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7+ Reading Journal Templates – PDF

Someone once said that the rules of writing come down to three words. Write, write, and write. Then read, read and read. Because reading first and foremost, encourages the thirst to write. And, writing more develops writing skills as well as creativity. These are what good, passionate writers are made of. Reading stories and telling them. Before that, however, you must develop your love of reading and have the best books, fiction or non-fiction, in your possession or your shelf, to be more specific. Some bookworms would have a personal preference when it comes to what they would include in their reading list. You may also see dance journal templates.

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There are those who would stick to classics and then there are those who find joy in modern fiction while the rest would take some liking for trilogies, regardless of the genre. Then again when it comes to reading, it doesn’t really matter what you prefer at first, because as a reader, you eventually grow and your choice of books changes with your thirst for specific stories, information or knowledge in general. You may also see inspirational journal templates.

Home Reading Journal

Journal Article Reading

Sample Reading Journal

Reading Genres

When choosing your next material, do not be deceived by all the hype that goes with the latest bestsellers. A good book does not always mean the most popular. There are those that are critically acclaimed and deserves a bit more attention, like the Man Booker Prize Winners which aren’t necessarily bestsellers but have captured readers and critics far and wide, perhaps because of the brilliant use of prose and writing that would take your feelings to places you never knew existed. Remember that an author or a book rarely guarantees a following. You see, readers are subjective. For some reason, there are also popular books that are slammed by critics but nevertheless receive a following from a specific admiring audience with authors like Virginia Andrews. But some readers will say a V.C Andrews will always be different from a Margaret Atwood. You may also see photography journal templates.

On Selections

The selection for a specific genre can be confusing because of how many of them are released in bookstores. It might be easier if you go and read a review from reliable magazines like the New York Times. If it was worthy enough of a space there, not just as an advertisement, but a whole legit review, then it must be good. Better yet, go online and check websites with reading challenges like the ones in Goodreads because there are endless lists thereof suggestions from fellow readers and journalists whose reviews about the best books really count for much. Try to figure out what a good book means to you. Look at it this way. A Harry Potter novel may not exactly have the same effect on you as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Also, do not wait for adaptations in the big screen before you buy a copy of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. A success in the cinemas does not necessarily warrant it to be a good read. Otherwise, prepared to be disappointed. You may also see journal website themes.

Reading Log Template

Reading Log Assignment

Reading Journals

Fans will always have different opinion about books. One would appeal to some more than the others, no matter how highly rated they are. Then others would somehow still gain a following no matter the bad reviews. That is the thing with bookworms. The word good for them would always be something subjective. But in a way, it helps them explore the literary world more. That is why clubs for book lovers exists and readers tend to find reading journals very helpful to keep track of where they are on their reading challenge, as well as write down what they felt about the book they have recently read. It also helps them gain more insight by discussing what they have written down, with fellow bookworms. For sure there will be bloggers and polls that will never justify the literary value of a good book. You may also see journal paper templates.

People will still be entitled to their opinion in the end. Thus, instead of arguing, take these listings as suggestions. It can get heated up, with one not agreeing to how a list was compiled and how your reading journal should be filled and completed, even though you are free to write your reading activity and insights the way you want to. Each reader has favorite picks or biases towards certain authors and you cannot argue with someone who loves Tom Clancy more than Robert Ludlum as well as others who would fall in the same category as them. Just like you cannot question anyone who cannot stop singing praises for “The Blind Assassin” when you find it so tragic and not worth your time. You can always discover new ones, because each decade, something sensational and critically acclaimed always comes and lives up to your expectations. It is up to you to look for the resources. You can get your own journal and develop your own list, whilst updating it each year, or each month whichever you prefer after you have gathered enough information. You may also see word journal templates.


Check why one review stands out from the rest when it comes to analysis from the best of critics. Do not mistake a great review from one source as the answer. In a world of movie adaptations of books, it is always easy to fall for the hype of how a book was advertised by publishers. Before it ends up disappointing you, ask friends and fellow bookworms about what they think. This may not be a competition but one of your friends may have more reading experience with a specific genre you want to try, than anyone else you know. Go online and read blogs. They can be helpful when you need to choose, especially if you are new to book reviews and setting up your very own reading journal. If you are one of those who always manage to read close to sixty or seventy books in one year, then the chances are high that you are pretty well rounded. Genres will not confuse nor exhaust you anymore. You may also see excel journal templates.

Keeping a Reading Journal

The reading journal allows students as well as anybody else who has to read or loves to read, in writing their interests and further develop what skills they inherently already possess, which is the ability to form their own judgement, be objective about a certain topic of discussion, be open for debating their insights, take notes, listen, reflect, learn and ask the right questions from pure curiosity. These are skills that are vital to their personal and academic growth. Journals for monitoring your choice of reading materials also enables you and another person to understand and make something out of the contents of the journal. The words you have written may not be organized just yet because after all, you have written down what your initial thoughts about your current read is. Or it could just be a short yet admirable explanation of why you chose what you chose to include on your reading list or challenge. You may also see personal journal templates.

A journal is also a very good tool in giving yourself space and enough encouragement to collect your thoughts and reactions to the books you have read, collectively or individually, thereby also developing what counts as a book review. It is important to identify which part of the book had kept you hooked and which part left you disinterested or discouraged and why. This means both positive and negative points of engagement counts. In putting your journal entry for a reading challenge or assignment, the following should be included:

  • The title of the book, author, and edition if you are also particular about editions.
  • Record the dates you have started and when you have finished so that you can check your pace in reading specific materials and how you can improve it if you think you should read a bit faster and harder moving forward. Just don’t forget that we all have limitations, no matter how well-read we think we are. You may also see vintage journal templates.
  • Write your short report about what you have read, for yourself more than for anybody else. Pull out enough points or part of the book that has either disappointed or impressed you. You may also see recipe journal templates.
  • Write about the book’s literary positive and negative points from your own perspective. This will help you write reviews better and be objective about them. What are the book’s strengths and weaknesses? At which part did you think the writing fell out? What could the author have done? These are the things you can write about, in your journal. You may also see writer journal templates.

Reading Response Journal

Summer Reading Template

Reading, to bookworms, is probably a habit unsurpassed in its ability to entertain, educate, and provoke their way of thinking. Taking it one step higher by making notes in a journal about the multiple books you have read and plan to read makes your reading life a lot more fun and full of wonder, when you get to see and revisit the thoughts you have put in words about the materials you have read. These notes will also be invaluable when you decide to take on another challenge which would likely be writing. So read and make notes. Read and explore a thousand more worlds and experiences you would never know otherwise. You may also see reflective journal templates.

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