How to Create a Marketing Plan PowerPoint [10+ Templates]

A business can effectively grow if the people involved do some planning with regards to their activities and operations. Oftentimes, these plans are presented through PowerPoint slides or a PowerPoint presentation. If you want to make your own marketing plan, feel free to use any of our PowerPoint presentation templates below.


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5 Steps to Create a Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Step 1: Write a draft of your marketing plan

Before you actually start creating your PowerPoint presentation, it would be best to write a draft of your entire marketing plan first. While this may be an optional thing to do, it can actually help in ensuring that your report is as concise as it can be while trying to eliminate the instances of committing errors along the way.

Step 2: Download a marketing plan PowerPoint template

Save yourself the stress by using a PowerPoint presentation template instead of starting with a blank canvas. This way, you’ll have most of the elements necessary and you will simply need to make some changes and add the marketing plan. Check out below for over ten PowerPoint templates that we have gathered from the internet.

Step 3: Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and open the template

Since this is an article of PowerPoint presentation templates, it makes perfect sense that you will be required to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your system. However, there are alternatives to PowerPoint which are also compatible with PPT files such as OpenOffice Impress and Google Slides.

Step 4: Write the content and add enhancements

Once the template has been opened, you can finally start writing your content based on the draft that you have previously prepared. Take advantage of the multiple slides and focus on a specific topic for each one. Of course, make enhancements to the slides by adding graphical elements, this can make the presentation more captivating.

Step 5: Preview and evaluate the presentation

After the editing phase, you will be allowed to preview the entire presentation by clicking on the Slide Show tab and choosing From Beginning. Check the formatting for each slide and evaluate the content for its relevance, grammar, and overall quality. Once everything’s set, you can finally save the file in its appropriate format.

10+ Marketing Plan PowerPoint Templates

1. Marketing Pitch Deck PowerPoint Layout

marketing pitch deck powerpoint layout
File Format
  • MS Powerpoint
  • Google Slides
  • Keynotes

Size: 4:3 HD Size


A pitch deck is defined as a presentation that provides audiences with an overview of the business’ marketing plans. Just like any other business presentations, pitch decks can be presented through PowerPoint and you can make one using the template above. Aside from this, we’ve got other modern pitch deck templates available for download.

2. Marketing Plan Business PowerPoint Design

marketing plan business powerpoint design
File Format
  • MS Powerpoint
  • Keynotes

Size: 16:9 HD Size


The importance of creating a marketing plan includes helping the business to avoid future uncertainties, to coordinate the different departments, to achieve the goals efficiently, and for the customers to gain full satisfaction. For the marketing or business plan to be communicated effectively, you may use the PowerPoint template above.

3. Company Marketing Plan PowerPoint Example

company marketing plan powerpoint example
File Format
  • MS Powerpoint
  • Keynotes

Size: 16:9 HD Size


Indeed, listening to reports may seem to get uninteresting after a while and it is up to the presenters to ensure that they are able to keep their audiences attentive. One way is to make the PowerPoint presentation colorful just like the template above. This PowerPoint template effectively manages to balance the colors and white space.

4. Business Marketing Plan PowerPoint Layout

business marketing plan powerpoint layout

You’ll get a great deal with this PowerPoint template for just a single download. Not only will you be getting it in the standard 4:3 resolution but also in the wide 16:9 as well. If you wish to have the slides printed out as hard copies, you may do so on US letter sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches).

5. Green Marketing Plan PowerPoint Format

green marketing plan powerpoint format

Make your PowerPoint presentation as impressive and attention-grabbing as possible by simply using the marketing PowerPoint template above. You can choose from over 80 uniquely-designed slides and over 2000 vector icons that you can add to enhance each slide as well as the overall quality of the presentation.

6. Minimal Marketing Plan PowerPoint Sample

minimal marketing plan powerpoint sample

Sometimes, you just don’t need to do much to make your marketing plan presentations worth paying attention to. While the template above is obviously for making a presentation in PowerPoint, you may be able to convert this in either Word or PDF especially if you wish to have it printed on paper.

7. Marketing Plan PowerPoint Example

blue marketing plan powerpoint template

Here’s a marketing plan PowerPoint template that’s packed with features, it sounds too good to be true. This template comes with free fonts, unlimited theme colors, animated and fully editable elements, and the ability to be rendered in 1080p. If you are in need of a demo, simply click on the link provided and look for the Youtube Demo button.

8. Powerful Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

powerful marketing plan powerpoint template

To sound compelling and powerful in your report, you will also need to use a powerful sales and marketing plan presentation. Thankfully, we’ve got exactly what you need right here. This PowerPoint template comes in both light and dark themes, over 50 stunning slides, and over 800 vector icons that you can use for free.

9. Simple Marketing Plan PowerPoint Sample

simple marketing plan powerpoint sample

Again, you don’t have to add a lot of elements when you don’t need to. If you really want to make an impact with your marketing plan presentation, it’s all in the arrangement of the elements as well as the effective use of colors. If you like this, you might also like our simple pitch deck template.

10. Marketing Plan Strategy PowerPoint Design

marketing plan strategy powerpoint design

Now that you’ve already seen a handful of our templates, what do businesses actually get from having a good marketing plan? For one thing, it gets everyone on the same page in terms of the business’ ultimate goal and aligns them with the vision. The template above is best used with PowerPoint 2007 and the later versions.

11. Modern Marketing Plan PowerPoint Example

modern marketing plan powerpoint example

Ensure that your PowerPoint presentations don’t have broken images with this presentation template. The elements included here may be simple but they are also fully editable, this elements even has various data charts such as the pie, bar, and line charts. If this sounds perfect for you, go ahead and click on the Download button.

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