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What are Catalogs?

A catalog is a list of items written or arranged in a systematic order. That is the traditional definition of catalogs. In day to day life, we see different types of product catalogs like fashion catalogs, service catalogs, jewelry catalogs etc.

How to Make Great Catalogs?

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Creating catalogs is no easy task. Apart from worrying about the content you should input in catalogs, the catalog layout is also a cause for concern. Catalogs can come in different forms and layouts. However, all catalogs essentially contain the same general elements, which are: product designs, product descriptions, and company contact information.

1. List Down the Products

The first thing you should do when making a creative catalog lists down the products (or services) you have to offer. After doing this, you should have a guide on the necessary content you need to collect for your product catalog. Creating a list of the products you want to offer will also allow you to be able to do a quick scan of what your company can actually give.

2. Write the Product Descriptions

Product catalogs are a great way to market your products. When writing product descriptions, make sure to take on a positive tone. You will want to convince the readers to buy your products, thus, try to make your writing sound excited. However, you should remember to state factual descriptions. Avoid stretching the truth and fabricating information. Remember this when creating your printable catalog.

3. Use Good Photographs

Why do people upload good photos on Instagram? Because it is a platform that highlights well-taken pictures. Making catalogs is similar. Pictures are a very crucial element in your modern catalog because these can help convince customers to purchase a product. To enhance your visual elements, don't hesitate to utilize photo editing programs like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. Great photos are especially important when showcasing furniture, fashion products, and clothing.

4. Catalogs Need to be Engaging

Aside from sounding enthusiastic and assured when describing products, your catalog has to be understandable and comprehensible. Like a simple magazine, it must also exude a friendly and warm vibe that will attract customers and buyers. For example, toy catalogs often showcase photos of children playing with each other and pair them up with catchy slogans or captions.

5. Organization is Fundamental

Always remember to organize elements in your sample catalogs properly. To do this, you must group products together into sections. For example, if you are making a furniture catalog, you can group the furniture products into Dining Room, Living Room, Bedroom, and so on. You can also group and arrange your products by price range. Remember to make it systematic and sensible.

6. Include an Order Form

An order form is a vital form to include in your catalog. This is how your customers can purchase their chosen products. You may find this a cumbersome task to do, but remember that this is essential. An order form must contain all the vital information: like the sender's name, their address, their purchased product, and so on.

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