Get to make a modern and professionally designed address label for postal items such as envelopes and parcels/packages. Add the address of the recipient and other bits of information such as a return address, contact information of the supplier, marketing messages, or an additional greeting. Choose from one of our premium label templates. Free to download and easy to use. These files are ready-made and use high-quality content, including layout, artwork, images, text and graphic files. Print ready, perfect for commercial as well as personal printing. Save the downloaded file on your PC or mobile device. Easily editable in all versions of Adobe Photoshop (psd), Illustrator (.ai), Indesign, Microsoft Word (.doc), Publisher, Apple Pages, Mac, PDF and Google Docs.

Tired of the old standard address label? Save time and use a fun and personalized address label. Address labels let your document get noticed in a sea of mail. Inject personality or customize and let your address label be a reflection of your taste.

Address labels add a unique touch to envelopes or packages to get noticed and additionally saves you time in having to make one in a hurry. By customizing an address label you do the following:

  • Create an eye catching product label which will help differentiate your mail from others. The site offers a wide selection of different ready-made address labels of premium design that you can definitely customize by changing sizes or shapes of the template.

  • Save time in having to write down an address for every document or package you send. Use address labels found on the site that can be readily downloaded and printed on stickers. Simply take one out and stick on the return address and forget about the trouble of having to write down a decent looking and readable return address.

  • Save on effort of writing down the same address on every envelope or package for bulk mails. Whether sending out for shipping or simple delivery, address labels get the job done in a single go. Just print a chosen gift label template from the site. Edit the contents with your own information and print to your heart’s content. There are many available formats and examples on the site that are sure to be useful for your requirement.

Address labels from the site are easy to edit and are fully customizable to suit the varying needs of your application. Open and edit with your choice of software application compatible with file formats for MS Word, Publisher, Pages or other software apps. Easily print beautiful, eye catching labels via commercial print or with convenience by printing in your own home.

So whether it’s for business or simply for personal use, the site offers only the perfect label for each occasion. Just personalize your directly downloaded template from the site or simply edit it as it is. Print right away and send off in a matter of minutes. Do away with the need in filling up your mailing address by simply printing out your address label. Stick it on or paste it to the envelope and let it be on its way. Make the right choice and head over to the site to start using amazing address labels that you can’t find anywhere else.

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