Printable Family Tree Templates

Tracing Your Ancestry Especially If The Family Is Large, Can Be Tough. With Our Free Printable Family Tree Templates, You Can Outline Your Family History With Ease. Our Downloadable Templates Are Highly Customizable So You Can Get Creative With How You Chart Your Genealogy. Get Them Now At!See more

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  • Simple Family Tree Template

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  • Are you desperately on the lookout for amazing designs on family trees? Family trees are one of the most common school projects, but do you really have enough time to make one from scratch? Learning your family's lineage already takes a lot of time, and we haven't even discuss about the design. Never fear for we provide you a large number of our high quality designs on family templates for you to download. 100% customizable and easy to edit in Google Docs, MS Word, and Pages format, these beautifully designed templates are printable to save your time. Show the hereditary conditions of your family members and download these premium templates today!

    What is a Family Tree?

    A family tree is creative chart that provides a record of your family's lineage over many generations. It gives you clues on where you could have possibly came from based from the interesting bits of your family's recorded history.

    How to Make a Family Tree

    Family trees are one of the most common school projects you may ever have once the school year starts, especially for kids in preschools and grade schools. This little tree is the most common form of visually documenting your ancestry. 

    1. Gather Information About the Family Members 

    Determine whose family tree you wish to create. Is it your family's tree? The family tree of the Greek gods? Queen Elizabeth's family tree? The family tree of the fictional characters from Romeo and Juliet? Or the Bible character's ancestral family tree? Go through old formal documents, photographs, videos, and gather all the information you need.

    2. Determine the Number of Generations You Want to Show

    Check how many generations your family tree has and determine how many generations you wish to present. Usually, family trees limit to a few generations, but who says you are restricted to go beyond other people's expectations? Start drawing the family hierarchy from the current members in the family then trace back from the oldest generation. 

    3. Outline Each of the Family's Generations

    Next is to outline the family's generation from the 1st generation unto the most current one. List down each of the members on both parents' side and show their relationship with one another. Are they siblings? Or are they related but distant cousins? Indicate it as well. Commonly, distant relatives that constantly keeps in touch with you builds a closer relationship, rather than distant relatives who hardly communicate with you at all. 

    4. Organize the Content of the Family Tree

    Now that you have all the information you need. Start organizing your family tree. Compile the information you have and create a draft. Make sure that each individual will be represented with a box that connects their relationship with the rest of the members. Add the descendants, ancestors, spouses, and siblings to the family tree.

    5. Draw the Family Tree

    Once you have organized the content of your family tree, it is time to draw your final output. Using a blank template for family trees, or some other art material, insert the picture of the family members on their designated spot and indicate their names. To make it understandable, each layer of your tree should represent a single generation. You may include other details such as their birth dates and status to give more information about the members.

    6. Provide Beautiful Designs for the Tree

    Lastly, enhance your family tree by adding attractive decorations to it. Be creative with your design. You can have a simple tree design, or you can level things up by using a Greek Mythology inspired theme for your family tree or a royal theme design to make your family tree eye-catching to your viewers.