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9+ Journal Cover Designs

A journal is a document where a person writes his or her experiences or the items that are needed to be remembered because of their significance or use. It is very important to have a unique journal cover as all the items that are within it are also unique, original, and has been experienced on a specific period of time only by the owner of the journal.

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The viewpoint of the owner of the journal may be incorporated in the overall design of the journal cover. However, if this is not possible, the journal cover to be used may just reflect the aesthetic of the owner. We can provide you with journal cover designs and Sci-Fi Book Cover Designs, which you may use for the specific purposes and reasons on why they were made.

Journal Book Cover Design

Refillable Journal Cover Design

Vintage Journal Cover Design


Scientific Journal Cover Design


Personalized Journal Cover Design


Travel Journal Cover Design

Specifications of the Journal Cover Material

The material used in the journal cover can affect the design that will be applied to the journal cover. This is the reason why it is very important to know the material of the journal cover so you can select the cover design appropriate for the material used. Here are a few details that you may use as references:

  • A journal cover that uses a glossy material as a base can be designed by stickers and oil based markers. It is important to know the kind of glossy materials used as well as different kinds of plastics also have other components which may affect the design to be places.
  • Refillable journals also have a different cover material as its pages may be detached which creates a more bulky cover. Be sure to apply the cover design that can withstand all the pushing and pulling that must be done whenever changing the fillers of the journal.
  • Vintage and old journal covers also require a special cover design as the materials used may be too old to survive the processes of modern design application.
  • Natural leather journal covers also have a different specification compared to other journal covers so you need to assure that the design that you are to use is applicable to the material.

Truly, the material used in a journal cover affects the design options that can be applied to it. Other than our journal cover design templates, you may also download our Magazine Cover Designs.

DIY Journal Cover Design

Natural Leather Journal Cover Design

Old Journal Cover Design

Free Printable Journal Cover Design

The Purpose of the Journal

The purpose of the journal also plays a vital role in the selection of the cover design of the journal. Here are a few journals and their purposes and the explanation on how these purposes affect the journal cover design:

  • A scientific journal may use items that are related to science or the specific subject matter that are written inside the journal as its cover design. There are many items that are associated to science and its branches which can help the owner of the journal to select appropriate cover design items for the specific scientific studies or processes that are encapsulated within the journal.
  • Travel journals may use photographs taken by the traveler as a cover design. Moreover there are printable icons and travel related cover designs which may be used as the primary design cover of the person’s journal.
  • Personal journals may use a personal reference or item of value to the person owning the journal as its cover design.
  • Craft journals may use DIY cover designs to allow the people who are to see it to know all the creative things and items that can be seen inside the journal.

Other than our journal cover design samples and templates, you may also download our available Book Cover Designs.

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