Log templates are free to download and 100% editable. Each model features a unique design layout, which, of course, you can edit if you want. Albeit many people use the document as is, customizing the template can give it a more personalized look for business and individual use. Log documents serve one purpose: they help you keep the records of anything you like. Because of their significance, the number of people using printable log templates has grown rapidly. Apparently, there are many free log templates online; you, obviously, aren’t going to need all of them. Therefore, following is a list of the top nine popular log templates of 2016 Read More

Work Log Templates

A work log can help you focus on your project without worrying about how much time you have left to complete the task. You can outline the work you would like to do, and, against it, include the maximum period you are likely to spend on the job.

Phone Log Templates

Want to keep a phone log of people that are important to you but you have no idea how? Well, you will find the phone log template useful. The record template can help you separate unnecessary contacts from the useful list, making it easy for you to keep your contact details organized.

Time Log Templates

A time log is a valuable tool for recording the number of hours spent on any activity. A time log shows the time you started the task, the exact period you completed the task and the total number of total hours spent on the activity. The time log will help you know how much work you can do within a given timeframe.

Communication Log Templates

Your business will receive so many calls, and there will be substantial once that need urgent attention. Record them in a phone log and give the caller the assurance that your team is going to look into their problem and then call out back later when the issue in question has a solution.

Activity Log Templates

An activity log list is easy to use, and it is suitable for planning family events. Identify the activities that you would like the family to take part in, write the number of hours appropriate for each activity, and then use the log as a guide during the fun moments with the people you love.

Budget Log Templates

If you don’t have enough time to create a budget template, use a budget log. The model can help you track how much you spend per day, per week, or per month. You can use the content of the record to review your spending patterns, and make changes wherever necessary.

Maintenance Log Template

Computer software and mobile apps need maintenance. If you use such technologies to run your business, you need to make sure they are up to date. A maintenance log will help you schedule maintenance practices so that your business runs smoothly. Regular maintenance is necessary if you are serious about running a successful business.

Workout Log Template

People exercise for two reasons: physical fitness and weight loss. A perfect workout requires discipline and commitment, which means that you must create a comprehensive exercise routine that will help through the weight loss process. A log template will help you keep a record of appropriate activities.

Food Log Template

Creating a list of healthy foods will bar you from eating anything you get your hands on. Because a food log will have healthy food choices, you are never going to worry about eating foods that will add you weight. A food log template takes the junk out of the picture.