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Daily reports, research results, business presentations, data analysis, name it. All of these need to be presented through a PowerPoint for better dissemination and discussion of certain topics. It is convenient for anyone to utilize PowerPoint or PPT slides to organize their presentation of ideas.

This page offers you various PowerPoint templates as well as PowerPoint Template Ideas that you could use for your own interest and purpose. Whether it’s a casual or formal presentation you would wish to pull off, your choice of PowerPoint templates become a huge factor in determining the effectiveness and the overall visual quality of your PowerPoint.

Medical PowerPoint Template

Medical PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Business PowerPoint Template

Business PowerPoint TemplatesDownload

Microsoft PowerPoint Template

Microsoft PowerPoint TemplatesDownload

Professional PowerPoint Template

Professional PowerPoint TemplatesDownload

Timeline PowerPoint Template

Timeline PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Why Use PowerPoint Templates

Students, professionals, and a lot more prefer to make use of a PowerPoint for high quality and elegant presentations.

  • The use of PowerPoint templates that we offer could help provide satisfying template designs that are available in template packs.
  • PowerPoint templates could be used for organizing and structuring lengthy topics.
  • These templates serve as a ready made outline for an individual to properly present information for easier comprehension.

You may also check out these PowerPoint Calendar Templates for other styles and uses of PowerPoint templates.

Essential Elements of a PowerPoint Template

A PowerPoint template has all the elements needed to effectively communicate information. It wouldn’t be referred as such if it lacks any of the elements listed below:

  • Header – A single slide should present a specific title or a general idea. A header serves as a label and a title for main ideas and topics.
  • Slides – A presentation won’t fit in just one slide. So the use of several slides are essential to accommodate the necessary information.
  • Transition – An eye-catching transition is expected in every PowerPoint presentation. It boosts audience interest and attention as well.
  • Charts/Diagrams – To maximize your style of presentation, charts and diagrams are essential. These organizing tools simplify your ideas for general comprehension.

These attractive and easy to download Wedding PowerPoint Templates guarantee you all the elements of an efficient PowerPoint template.

Poster PowerPoint Template

Poster PowerPoint TemplatesDownload

Book PowerPoint Template

Book PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Nursing PowerPoint Template


Clean PowerPoint Template

Clean PowerPoint TemplatesDownload

Baseball PowerPoint Template

Baseball PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Spring PowerPoint Template

Spring PowerPoint TemplatesDownload

History PowerPoint Template

History PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Chalkboard PowerPoint Template

Chalkboard PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Fall PowerPoint Template

Fall PowerPoint TemplatesDownload

Church PowerPoint Template

Church PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Tips on How to Create Professional Powerpoint Templates

You have probably heard audience complaining about presentations that are too boring or not at all informative or helpful. You could actually avoid these unsatisfied comments if you are able to present it professionally.

Here are tips on how to make your PowerPoint templates look professional:

  • Subtle Template Colors – A colorful PowerPoint template may not look professional to the majority of your audience. Contingent upon your topic and discussion, use subtle colors like light shades of blue to establish a lighter mood for your audience.
  • Neat Fonts – For an effective and efficient appearance of a professional PowerPoint template, use good fonts that aren’t too common and boring to look at. Always take note of originality in choosing the right font.
  • Bullets Instead of Paragraphs – Take into consideration the attention span of your audience. Highlight main points through bullets. No one likes reading a big block of text (unless it’s a novel).
  • Visually Engaging Slides – For your presentation to be visually engaging, provide your audience with attractive images or information in large fonts. Make it easy for them to read and comprehend.
  • Simple Text – You could use simple words provided that the presentation is able to relay a strong message. Simple texts are easy to read, however what could weigh more and catch your audience’s attention is the impact of your message.

You may want to download our Business PowerPoint Templates for more engaging PowerPoint presentations. We also have unique and easy to download Facebook PowerPoint Templates all available for you in this page.

Animated PowerPoint Template

Animated PowerPoint TemplateDownload

PowerPoint Calendar Template

PowerPoint Calendar TemplateDownload

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

Swot Analysis Template PowerPointDownload

Target PowerPoint Slide Template

PowerPoint Slide TemplateDownload

Education PowerPoint Template

Education PowerPoint TemplateDownload

PowerPoint Certificate Template

PowerPoint Certificate TemplateDownload

Army PowerPoint Template

Army PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Change PowerPoint Template

Change PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Holiday PowerPoint Template

Holiday PowerPoint TemplateDownload

How to Design PowerPoint Templates

A well-done PowerPoint presentation is attractive and engaging to a certain target audience. The PowerPoint design is crucial to retain the attention and focus of the audience.

Here’s how one should design a PowerPoint template:

  • Choose a theme. Your PowerPoint theme may include colors, fonts, transition effects, background styles and more. Choose a theme accordingly in terms of the type of formality you wish and the preference of the audience.
  • Outline per slide. It is up to your creativity to design your own outline per slide. You could choose to use slides with the same design or a variety of designs depending on your audience’s needs.
  • Slide Size. A single slide template must have consistent slide sizes all throughout your presentation. Your background style is dependent on your slide size so be careful as to not distort for better results and quality.

Check out these PowerPoint Dashboard Templates from this page and grab some of our unique PowerPoint template designs.

PowerPoint Flowchart Template

PowerPoint Flowchart TemplateDownload

Technology PowerPoint Template

Technology PowerPoint TemplateDownload

School PowerPoint Template

School PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Wedding PowerPoint Template

Wedding PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Music PowerPoint Template

Music PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Minimalist PowerPoint Template

Minimalist PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Teacher PowerPoint Template

Teacher PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Military PowerPoint Template

Military PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Newspaper PowerPoint Template

Newspaper PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Healthcare PowerPoint Template

Healthcare PowerPoint TemplateDownload

Social Media PowerPoint Template

Social Media PowerPoint TemplateDownload

How to Choose the Right Number of Slides for a PowerPoint Template

Professional PowerPoint templates are very informative and effective despite being limited in terms of design and style. Furthermore, despite the limited number of slides for a certain topic, an effective PowerPoint template is able to communicate what it’s supposed to.

Here’s how one should choose the right number of slides for a PowerPoint template:

  • Time Limit – Preparation includes knowing before hand how much time is allotted for your presentation. The number of slides that you use should depend on a certain time limit. Do not squeeze in too much information just to comply with the time given to you. Simplify your presentation and equally distribute ideas in each slide.
  • Design Choice – Any type of PowerPoint presentation could be cut short because of your choice of design. If your PowerPoint design focuses more on space rather than content, you will end up with a lot of slides in one presentation setting. Your design choice should accommodate all the information you need to discuss.
  • Standard Rule – The ideal and the standard number of PowerPoint slides to use for a certain presentation depends on anyone who organizes or anyone who sets standards for purposes of synchronized presentation flow.

Check out our other creative designs like these Prezi PowerPoint Templates ideal for smooth transitioning PowerPoint presentations. All these free PowerPoint templates and more at Template.net!

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