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5+ Daily Journal Entry Templates – PDF

Life gives us the chance to experience new things every day. The more we get to those new experiences if we make the decision to do so. There are moments that take our breath away and moments where our life seems like to be crumbling down. These different emotions we experience can be kept in our memories and of our friends who we trust the most can listen to your experiences and either laugh or empathize with you. But there are just big and small experiences that we choose to keep it within ourselves. Some would even write about their daily experience in a notebook. That notebook is a journal. You may also see excel journal templates.

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In this article, we will be introducing to you what is a daily entry journal and what are its parts. You would also see templates of journals. The purpose is to give you examples and a better view of how a journal should look like. Lastly, we will be enumerating to you some benefits that a journal can have in someone’s life.

Daily Journal Sample


Personal Daily Journal Sample


Daily Journal Entry Sample


The Journal and Its Parts

Before enumerating the parts of the journal, let us first understand what is a journal. A journal is a kind of notebook used for both the purpose of education and personal use. Individuals put on entries of what they have experienced and learned on a particular day and often write how they experiencing that kind of moment. You may also see learning journal templates.

The functions of a journal can vary from being sentimental (personal) to technical ones (school-related or academic journals). These two kinds of journals have similarities in their parts but for this article, we will be focusing on the personal journal since we will be talking about a daily journal entry. You do not have to worry since the terms and technicalities are just easy to read and understand. Here are the following parts of a daily journal:

1. Date

The date is often one of the underrated parts of any kind of journal. Why is writing the date meaningful in a journal? Simple, it lets you remember when did you experience a particular moment whether happy or sad. When we get older, we tend to forget things that made a big and small impact in our lives and what are left are only fractions of those memories which can irritate us a little because we cannot remember what truly happened and what lead us to the particular event. You may also see gratitude journal templates.

People can have the decision to put a meaning to a particular event with the day it happened and sometimes, even celebrate it from time to time. It is pleasing to the heart that you can actually know the date of the event that had touched you the most and gave you new insights of life itself and look at how far you have come. You may also see best journal paper templates.

2. Experience

In this part of the journal, you will write any experience you found useful or surprising about your day. You can start by telling what were your plans for the day and then continue with the experiences you had that you had to question and even learned from after. If for instance, you went through a “normal” day, just write what you were thankful about and what you are looking forward to in the days to come. This will not make you stop putting your entries in your daily journal everytime you get home. Thankful experiences can range from thanking the Lord for waking you up, having the safe trip to get to work or even finishing your work in time. You may also see word journal templates.

Being thankful can boost your positive attitude each day. Sometimes, you can even put what made you sad or irritated during the day to release some steam off your head. Take note that this is your journal and you are the only one to decide what to write unto it. When you write your entries, make sure it is specific to the point that you are re-living the moment again. You can also include the emotions that you have felt experiencing those kinds of big and little moments. This will give the recalling process more fulfilling when you get old. You may also see reading journal templates.

3. Learnings

In every experience we make, we often get a learning from it either if the learning is clear or hidden and we would choose to find it by ourselves. That is why in every journal entry, you can see that the writer writes his learning one way or another. The learning can be mentioned after writing the experience or within the experience per say. Others even put it as a sub-heading because they would like to elaborate their learnings more. Make your learnings detailed and specific and write it in a way that you will be able to understand and know what it means for you in the days to come, whether to put the learning into good news or not. You may also see magazine journal blog templates.

4. Doing the necessary application or action

Being an experiential person has its benefits especially if one can bring that kind of attitude to his daily journal entry. Once you have learned something, that serves as an experiential learning. But when can an experiential learning be more meaningful? Learning can be more meaningful if it will be applied in the future. What we are trying to say is that in every learning we get, we should apply those learnings in parts of our life when that learning is needed. You may also see writer journal template.

We might never know when a similar experience might happen. At least by that time, we would know what to expect and what to do. Learning in itself is known and thus having awareness. In order to get the full self-awareness, one must have the knowledge and the action plan. It can never be achieved if one is missing because they correlate with each other. You may also see journal website templates.

Reflective Journal Sample


Daily Journal Entries Template


Weekly Journal Example


Benefits of Using a Journal

Having to write a journal entry every day has its own benefits. It helps him exercise his awareness around the world and the people around him, thus making him less ignorant of a person. In this last part of the article, we will be discussing those benefits. This will give you a chance to weigh the possibility to write every day in your journal during your free time. You may also see food journal templates.

Here are the benefits of writing in your journal every day:

1. It makes you aware of the big and little details

Writing a journal increases your attention the environment and makes you keener to details around you. Being mindful of the “now” makes you less anxious about the future and lets you forget the past as each day passes by. People are sometimes so stuck in the past that they never get to realize the beauty of the now. Having the fear of the uncertainty of the future makes one realize that he can control his future in a way by making the decision in the present. You may also see bullet journal templates.

2. It can assist you in your goals in life

With every learning you write about, there is a possibility that it can be part of a goal you want to accomplish or a goal you have yet to discover in the near future. Learnings being used to actualize a big goal can feel so good if one has already achieved that certain kind of goal. Putting your learning can serve as your action plane or application. You may also see free funny journal templates.

3. It improves memory

By writing every significant thing that happened to your life in a journal, your memory tends to not lose its capability. Having a journal helps one increases his memory because the experience has already been written. Especially if it is specific, it helps in a big way. It can serve as an exercise for your brain resulting in you having a good future in the aspects of remembering things that could easily have been forgotten. You may also see travel journal templates.

4. It increases your vocabulary skills

You might wonder why it increases your vocabulary skills. This is because of the fact that you will use adjectives that would help express what you have been through during the day. Finding a new word can add spice to your journal and lets you learn a different word at the same time. It is advisable to not use the common words especially if you are aiming to write a journal entry every day. You may also see prayer journal templates.

5. It develops self-discipline

Writing a journal every day increases your self-discipline because it makes you make time for some things in life and not just work. You get to reserve a part of your day to be productive rather than just to be lazy. It helps you in your time management and you can also bring this behavior to work especially when you are assigned to a lot of projects but can still maintain composure because you know yourself well that you can make the time. You may also see accounting journal templates.

6. It is a stress reliever

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can calm one down. We do not always have the luxury of someone being there for us at times when we need them. Writing in your journal helps you release all hidden emotions. Remember, a journal is you in a form of a notebook. You may also see music journal template.

Those are basically the benefits of having a daily entry in your journal. Always take note that you will never get to experience this benefits if you are not consistent with your entries or worst, not being true to what you are writing in the journal. Be genuine and honest about what you really feel and then, write it down. You may also see five-minute journal templates.

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