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3+ Notary Journal Templates – PDF

Most documents are signed to certify its effectiveness. This also builds the credibility of the document being true to its purpose. Sometimes it is hard to track documents in your business or in the office due to the huge number of them that comes in and out everyday. A notary journal could save so much time and track the documents being signed. Right now, a signature is just not enough to validate a document. You may also see free journal templates.

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Notary Journal Template

Notary Basic Journal

Notarial Journal Agreement

What’s In A Notary Journal

A notary journal is a piece of document used by notary public to record notarial acts. By notarial acts, it mostly means signing of documents. It contains the date and time of the notarial act, the type of notary to be signed, the type of document and the date of document notarized.You may also see bullet journal templates.

The notary journal should also contain the provided identification of the signer as proof of his identity. Other than that, a notary journal includes the signature of the document signers, their addresses, and the notary fee charged. The thumb prints in violet stamps are also used to further authorize the legality of the document.You may also see general journal templates.

Where To Find A Notary

Your legal documents need to be notarized so there would be proof of validity and authority. You need to find a person who can sign it. A notary public is a person tasked to by the state to authorize and verify documents. It is also the task of a notary public to witness another person to sign the document and serving as a witness to the validity of the document itself. It is an easy process and it follows these steps:

1. Contact the city hall.

One of the best ways in finding a notary public is through contacting the town hall. They can refer you to a number of notaries public who can give you advises and help in legalizing your document. You may contact them through phone or go to the town hall to talk to the notaries public.You may also see journal writing templates.

2. Look for notaries public through online.

Look up and browse the official website of your local government to see if there is a list of notaries public available. All the information about a notary public will appear on screen. Get the number and start reaching out to them.

3. Printing and shipping business.

Notaries public are abundant in printing and shipping business. These businesses keep a lot of documents, and each one must be tracked and recorded. You can ask for one and get the contact details.You may also see learning journal templates

4. Banking institutions.

Banks have notaries public since statements of accounts and other documents are also kept. Look for them during business hours. Having your document notarized by them is free of charge when you are a bank customer.You may also see food journal templates.

5. Universities and military bases.

Students have some access to notaries and it’s for free. In military bases, notary services are offered for free as well. The military personnel and their families are the one who can avail of the service.You may also see accounting journal templates.

Notary Journal Sample

How To Notarize Documents

Your document needs to be legalized. However, you can’t do it alone since you will need the help of notaries public. These people will aid you in legalizing the documents you need. Here are the steps in notarizing documents:

1. Fill out the document.

Fill out all the parts of the document except for the signatures. Have it done before meeting the notary.

2. Have the document reviewed.

Hire a lawyer and have the document reviewed before getting it signed. He has the best knowledge when it comes to these kinds of documents. A revision might happen if he sees some irregularities.You may also see gratitude journal templates

3. Print and provide copies.

Print the document and give the other parties some copies of it for their own use. It’s better to print out many copies for backup in case something happens.

4. Find a notary.

Before having the document signed, find a notary public to witness the signing of the document. Have them come with you during the signing. Hiring a notary can become expensive sometimes but some notaries give minimal to no charge in transactions like this.You may also see prayer journal templates.

5. Arrange time and place for signing.

Call the other parties and arrange a time and place for them to sign the documents. All of you should show up in time for the signing. Remember that these are about documents and signature is important, that’s why showing up early really matters. Put a date on the document to track when it was signed.You may also see garden journal templates

6. Show IDs.

Show you government issued identification cards so the other parties would know that it’s you signing the document. Identification is much needed for situations like this since it is a legal document waiting to be signed.

7. Sign the document.

When every term is met and you have all agreed on a common idea, put your signature in the document to certify its validity. Your signature also makes your document authorized legally. Sign the notary journal if you are required to do so.You may also see reading journal templates

Reasons To Notarize A Document

There are some reasons why a document should be notarized. It lends to some benefits that can help in making a document legal and a strong weapon when conflict comes.

1. Act as an evidence.

The notary can act as an evidence against allegations of misconduct of the notaries. Everything that is written in the journal is assumed to be truthful and credible. When a lawsuit comes out of a dispute, a notary journal and the notarized document are proof of authenticity. It also keeps them from being sued for whatever case that comes along their way.You may also see reflective journal templates

2. To know if signing is voluntary or otherwise.

The notaries public are there to witness the signing, and notarizing a document needs to be figured out if it is voluntary or a product of pressure. This is especially important to the senior citizens and those who lack education and having a hard time understanding legal documents. They must be guided by the notary public in signing the document.You may also see fitness journal templates

3. Track record.

The notarized document and the notary journal must be used as track records and easy search of documents. Everything in the journal is organized and specified, so there’s no reason for a notary public to mess up with the records.You may also see personal journal templates


Notary journals are more than just for records. Although it is mainly the purpose for its existence, notaries public must keep in mind to be truthful in anything they record in this kind of journal.You may also see word journal templates

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