111+ Sample Non-Compete Agreements

A non-compete agreement is a kind of contract that two parties agree by signing into it and understanding the stated information. This is an agreement form indicating that employee who is leaving his or her employer will not join to the competitors after his or her employment status lasts. This is depending on the area and period of time as well as if this is acceptable to the companies. There are free samples and examples in format application created to be useful and these are seen in template tool online.

> General Non-Compete Agreement

Employee General Non-Compete Agreement
General Non-Compete Clause
Non-Compete Agreement of Ex-Owner

A general non-compete agreement is considered a formal format and common to be used in business companies. When you have this agreement form, you are about to agree that for limited period of time will not compete with the competitors of the company once you terminate your work relationship. There are samples and examples in format application that are interesting as you click the template online. [11+ General Non-Compete Agreement]

Contractor Non-Compete Agreement

Agreement by Contractor to Non-Compete
Non-Compete Agreement of Contractor
Vendor Non-Compete Agreement

For those in contractor work position, their works are protected from any kind of conflict once they agree and settle for a contractor non-compete agreement. The idea and creation of this agreement form is now possible through template online. It provides free samples and examples in format application where you can see the benefits of agreement form not only for contractors but to the company itself. [10+ Contractor Non-Compete Agreement]

Business Non-Compete Agreement

Business Non-Compete & Non-Disclosure Agreement
Contractor Non-Compete Agreement
SubContractor Non-Compete Agreement

Business non-compete agreement is a known agreement form for any types and nature of business. Employees who worked in the business company are entitled not to compete upon leaving their work premises and will not work in the future to the company which is considered competitors for limited period of time. This is legal after signing the agreement form. You can have the details by browsing at the free samples and examples in format application seen in template online. [11+ Business Non-Compete Agreement]

Non-Disclosure Non-Compete Agreement

Blank Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreement
Simple Non-Compete Agreement
Work Product Non-Disclosure Non-Compete Agreement

To protect the company and staffs as well as the information, strict confidentiality is made through non-disclosure non-compete agreement form. The sample and example for this agreement is accessible via online, acceptable format and details are reliable with this template online and these are free. Any information that staffs share is kept confidential and refrain them to compete as they terminate their work status and relationship with the present company and join with other parties. [11+ Non-Disclosure Non-Compete Agreement]

Standard Non-Compete Agreement

Standard Business Non-Compete Agreement
Standard Non-Compete Agreement for Free
Standard Non-Compete Agreement Sample

A standard non-compete agreement is general when it comes to details and very specific to the duration time. As the states allow it, individuals who have work regardless of the nature of it can create a non-compete agreement and both parties involved abide not to compete with the other parties in the future as they terminate their contract with their present work. Samples and examples are in format application and these are freely found in template online. [11+ Standard Non-Compete Agreement]

Non-Compete Agreement Form

Blank Form of Non-Compete Agreement
Independent Contractor Non-Compete Agreement Form
Simple Non-Compete Agreement

A non-compete agreement form states certain and important details that the involved parties who signed it need to know. This vary if the state of location accepts this kind of agreement which mostly for business purposes. The agreement form is available in the template online through samples and examples in format application to give you a view of what does it says and how useful it is for specific period of time. [10+ Non-Compete Agreement Form]

Simple Non-Compete Agreement

Independent Contractor Non-Compete Agreement
Non-disclosure Non-Compete Agreement
Validity of Non-Compete Agreement

How to get a simple format and details about non-compete agreement? This is now available and possible through online website. A reliable and friendly template that offers free samples and examples in format application give you a better idea on the benefits and policies once signing the non-compete agreement form happens to be made in work related aspects. [10+ Simple Non-Compete Agreement]

Attorney Non-Compete Agreement

Non-Compete Agreement Form
Non-disclosure Non-Compete Agreement
Simple Non-Compete Agreement of Vendor

Attorney non-compete agreement is an agreement designed for attorney’s work position. Attorney agreement may vary according to the state of location and for a specific period of time. The policy indicates that lawyer agrees not to contend with other parties for a duration period to avoid rivalry. There are samples examples in format already which can be found in the template online. [9+ Attorney Non-Compete Agreement]

Vendor Non-Compete Agreement

Sub Vendor Non-Compete Agreement
Vendor Non-Compete Agreement Example Format
Vendor Non-Compete Agreement Sample

When dealing for vendor’s job, vendors can be protected to any work conflict when they agree to sign a vendor non-compete agreement. The policy is depending on the state of location and period of time. It is defined as the vendors agree not to compete with their co vendors or present company as he or she leaves will not work on the competitors of the company for duration of time. Samples and examples of this agreement can be sited in the template online. [10+ Vendor Non-Compete Agreement]

Insurance Non-Compete Agreement

Insurance Non-Competition Agreement Form
Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure Agreement
Validity of Non-Compete Agreement

Insurance companies and the staffs working in this field, most and if acceptable in their states will have to sign for insurance non-compete agreement. The details and information indicated in this agreement form can give you a quick look how beneficial and useful is this for a period of time using the template online that provides samples and examples in formal format. [9+ Insurance Non-Compete Agreement]

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