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4+ Learning Journal Templates- PDF

It is a known fact that what we do not know, one way or another, we seek to learn. It is also a fact that learning does not stop when we toss our toga caps in the sky in our college graduation. Learning does not also stop when we are at the highest position in the company we worked hard to get to for years. It certainly does not also stop when we are already living the life we always had dreamt about. Learning stops when we give out our last breath. By understanding this experientially, it gives us the awareness that we all have the time in our life to learn and re-learn new things and using those learnings to help ourselves and the people around us. You may also see best journal paper templates.

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But as human as we are, we can forget those learnings over a period of time and have to learn them again if the situation calls for it. In order to avoid that, some people make use of their learning journal. In this article, we will give you the definition of a learning journal and discuss the essential parts are that make of this kind of journal. You will also be seeing templates here for learning journals and the like. It will serve as a guide if ever you decide to make your own learning journal. Additionally, we will also be enumerating tips on preparing your learning journal. Lastly, we will be showing you the benefits of keeping a learning journal or any other kind of journal. You may also like journal writing templates.

Learning Journal Examples

Learning Journal Sample

The Learning Notebook

As weird as the subheading is entitled, what we actually mean by this is the overall summary of what the learning journal is. A learning journal is a kind of platform where you write the things you have experienced during the day and pick one specific moment or experience where you learned something new. It may be an intellectual conversation, a realization about your life or from others, a new sport introduced, or a new discovery shown in television by a discovery program. You may also see top magazine journal blog templates & themes.

Learning can come from anywhere and anyone. Take note also that writing down your learnings in your learning journal can be subjective or objective. Once the learning has been noted, the journal will never be complete without putting one’s own reflection regarding on the learning. That is why it is often understood that a learning journal can be a reflective journal. It is like the simple notebook you use while taking down academic notes one was still in grade school, high school, and college.

Learning Journal Guide


Parts of it All

Now that you are already reading this particular line, it can be understood that you already read and understood the paragraph before this. If not, feel free to read the paragraph again. If you are done, we will now introduce to you the following parts of a learning journal. We also want to inform you that you can add more parts to your own journal if you think it is important in your life or it is necessary for your perspective. We will only be stating the general parts found in this kind of journal. You may also see journal website themes.

1. Date.

You might think this is not necessary but it indeed is. Filling up the date of your learning would be something to look back and smile about as time passes. After some time, if you are going to backtrack all your learnings and see which learning you still use and remember, you are going to reflect on how far you have come since you have learned that particular thing and how life could have been different if you did not take note of it and use it to good use. We get tired eventually in climbing our own struggles in life, but it is sometimes best to remember and reflect how far you have climbed so far. You may also like personal journal templates.

2. Learnings.

When writing your learnings, it is important you identify the surroundings of the learning. What we mean by this is through factors where did it happen, what time did it happen, who were you with, where did you learn it, was it hard to learn it, did you ever continue to research more about your learning and etc. What we are trying to say is that you should make your learning as specific as possible. That is why it is important that you should have big spaces in your learning journal to write the entries. You may also check out journal cover designs.

3. Reflections.

In this section, it will be time for you to state what you felt learning something new especially that kind of specific learning. Did it make you happy or sad or angry? Write your thoughts down. Aside from that, you can also add situations where you could have had used that learning in the past but was not able to do so. In order to write a good reflection, make sure you are in a room where you can focus or an area where you prefer writing down and thinking deep thoughts. You might be interested in bullet journal templates.

4. Future plans.

Write down on what you intend to do with the learnings you encounter in your life. This can also serve as a reminder for you. Knowing the learning and the planning on the moment is not putting the learning to waste. It is in a way a plan of action for someone. It is just up to that someone having that knowledge to actually make an effort and do away with that learning through action. You may also see food journal templates.

Those are generally the parts found in the learning journal. Remember, you can actually add other parts because journals are like your own personal diary. You decide how it will be designed and how you can approach it to your liking. This will give you an easier avenue to write because it is something you made for yourself. I mean, designing and deciding how you approach your journal makes the journal that ever more personal. You may also like travel journal templates.

Reflective Learning Journal


Preparing your journal

Now that we have discussed the essential parts of a learning journal, let us now discuss how you can keep one. Aside from situations where you are required to write in your learning journal due to a specific academic process, we will be providing you tips how to keep one even if you use your journal for your own personal liking. In order for you to keep track of your learnings and reflection in your learning journal, you have to first actually write one every time you encounter a learning and not to mention being consistent with it. A habit can never be a habit without consistent action being done. Here are the ways on how you can keep your journal:

1. When it comes, do it.

This just means that if you learn something new, get your notebook then write it down immediately. It does not have to be a word by word sentence. Just jot down the important things or the gist of it all and finish it when you are already secured and in a place where you can write properly and organize your thoughts. You may also see fitness journal templates.

2. Let it be in you.

Carry your journal with you always. What we are trying to say is that you should have a journal that fits in your bag and would not take too much space. It is advisable to have a journal you can easily carry so that it would not be a burden in your bag. Also, have a special ball pen for your learning journal only if you want it to be more personal. You may also like food journal templates.

3. Add a subheading.

To make your journal a little bit more creative, add a title that coincides with the learning you got from a particular experience. Sometimes, thinking of a good title can spark your imagination and can expand your thoughts about your learning if you really are interested in it together with the title. This leads you to explain the relationship between the title and the learning. Doing this can make things fun and when something is fun, people tend to get back to that activity. You may also check out prayer journal templates.

4. Know “Plan B”.

If you were not able to bring your journal, use your cell phone. Again, if you are in a hurry, just take down the important notes and go to a place where you can truly focus and reflect. Do not make the absence of something as an excuse in what hinders you to be knowledgeable. You might be interested in reflective journal templates.

5. Place it in a familiar place.

When you get home, place your journal in a place where you hang around always. This allows you better access to your journal which would equate to better chances of writing your learnings you have attained during the day and reflecting on them. This is good especially if you are still starting as this will slowly build up and become a habit to always place the journal near you. You may also see gratitude journal templates.

6. Apply.

To nurture your interest in journal writing, apply what you have learned as fast as you can so that you can see the results and be aware of your own feelings once you have done it. Knowledge of something can never be truly fulfilled if one does not apply to see for himself that he learned was true or not. Do not wait for the day that you forget what you learned.

Process of Reflective Learning


Benefits of using a learning journal

Having a learning journal is a good exercise to increase one’s awareness of the world and the people around him. But in this last part of the article, we will be discussing the benefits of having this kind of journal and the positive effects it gives you. So you might want to take note of the following if ever you are having a hard time in choosing to do this journal practice or not. Weigh it all in and decide. Here are the benefits of keeping a journal and being consistent in writing entries:

1. Writing a journal makes one aware.

Not only aware of the learning but of the present moment itself. It evokes mindfulness and makes you forget the anxieties you have in the past and the uncertain things in the future. Being so worried about the future because of the past can make one forget that he has all the time to change that at the present time. Worrying takes up too much of one’s time. Having a journal slowly changes that behavior. You may also see five-minute journal templates.

2. Helps you with your goals.

Writing what you learn can be a step into achieving some goals you have in life. One can never reach a goal without learning things that will get you to the goal. Those kinds of learnings are deemed important and you have to use and recognize that. If you have not seen it in that way before, then see it in that way now. This is where the action plan, which can be a part of your learning journal, can be put to good use.

3. Increases memory.

With the fact that you have learnings from the past you can always read anytime, especially if it is in full detail, your memory will increase if this is consistent. It is like an exercise for your brain thus having a better future with increasing memory skills.

4. Increases your vocabulary skills.

This understandable due to the fact that you will get tired of using the same words. Finding the synonym or a similar meaning to a word from time to time can widen up your vocabulary thus making you smarter and better at comprehending things that may seem difficult to others. You may also like accounting journal templates.

5. Self-discipline.

This can be the end result because you are practicing to manage your time well to write something. Having the action to make time for things that are important lets you be disciplined. With constant practice, this becomes second nature and you would not notice that you already are disciplined enough and look like you have time for everything. You would not get exhausted because your body would already have had adopted the discipline. You may also check out reading journal templates.

6. Stress reliever.

Sometimes, writing down your thoughts on learnings calms you down and makes you forget the other factors in life that are stressing you out. Having the awareness that you have learned something new can give you the notion that you are capable of learning and that even the negativities that life throws at you can act as a learning tool if you decide to see it that way.

Those are generally the benefits one can get from writing not just in a learning journal but in any kind of journal. Take importance of knowledge but do not overstep it by downgrading anyone who is not ahead of you. Be humble and keep writing your learnings in your journals. In a way, you are like making a very big book that is still in the process of finishing. Put your learnings to good use by using and applying them in your life. With your knowledge, share it to everyone so that they would also learn new things but always remember that you can also be a student even if for some you are a teacher. Why is that? Because learning never stops until your last breath. Ponder on that because that line can serve as a learning in your first entry. You might be interested in daily log template.

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