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Log templates are free to download and 100% editable. Each model features a unique design layout, which, of course, you can edit if you want. Albeit many people use the document as is, customizing the template can give it a more personalized look for business and individual use. Log documents serve one purpose: they help you keep the records of anything you like. Because of their significance, the number of people using printable log templates has grown rapidly. Apparently, there are many free log templates online; you, obviously, aren’t going to need all of them. Therefore, following is a list of the top nine popular log templates of 2016.... Read More

log sheet templates

Log Sheet Template – 23+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Documents Download!

In simple terms, a log sheet is a blank sheet on which various logs are entered. A log sheet may be used for a large number of purposes. If you’re a perfectionist, you would want to carry out all your activities in an organized manner. That way, you reduce chances of errors as well. The only way to do so would be to use a log. In fact, most companies even use logs to keep a record of the attendance of the employees, the tasks completed and those still underway, the hours worked and so on. Keeping aside the professional sector for once, you could use a log to keep a tab on personal activities as well. You can also see Maintenance Log Template.

FREE 10+ Research Log Templates in PDF | MS Word

A researcher is not a regular working employee of an organization. However, he is someone that aspires to do a similar job in life or to be in the same line of work and therefore chooses to acquaint himself previously. An intern is someone that signs up for work in an organization for a smaller period to gain experience of working in that field, find his suitability to handle the work responsibilities and assess his liking and capabilities. It makes him better equipped to handle professional work. This approach to hiring interns is comparatively newer as more and more companies are allowing newcomers to come and work with them closely to gain a closer view of how they exercise in reality.

Activity Log Template – 17+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Documents Download!

Ensure you note all your daily, weekly and monthly online and physical activities in any project or any 24 hour routine. Our activity log templates offer an employee, student, business, or school form for productivity monitoring sheets for a job. The templates are perfect tools for time management with hourly monitoring sample schedules and more for people who lack personal management skills.