11+ Divorce Agreement Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

In an unfortunate situation when divorce is unavoidable, it is always feasible for the spouses to sign a divorce agreement after a mutual consent on all important matters like child custody, debts, property, bank accounts, fixed deposits and all other relevant matters where mutual interest is still persisting. A professionally written divorce agreement makes all the aspects clear to both the partners, hence their remains little chance of complicacy in future. You can also visit Prenuptial Agreement Template.

divorce agreement templates

The sample and example available here are created professionally to guide people who are looking for a well documented divorce Agreement Templates that will also be legally enforceable if any one of the spouses acts against the agreement.

Separation and Release Agreement Template

separation and release agreement template
File Format
  • MS Word
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Size: A4, US


Relationship Agreement Template

relationship agreement template
File Format
  • MS Word
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Size: A4, US


Free Example Divorce Settlement Agreement Template

divorce settlement agreement template

This example of a marital settlement agreement is meant to settle all rights and obligation of the parties. This means filling of identification of parties, date of marriage, date of separation, irreconcilable difference and other facts.

Sample Divorce Agreement Template Free Download

divorce agreement template pdf format

The give sample is a guideline on the 10 steps for getting a divorce. This includes deciding how you will file, decide if you need a temporary hearing, file the action and other decisions to be made personally.

Free Example Pro se Divorce Suits Agreement Template

pro se divorce suits agreement template

This is for people who are legally representing themselves in a divorce case. The example template gives clear details of how such a person should behave, that is like a lawyer and the disadvantage of doing so.

Free Sample Civil Partner Divorce Agreement Template

civil partner divorce agreement template

The civil divorce agreement structure is not like the marriage divorce one. The sample asks for the name of both spouses, addresses, date of birth occupation and gender next the details of the marriage.

Free Format Child Custody Divorce Agreement Template

child custody divorce agreement template

Having a good custody divorce agreement may earn you custody. The sample highlights the important issues to consider for example the legal relationship, minor children and statistical facts.

Free Download Divorce Application Form Template

divorce application form pdf format

If you are going to have a divorce it is better you know the application form looks like. This example template has two parts of applicant and other husband and wife which are to be filled acuratly.

Free Sample Marital Settlement Agreeement Template

marital settlement agreeement template

Settling a divorce is the hardest and crucial part of a marriage. This sample makes it look easy as you are supposed to fill out the introductory provision of the agreement and submit it to the court.

Sample Divorce Agreement form Template Free Download

divorce agreement form template

This sample divorce agreement form is a contract that is filled by both parties. This form should be filled with name, eye color, address, occupation and other personal details presented to the court.

Example Decree of Divorce Agreement Template Download

decree of divorce agreement template

This is ordered by the judge after being satisfied with the reasons brought forward by both parties that led to the divorce agreement. The file, and CSEA no are written and the names of the divorcees like in the example template.

Sample Spouse Divorce Agreement Template Free Download

spouse divorce agreement template

For a divorce to go through the personal details, residence facts of marriage, basis of divorces and restoration of former name are to be considered. The sample is of basis of a divorce with children.

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