fee, and process, etc. You can add the confidentiality and privacy policy that is to be followed by everyone involved in the agreement.

5. What is a typical Referral Fee?

A typical referral fee is 25% of the gross commission that the party received for a single side of the transaction. This way, there is fair compensation to the company/individual referring and also, the company/individual who has taken the referral gets the job done successfully without hassle.

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