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There are times when you just want to remember everything. Every fragile moment deserves to be kept inside, and you really wish you could. Every little detail about something that happened and you think may never happen again is worth being cherished, or maybe read many years later, so that you will have a chance have that same feeling all over again by going through whatever record you have of that moment. You may also see excel journal templates.

Try to think of your life stripped away of all the good things and the bad that had affected you so deeply, in your mind. You will find that it would be quite impossible. Imagine losing touch of what you want to cherish, remember or maybe make sense out of, at the very least. Especially since people love nostalgia too much, that being suspended in the moment lets them value their lives more. You may also check out word journal templates.

Writing Journal Template

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Writing for Scholarly Journals

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Personal Journal Template

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But the thought of having an avenue to which you can deal with such things easier by writing gives you the power to keep a record of what happened that changed you, of how you felt and how you dealt with it. Because writing is such a powerful tool that it gives you a lifetime for a challenging but worthy path between your thoughts and your paper, which in turn gives you a good advantage of knowing yourself better and being in close touch with what’s happening in your life and how to deal with things that challenges you and things that gives you joy as well as things that hurts you. You may also check out prayer journal templates.

Because there are times that only from looking back to what happened in the past from an adult and experienced point of view do we realize the real weight of what we went through. Because even with access to therapy, there are certain places in our mind and in ourselves that only we can really reach. You might be interested in travel journal templates.

Journal Writing

Ideally, journal writing addresses your deepest, most personal thoughts, and even thoughts that somehow scares you. Laying down your thoughts on paper renders an organization and order inside your brain, which at more times than we care to admit, have the tendency to become such a tangled, messy place. If and when you transition from using the journal as a medium, you will still have the ability to write clearly and in an intelligible fashion. The best of writers experience very little haziness between their thoughts and their words because the know that a lot of their best ideas will flow easily on the pages. Writing helps people be at peace with their emotions and their hardest, most trying times, when it’s hard to talk and put what they say in words that other people would understand. Things like this is easily the beginning of a better understanding about writing as a good way to also heal. You may also see recipe journal templates.

Writing on journals, even though you won’t be able to write down daily entries but only those that you think warrants pages because you don’t ever want to lose how something someone or some place made you feel, is the kind of freedom that truly matters because the moment we stop telling stories even just for ourselves, to ourselves, and later on share it to others who also wouldn’t mind to tell their own stories we find and lose ourselves and how each of our journeys matter. You may also see journal website themes.

The organization and clarity that journal writing offers to many areas of one’s life gives you more than enough room to relax and just breathe. It is one of the best ways to pick yourself up after a fall and celebrate milestones with yourself along your journey, many of which would be filled with the things you’ve lived you life for, but while those are arguably many great advantages, keeping a journal can have long-term benefits to your business in many important aspects of how a company is supposed to be run and how you should lead it’s people. You may also see vintage journal templates.

Advantages of Journal Writing in Business

In business, whatever area of, if you’re responsible for or in charge of, you’re at the mercy of ideas that won’t leave your head alone from time to time. Writing them down on a journal provides a good place for them to be examined later on and then you can judge if these ideas are tangible enough to work with. While thoughts that are still fresh are really of great value, the ones that have been carefully assessed are absolute gems. When written down as a detailed journal entry, an idea can be the result of a productive business meeting. It could be a solution to a looming production issue, a promising marketing strategy or the development of a new product that has great potential. You may also see photography journal templates.

1. Reflection

Reaching your goals and the journey to becoming successful is filled with challenges and it can be difficult if you become lost, halfway through it. Every businessman have had moments when they felt like they were about to give you because they cannot find their way and they don’t know what the next step should be. All they know is that they want to steer the company in the right path but they’re confused as to which way is which. You may also see inspirational journal templates.

Having these confusions written down on a journal can helps their sense of direction towards finding their way again. Also, they are better aided when they have some reference or guide written down, over past decisions when they encounter the same challenges in the future. This way, they also have a better chance at tracking down what their influences where to making a good decision and if the decisions they have made for business in the past can really be considered good at present. You may also see dance journal templates.

2. Planning and Preparation

So you have a potential investor coming for a visit. On our calendar, there’s a date to meet with the rest of the board and the management team. You also have a schedule for a presentation for a client. Pressured much? Fortunately through your journal, you can write in a free form way on how you plan to address all these; what questions you would anticipate and what answers would be good for them, including how you can respond to any negative or positive reaction regarding what you plan to discuss. You may also see coffee journal templates.

Writing these things down will help you become more prepared and organized especially when it comes to confidently facing your business colleagues. Investigating and examining different approaches in the pags of your journal will guarantee good returns when it’s finally time for you to present your points regarding a business project,a decision or any talking points of a meeting with other leaders and audience in the company. You may also see writer journal templates.

3. Answering Questions

There are times when we have a lot of questions to ask ourselves, especially when you’re staring at the blank screen of your computer waiting for God-knows-what or a blank piece of paper and start writing what certain accomplishments you’ve had for the day. That’s when you also start to think through and your thought process is on a deeper level, so much so that it requires a special kind of discipline to figure out the “why” “how” and “why not?” swimming in your mind, looking for answers. Answering them finally brings you to a better place where you can repeat success, have enough room for better answers in the future and help you be at peace with yourself as whatever the answers are, as long as you’ve settled them with your questions, are therapeutic. You may also see education journal templates.

4. Priorities

It’s pretty obvious. You cant simply do everything alone. No one can. Then again, it somehow looks like you should take the weight and actually be responsible for everything necessary for your company to compete and succeed. Many have tried but few have came out of it safe and sound because such self-imposed pressure cannot lat for long. Before you know it, when people need you the most, you’re already burned out. Don’t be that guy, or girl. Set your priorities straight by jotting down what tasks need to be done on your journal and set yourself a deadline for each of them. You’ll feel a special kind of relief when you pour out all your tasks into your journal, as seeing them written down gives you a better way of checking which one needs to be cleared first. You may also see magazine journal blog templates.

5. Growth

Being a businessman takes a lot of hard work, effort, determination to succeed, drive to compete with the rest and a lot of creativity to boot. Making a business grow needs these things and a great deal of reflection. When you think you’re ready to take your company one step higher, go get yourself a journal and start reflecting by writing down why you think you warranted a place forward, how you intend to get and keep your place there. You also need to reflect on the people you work with, your experience with partners, customers and shareholders as well as with products that have failed and succeeded. You may also see reading journal templates.

You might think you don’t really need a journal as a whiteboard that gives you a bigger view would do the job better, but a whiteboard would also have your thoughts and reflections erased in a few hours’ time. With journal writing, you can review and read your reflections again just to check if you still have the same thoughts for the things you have written down. A businessman that strives for the ultimate success needs deeper reflections and deeper reflections needs something more personal that only journal writing can provide. You may also see food journal templates.

6. Progress

A journal serves as a good way of recording progress or lack thereof. You see, our goals are easily forgotten when life steers us back to the easy and carefree way of things, free from routine and pressure. Our personal lives also distract us from our dreams and pursuits of success. Hen we lose focus, it would eventually lead to frustration and it’s easy to feel like we have done so much but managed to achieve nothing, which, in most cases, isn’t really entirely true. In these moments, a journal helps to get back and read through our past accomplishments and what motivated us to get there so that we can find our way again. You may also see travel journal templates.

Journal Format

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Diary Entry Template

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The thing about journals is that they obviously make you write, and we’ve already settled that writing is a very powerful tool in terms of self-expression. For what greater pleasure happiness and freedom is there that’s as simple as the knowledge that you are free to express yourself? And what better way is there to have a written record of your thoughts than practicing journal writing? The more you write and the more you become passionate about your writing, the better you will be at it. Journal writing especially clears the way between your thoughts and the paper, making writers more organized and disciplined not only in writing but also in improving clarity in any written report in the academe and more importantly, in the corporate world or business, especially for leaders or aspiring leaders. You may also see vintage journal template.

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