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15 Company Warning Letter Templates

It is often necessary to send company warning letters to one’s employees. This might be due to a need to address some kind of misconduct, but that is not always the case. Whatever the specific reason for doing so, you can make use of company warning letter templates to help devise whatever letters you might need to deal with any infractions.

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Of course, you would also have to be aware of at least some of the basics of writing an employee warning letter. After all, you cannot make the most of any of your tools unless you have some measure of familiarity with how they function. With that in mind, it would pay for you to know about some of the details concerning company warning letters so that you can be sure of making your own letters properly.

Basic Company Warning Letters

Free Company Warning Letter To Employee

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Size: A4 & US


Free Company Warning Letter

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Free Warning Letter for Damaging Company Vehicle

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Free Warning Letter for Violation of Company Policy

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Employee Verbal Warning Letter

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Behavior Warning Letter Template

HR Warning Letter Template

Sample Warning Letter for Poor Work Performance

Why Send a Company Warning Letter?

One of the first things you should know about using different kinds of sample disciplinary letter templates is why you ought to send them in the first place. After all, employees are only immediately fired in the most serious cases, which demands a knowledge of the functions of company warning letters so that you can deal with employees properly.

Measured Response

One of the most notable reasons for sending a company warning letter is to ensure a measured response on your part. After all, in most cases of misconduct, you would be interested in giving the offending employee a first warning letter so as to give him a chance to improve his conduct. This would allow you to attempt to work together with your employee so that you could find some kind of middle ground. Besides, using this measure allows you to attempt to solve the problem without resorting to more drastic measures from the start. Firing your employees should always be regarded as something of a last resort, being that it is a move that you cannot really take back.

Attempt to Salvage the Employee

One other reason why you might want to rely on company warning letters is that it gives you an opportunity to salvage your employees. In a way, your employees are also an investment on the company’s part. This means that you ought to take all the necessary steps to keep your employees a part of your organization. After all, there is no sense in throwing your employees away by terminating their employment at the first sign of trouble. Manpower is always a valuable resource, hence the need for you to take steps to preserve your company’s human resources.

Attempt to Address the Issues

Your company warning letters should also serve the purpose of extending a helping hand toward your employees. Your business warning letters need to take steps to address an employee’s issues so that you can find a way to improve their productivity as a worker. After all, if there are some extenuating circumstances involved with your employee, then you ought to hear those reasons. Besides, your employees should have the opportunity to explain themselves and you ought to pay attention if only to help come to some kind of understanding.

Bring Unacceptable Conduct to Light

Part of writing company warning letters involves informing your employees of any infractions they may have committed. While employees may know what they have done, including these acts in the work warning letter templates you use can serve to bring these infractions to the attention of your employees. This should make it much easier to address the problem. At best, you may not have to do anything as employees may be able to adjust their behavior upon simply receiving a notification. And even if other measures must be taken, the employee in question has at least been warned of their unacceptable behavior, which would be a necessary step to doing something about the issue.

Arranging Meetings with Employees

If necessary, you may have to arrange meetings with your employees in order to help settle the underlying problems behind their misconduct. This is something employees are generally entitled to as it would allow them to present their case to management and provide some kind of explanation for their actions. In any case, your company warning letters would have to provide a notification of such meetings so that you can all be privy to the same knowledge regarding what steps need to be taken to address any problems you are facing.

Sample Company Warning Letter Templates

Warning Letter for Professional Misconduct

Tardiness Warning Letter Template

Written Warning for Attendance Letter Template

Sample Disciplinary Warning Letter

What Merits a Company Warning Letter

Of course, another important part of knowing how best to use your HR warning letters is knowing which actions merit sending a warning letter to begin with. After all, if you are to use these letters properly, it pays to know what you can send these letters for. This is definitely something you would need to know in order to find out how best to address any issues in a satisfactory manner.


While consistent tardiness might be seen as a relatively minor issue, it can be quite a bit more grave than one might think. After all, tardiness can imply a sense of laziness or a lack of professionalism hence the regular failure to arrive on time. Besides, you would also have to consider the effects on productivity. When your employees do not arrive on time, then they are not making the most of all the time you have available, which would negatively impact your organization’s daily productivity. As such, you would need to send a warning letter to bring the issue to your employees’ attention so that they can adjust their behavior. At best, you may not have to take many steps yourself, but a consistent pattern of behavior always merits intervention.


You may also be aware that there are attendance warning letters specifically so that you can address any habitual absenteeism on part of your employees. Like regular tardiness, this is an offense that can affect an organization’s productivity. Naturally, this is definitely an issue that you ought to address with your employees before the situation escalates. As such, you still ought to have warning letters delivered so that you can deal with this issue. Of course, absenteeism is a far more serious offense, being that dishonesty can be implied whenever it becomes an issue.

Poor Performance

Of course, poor performance in general is another issue that can merit sending out company warning letters. In such cases, it is not so much that an employee has committed some kind of infraction, but rather they have failed to meet the required quotas you have set for your employees. In such cases, this might be less a matter of discipline than one of focus, in which case, anything other than a warning letter might be disproportionate. Of course, poor performance could be linked to other, more serious issues. In such cases, a warning letter would be more important than ever if you want the problem dealt with definitively.


Of course, you may also use warning letters even in serious cases of misconduct such as neglect, incompetence, fraud, and others. Of course, you might have to send employees final warning letters, such is the gravity of these matters. Naturally, the most serious examples of these infractions may require that you skip past sending any warnings and simply terminate your employees immediately. However, there are still some serious infractions that do not quite merit such extreme measures, hence the need to be proportionate regarding any cases of misconduct.

Employee Company Warning Letters

Staff Warning Letter Template

First Official Warning Letter Template

Sample Employee Warning  Letter Template

How to Make a Company Warning Letter

It might also benefit you to know how to take basic work warning letter templates and make them into concrete warning letters for any of your employees. There are some basic steps to follow, though these would naturally vary according to specific circumstances. That said, these are some general similarities that you should take note of when making your own company warning letters, such as:

First include a company letterhead.

One important element you definitely need to place in your company warning letters is your company letterhead. Part of this is due to a letterhead serving as a shorthand for stating that your letter is an official document that is involved with matters of import. By virtue of simply looking at the letterhead, your recipient can tell from a glance that this is an important matter. From the very start, your employee can have some hint of what the letter might be about, especially if he already has an inkling of what he has done.

Be sure to include the date and employee’ s name

Any employee warning letters you make also need to have the date the letter was sent and received, as well as the employee’s name. This is meant to let the letter serve record-keeping purposes, as you can have very specific details included on the letter, and, by extension, any other records that might be kept of the issue. These are important details that can see definite use when specifying every aspect of a given case, so these are definitely important elements of your warning letters.

Make sure to notify the employee of the fact that he is being warned.

The first thing your company warning letters need to do upon reaching the body of the letter is to get to the point right away. In official business correspondence it is important that your documents be straightforward and to the point. In this case you would want to inform your employee that this is a warning letter, and that his conduct merits some kind of warning on your part. This can help to remove any ambiguity, and reinforce the idea that the employee has done something worthy of a reprimand from you.

Include whatever actions the employee has done to merit the reprimand.

In any behavior warning letters you write, it is also vital that you list any specific actions that led to your writing and sending the letter. If your employee has committed some acts that were unacceptable, then it is your responsibility to state what those acts were. Other than stating specifically what the employee did, it is also vital that you state specific instances of that behavior. This is for the sake of more accurate record-keeping, as it allows you to establish some kind of pattern of behavior on your employee’s part so that all parties involved understand that these are not isolated incidents.

Also make sure to include past disciplinary actions taken.

Another aspect of all professional warning letters is listing what concrete actions you undertook to address the problem and on what dates. This can include disciplinary meetings, previous notifications bringing the matter to the employee’s attention, and others. These details matter precisely because they provide a record of what measures you yourself have taken to attempt to address the problem. If nothing else, you can avoid being blamed for not doing enough to help your employee.

Include explanations of how the misconduct is damaging to other persons.

One thing that might help underline how serious a matter this is, especially with regard to the company’s big picture, is to clearly explain to your employee how these infractions are detrimental to the productivity of the company as a whole. You can do this by stating how productivity and morale of your personnel is affected by the issue. This can be an effective measure as it helps put these infractions in perspective for your employee, which can go some way to explaining why a seemingly-minor infraction is such a problem for everyone.

Include your expectations regarding improvements in behavior.

No matter which stage of warning this is, it is important that you explain in no uncertain terms exactly what you want from your employee in terms of improving their behavior. This can serve to provide them with clear, concrete goals toward which they can strive, and which you can use to gauge their efforts to improve themselves.

Also ensure that you state the potential consequences of future instances of this behavior.

Finally, you do have to mention in your job warning letter templates what consequences employees can expect if you do not see some kind of improvement. Depending on the severity, this can be anything from further disciplinary letters and meetings to hearings, up to and including termination of employment. This can be the stick to the rest of the letter’s carrot, so to speak, which can go some way to keeping your employees on the straight and narrow.

If you ever have to make any company warning letters in the course of your work, then these insights should be a useful tool for helping you with the writing process so that you can have the most effective warning letters you can make.

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