With the influence of kingdom-themed television series and movies, more and more people find genogram tracking an interesting one. Understandably, people want to experience a "Son of the Master of Eight Kingdoms" feel. Anyway, on the serious note, if you are looking for a printable family tree template for your use, make sure to check out our offer to you. Here on our site, we cater to you our editable, high-quality and downloadable family tree templates that are ready-made for you. All of our templates can be accessed through different editing formats such as Google Docs, MS Word, and Apple Pages. Hurry! Track your roots now by downloading our easy access templates.

What Is A Family Tree?

In general description, a family tree is a flow chart showing the linage a person's family through generations. A family tree could be used as a legal basis especially for questions about a family's right to a particular property. Additionally, it can also be used in the medical field. It is used to track down family history on diseases and other family health matters.

How To Create A Family Tree

Understanding and tracking down your family history is an exciting experience. You get to know your ancestral stories and your family traditions that have been passed through generations. For some, tracing your family tree is just for kids' projects or some sort, but this thing matters the most.

1. Gather Information

The first thing that you need to do is to compile vital information about your family. Compile first the general knowledge that you know about your family before you can proceed to gather information to your closest family members. Carefully outline your gathered data in a clean blank sheet. Your gathered data plays a big role in the creation of your desired family tree.

2. Stretch Your Research

Don't settle for less information, as much as possible extensively use the available sources in your area. There are a lot of websites and applications where they can help you track the genealogy of your family. You can make use of websites such as ancestry.com or familysearch.org for your thorough family tree research. However, some in-depth services might require you an amount of fee, so you need to take note of that one. Additionally, you can also visit your local archiving centers for your research.

3. Sketch Your Family Tree

When you already had the outline for your family tree, make sure that you sketch first the fillable diagram. You need to also decide on what format are you going to use. You can choose either of these two basic formats: vertical and standard. There are also other formats like a bow-tie format, fan format, and hourglass. The format that you are going to use will determine how far you want to go with your family tree.

4. Find A Editing Software

Pick the best editing software that you can use in your layout. There are available editing tools where it offers a built-in feature especially for family tree projects, like excel and powerpoint. You can also choose our multiple family tree template above, all of them are available in different editing file formats. Just remember to carefully study every editing tool and feature that you opt to use.

5. Fill Your Family Tree

Lastly, now is the time where you can populate the blank fillable boxes with the information that you have compiled. As you fill out your family tree, make sure that you take note of the missing relevant information such as birthdays. Moreover, you can always continue adding more information if you can discover more.

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