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4+ Gratitude Journal Templates – PDF, DOC, Pages

Social media interactions have been rampant through the years. Although it owns the statement that it can bring people closer, there is always a side effect to that kind of notion. If you have noticed, as it claims to get people closer, it also gets people to separate. This can be seen through social media wars and bullying. This alone can create a negative impact in the minds of those who are sensitive at heart. As this continues, it can slowly let someone be a pessimist. But, studies on positive psychology have shown that there is a way to let you avoid that certain kind of impact. That is through showing gratitude.

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One way to show gratitude is through a journal. This is basically a gratitude journal. You would find the effects of writing a gratitude journal intriguing once you start to write one and be consistent. If you want to know how to write an entry in your gratitude journal, just read on. We will also be showing you sample entries to better guide you if you ever plan to make a gratitude journal. Lastly, we will give you the reasons why knowing how appreciating and showing your gratitude can change your negative thoughts into a positive one. You may also see writer journal templates.

Gratitude Journal Planner Template

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Simple Gratitude Journal Template

Gratitude Journal Template

Gratitude and How to Show it in Writing

Before we would show you how to write a gratitude journal and why it creates a positive impact on the sender and the receiver, we will first give you an introduction to what gratitude is. You may also see coffee journal templates.

Gratitude is simply when one appreciates something or is in a state of being grateful to someone or to something. It is appreciating the value of something whether tangible or intangible. It is also a realization of thanks to someone who did something for you. Gratitude is also known as appreciating one’s meaning to the world. You may also see education journal templates.

Now that you have an idea that gratitude is not merely a “thank you” response, it is now time to teach you how to write an entry in your gratitude journal. Remember, having the ability to actually start being grateful for the things around you can leave a positive impact on yourself and to others. So if you want to have that kind of life through expressing it in person and in this case, in writing, here are the tips on how to do it:

1. Choose what kind of Journal. Before you start to write anything you are grateful for like about the day or simply life, choose first where would you want to write it about? You could go traditional by writing your thoughts and feelings on a notebook or a literal journal, or you can type it down and save it in a file in your laptop. Either way, the important thing is that you know where you are comfortable in writing. You may also see journal paper templates.

2. Reflect. Now that you have chosen which avenue to write your thoughts on gratitude on, it is now time to reflect. What we mean by this is you have to think of the things you are grateful for before you write it and figure out the reason why you are grateful for this. It is necessary to gather your thoughts first. Once you have gathered your thoughts, you will see that you can write what you want to say right away without pausing too much or erasing some things you don’t feel to include in your gratitude journal. You may also see journal website themes.

3. Start off with a limit. What we mean by this is that you should start thinking how many things or people you are going to thank on a particular day. You can set a goal that you would write 3 things to be thankful for today and increase the number by the next day. But since life is flexible, you can also be flexible by listing down all the things you are thankful for the day. Just remember the happy emotions you have experienced and that can serve as something you can write about in your journal. You may also see photography journal templates.

4. Be specific. People often ask what it takes to be a good writer. One can be if he/she is specific with his/her words on a certain theme and would avoid always generalizing and over explaining things to the point so that listening or reading it would get boring and hassle. That is the same in the gratitude journal you are going to write. YOU HAVE TO BE SPECIFIC. We are not saying that it is not okay if you would write “I’m happy and thankful for my efforts today.”, that is totally fine. What we are just trying to point out is that you could explain why and what were the efforts that you did in a manner in which it would not be too much. You may also see inspirational journal templates.

5. Practice seeing the positive in the negatives. You can use this in writing your entry and can be a benchmark on your way to becoming an optimist if done consistently. You have to try in seeing the good moments/learnings in a bad experience you have encountered in the day. This might require you to write the bad thing that happened, but do remember that no one else will read it because it is your own personal journal and you have the choice to hide it or not. There will always be a silver lining in a stormy moment, you just have to find it and once you do, write about it. The more you do that, it will become second nature seeing the positive things in everything.

Sample Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal Outline Template

Gratitude Can Affect You

As you begin writing and slowly express your gratitude to something or someone, and also see the silver lining in every bad experience, you would not notice at first the possible good effects that have come upon you. In this last section of the article, we will show you the list why showing and writing how much you appreciate something or show your gratitude can actually help you become a more optimistic person. You may also see dance journal templates.

Here are the following reasons why you can change by showing gratitude:

1. Makes people like you. I mean honestly come on, who would not appreciate a person who thanks you for the big and small things you do. You may also see prayer journal templates.

2. Makes you happier. There is always a sense of calm when you see the smiling face of someone after you finished saying thank you and making him or she feels that. You may also see recipe journal templates.

3. Boosts the emotion. Having the personality to be thankful lets us avoid from getting too stressed because we would by then reduce our behavior to blame. You may also see garden journal templates.

4. Bounce back. With having the ability to be thankful, it can also boost our mood in times of suffering and distraught. People who thank more have a better proactive coping lifestyle.

5. Happier memories. You begin to appreciate memories you never thought were that happy once you start appreciating everything around you. You may also see reading journal templates.

6. You get to be friendlier. People will perceive you as a friendly person once you start appreciating the little and big things in life. This would lead you to have more genuine friends. Social support is also one of the things that can make one happy. You may also see vintage journal templates.

These are generally the reasons why having that kind of attitude, being grateful for things, can turn your negative thinking into a positive one. Make it a habit to start writing every little and big thing that happens to you day by day that you are grateful for. Being consistent makes that behavior a natural thing to do every day. Do it. Don’t hesitate if you really do want to change your life around. Go get that journal and write memories that you are thankful for and just continue. Don’t stop. Carry that with you throughout your lifetime. You may also see reflective journal templates.

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