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How to Make a Travel Agency Brochure [10+ Templates]

Traveling is a big part of self-development of the late. The younger generation travels to see the world, experience the culture, and to find themselves. The older generation travels to finally enjoy everything they have worked so hard for. As a travel agency, you would be remiss to let the opportunity pass you by. Advertise yourself using a travel agency brochure.

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Steps to Make a Travel Agency Brochure

Step 1: Choose your travel agency brochure

The easiest way to start in making your travel agency brochure is to find and use a travel agency brochure template. This way, you have an easy-to-follow guide. There are plenty of amazing brochure templates you can find with just a few strokes of the key. Choose one that best represents your company.

Step 2: Choose your color combination

Color is the easiest thing to associate with anything, whether it be seasons, moods, and even destinations. Choose the right combination of colors that best represent the destination that you are marketing. This works the same way for seasonal promotions. Though there are a few differences. Spring in Japan, for example, is represented by pink rather than the traditional spring colors of blue and green.

Step 3: Compile Images

Search and gather the best images that show off the travel destinations. People want to see what they are getting into. Show them what adventure awaits them when they head to their chosen destination. Compile images of the local cuisine, local attractions, and even the best places to check out.

Step 4: Compile information

Now that you have compiled images, you should give your customers a brief overview of the place. A small description goes a long way. Tell them what they are looking at, how they are going to get there, and how much hey could potentially spend at the place they’re going to.

Step 5: Finalize the layout

At this point, if you followed the steps, you would already be working on finishing your travel agency brochure. Be sure to make full use of the limited space that is made available to you. However, be sure not to overcrowd your travel agency brochure as well.

Step 6: Test print your travel agency brochure

Be sure to have several test prints before you mass produce your travel agency brochure. Depending on the paper or print material, the colors or images may not come out as clearly or as bright as you want them to be. Printing them out will show you if you need to make any changes.

10+ Travel Agency Brochure Templates

1. Travel Agency Bi-Fold Brochure Template


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This wonderful and easy to edit travel agency bi-fold brochure can be downloaded in many different file types such as Photoshop, Publisher, Microsoft Word, and other such publishing and editing software. Impress your clients as you show them your travel agency brochures and help them find their dream destination.

2. Travel Agency Tri Fold Brochure Example


This travel agency tri-fold brochure is both handy and elegant. You are able to add more information by using this travel agency travel brochure template. It has a simple layout that catches the attention of budding travelers and is convenient to carry around as well.

3. Bifold Travel Brochure Template


Tempt vacationers with this Bi-fold travel brochure. Show them the dream vacation they have always been thinking of. Downloadable and editable in multiple file types such as Photoshop, Publisher, Microsoft Word, and other publishing and editing software, you will have no problem making this beautiful travel brochure your own.

4. Vintage Travel Brochure Template


An oldie but a goodie. This vintage travel brochure template brings nostalgia in full force. Give the vacationers a reason to re-visit their previously traveled destinations. Before you know it, they’ll be packing up and revisiting not just their old destinations, but their old memories as well. Talk about a trip down memory lane!

5. Travel Bifold Brochure Sample


People travel for any and all reasons. For the family, for an event, to find themselves, even just because the found the best deal ever! Show off your insanely good deals with this travel bi-fold brochure. This template has a straight forward design that shows off the deals! Just download, edit, and enjoy!

6. Travel Tri-fold Brochure Design


Boost your sales with this travel tri-fold brochure! Captivatingly simple, this advertising tool will surely, and effectively help you. Designed with travel related businesses in mind, the design will surely meet any travel agencies standards! Simply download and customize to suit your advertising needs.

7. Travel Agency Brochure Template


Bright, colorful, and eye-catching. This travel agency brochure design template has an amazing balance between color and images. The layout is simple and straightforward. The spacing is adequate enough to accommodate the necessary details and does not look overcrowded. Simply download this beautifully made template, edit, and print.

8. Travel and Tour Brochure Template


This artistically made travel and tour brochure are perfect for catching the attention of would-be travelers. This brochure is not only attractive, but it is also very informative. The brochure makes use of every nook and cranny of the brochure template—creative yet efficient.

9. Free Travel Agency Brochure Template


They say it is not about the destination, but how you get there that matters. As wise as this saying is, we all know that the destination is what it is all about. Help any budding traveler find their dream destination with this travel agency brochure.

10. Printable Travel Agency Brochure


Feed the wanderlust frenzy with this amazing travel agency brochure. Everyone travels. This can happen for any reason. People travel for work, for family, for self-satisfaction, even for inner peace. Help those potential travelers find their destinations. Remember, to people who travel, nothing is “plane” about their trips.

11. Holiday Travel Brochure Design

“Seas” the day with this uniquely designed travel agency brochure. You are sure to have your hands full of budding vacationers as you entice them with the destinations in your holiday travel brochure. Download now, edit, and enjoy. Making your own travel brochure has never been easier.

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