9+ Hold Harmless Agreement Templates– Free Sample, Example, Format Download

A hold harmless agreement is a safe way to assure that neither of the two parties involved in the arrangement have to suffer any liabilities. It is advisable to get this agreement signed before allowing anyone to use your assets in order to reduce the risk of an unforeseen loss. This legal contract specifies the date and the name of the party who’s to be protected along with the party that is ensuring this protection. You can also visit Sublease Agreement Template. You can check out the various samples and examples of the hold harmless agreement formats available and download the Agreement Templates that best suits your requirement.

Hold Harmless Agreement Template in Google Docs, iPages

hold-harmless-agreement-template Download

Example Hold Harmless Agreement Template Free Download

example hold harmless agreement

southwest.tn.edu | In order to ensure legal release from current and future liability, the parties should sign this sample hold harmless agreement. It is designed by legal experts to ensure you are fully covered.

Free Hold Harmless Agreement Template Download

free hold harmless agreement template

winona-lake.com | If you want to be released from any claim of injury in the future, ensure to sign a hold harmless agreement for example this template. It includes the content of the agreement, the extent covered and details of witnesses.

Sample Medical Contest Hold Harmless Agreement Template Download

sample medical contest hold harmless agreement

okbu.edu | With this medical contest hold harmless agreement, the participants commit themselves that they will not claim for any injuries during the contest. The sample template includes the details of the parties and the rules.

Example Release Hold Harmless Agreement Template Download

example release hold harmless agreement

clackamas.us | In order to proceed smoothly with an organized event, the participants need to sign this sample hold harmless agreement so as to release the organizers from any liability for what may happen in the event.

Sample Organizational Hold Harmless Agreement Template Download

organizational hold harmless agreement

scouts.ca | This sample hold harmless agreement is used by an organization to indemnify its sponsors, employees and all stakeholders from any liability arising out of its activities. It is available for download here.

Example Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement Template Download

indemnity and hold harmless

wtcea.com | This example of hold harmless agreement can be signed with a City to release them from any liability and legal claims arising from the use of the municipality premises and facilities.

Sample Hold Harmless Agreement Document Template Download

hold harmless agreement document template

abodia.com | If you want to be covered legally from any liability during an event you are organising then you need this example agreement. The template includes the parties, the details of the release and the signatures of participants and witnesses.

Sample Individual Release & Hold Harmless Agreement

individual release hold harmless agreement

scouts.ca | This is a simple hold harmless agreement that an individual signs to release the organization from any claim for injuries. The sample contains the details of each party, the parent or guardian and the event.

Free Wavier and Hold Harmless Agreement Template Download

wavier and hold harmless agreement

purdue.edu | In order to make a legally binding hold harmless agreement document we have created this sample template for you. It is easy to use and edit as needed and covers all legal aspects you may need.

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