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13+ Simple Powerpoint Designs & Templates – PPT

Lectures and discussions became more entertaining and engaging to pay attention to ever since Powerpoint came into existence. It is used by teachers, lecturers, and speakers as their primary tool in providing visual aids for their audience. With its various animations and transitions, you can playfully format the slides to catch the attention of the audience and to make it more fun to look at. Moreover, there are other functions in the PowerPoint that you can explore that you might want to try using and might find very useful to add to your slides. You may also see modern powerpoint templates.

In this article, we have curated a list of PowerPoint templates that have designs that can cater to different styles. These templates are accessible online so you can view them anywhere and anytime. Even if you are in a bus or strolling down the busy streets of the city, if you have an Internet connection, you would be able to view and choose the final template for your Powerpoint presentation.

Also, since these are in digital formats, you are able to edit and customize them to your liking. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard in designing them so it won’t distract your audience. Let’s not wait further and let’s dive right into the list of simple PowerPoint templates!

Powerpoint Slide Presentation Template

powerpoint slide presentation template
File Format
  • Keynotes
  • MS Powerpoint

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Free Business Powerpoint Presentation Template

free business powerpoint presentation template
File Format
  • Keynotes
  • MS Powerpoint

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Simple Powerpoint Template

simple powerpoint template 788x

Business Plan Simple Powerpoint Template

business plan simple powerpoint template 788x

Minimal Simple Powerpoint Template

minimal simple powerpoint template 788x

What is Microsoft Powerpoint?

Microsoft Powerpoint is a software application that creates a visual presentation through a series of slides. It was developed by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin. Originally, it was made for the Apple Macintosh in 1987 but its rights were then purchased by Microsoft Corporation for $14 million in July of that year.

Since its creation, it has evolved into different versions that have helped multiple businesses and institutions in the way they present ideas and reports. On its first version, which is Version 1.0, it allowed users to generate text and graphics for notes, overhead transparencies, and black-and-white handouts. On its second version (Version 2.0), it has been developed for both Macintosh and Microsoft’s operating system, which was upgraded to output 35-mm color slides.

On its third release (Version 3.0) in 1992, it now has a function that enables the user to set the collection of slides into a virtual presentation. The versions that followed after have added more features such as slide transitions, background designs, animation, graphics, movie and sound clips, and AutoContent.

Flash forward to 2003, it has been renamed into Office Powerpoint which has reflected the standardized user interface and program functions across Microsoft’s Office programs such as a word processor (Microsoft Word) and a spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel). PowerPoint’s impact didn’t only affect businesses but also schools and community organizations. It was initially packaged as a stand-alone product but due to its inclusion in the Microsoft Office suite, it has guaranteed the top spot in the presentation-software market. You may also see ppt templates.

Advantages of Using PowerPoint

PowerPoints presentations have been an integral part of discussions and in courses that are geared toward information exchange than skill development. It has been proven to be a highly effective tool to aid learning. Other than being a platform for convenient presentations, PowerPoint has advantages that you must be aware of. You may also see Prezi powerpoint templates.

Here are some of them:

1. Increase Visual Impact

We all know that PowerPoint allows the user to import graphics and videos for students to better understand what is being discussed. It’s an essential function that made this visual presentation program stand out among its competitors. You may also see sample powerpoint templates.

In creating your presentation, you can set a certain theme for all of the slides. The more coherent the design is, the more pleasing its visuals are. But, in some cases where you need to change the theme of a specific slide to put emphasis on a certain topic, then do it if you must. It may break the consistency, but putting variety can also be a good thing because it stimulates the brain to think more if it sees something different from the pattern. The audience will be able to be more attentive due to the sudden change of visuals. You may also see Microsoft powerpoint templates.

You can think of different ways to improve the visuals of your slides. But, of course, don’t overdo it. Putting in too many graphical elements may actually hinder learning. You made the presentation to make things easier for the audience to learn, not the opposite.

2. Improve Audience Focus

People are more interested in looking at photos and watching videos compared to reading words. Thus, if you provide a lot of graphic design elements and representation in your slides, people will surely be more attentive than flashing them with slides full of sentences and paragraphs. Aside from providing them with something to catch their attention, it would entertain them at the same time. In your slides, add humor or something that the audience can relate to through photos and videos. Not only will it be a visual feast but also a source of fun and laughter. Wouldn’t the discussion be more engaging if the presentation is formatted that way?

Company Profile Simple Powerpoint Template

company profile simple powerpoint template 788x

Cool Simple Powerpoint Template

cool simple powerpoint template 788x

Simplistic Presentation Template


Clean Simple Powerpoint Template

clean simple powerpoint template 788x

Multipurpose Simple Powerpoint Template

multipurpose simple powerpoint template 788x

3. Provide Annotations and Highlights

If you want something to be emphasized, you can use annotations and highlights. These functions provide more information that will help the audience understand the topic better. For example, in a graph, there are times that the description or the labels aren’t enough for the information to be absorbed by the audience. So to make things clearer and simpler, you can use annotations to provide brief but important and necessary details on a certain part of the topic. These functions are commonly used in schools or casual presentations. You may also see business powerpoint templates.

4. Analyze and Synthesize Complexities

The PowerPoint has multiple functions that help simplify complex analysis such as equations and computations. After these complex functions are simplified, they can be synthesized to exemplify correlations between them. You may also see awesome presentation templates.

5. Increase Spontaneity and Interactivity

When you create a presentation, it comprises mostly images or videos rather than words. Although there are words, they are written in the bare minimum, like only providing outlines for the topics instead of paragraphs because if we have to be honest, these paragraphs provide nothing but boredom to the audience, which would then translate to unabsorbed and wasted information.

With a presentation, you really have to understand the topic so you would be able to fully and clearly discuss everything. You need to be spontaneous as much as you need to be articulate. It is in spontaneity that the audience can gauge whether you, as the presenter, understand what you are discussing. Because if you show a hint of uncertainty in discussing your topic, the audience starts to doubt your knowledge and credibility to speak in front. The audience is there to learn and not just listen to someone babbling things they don’t even understand in the first place. You may also see best powerpoint templates.

Being spontaneous allows you to interact with the audience more. You can engage in healthy debates or exchange of ideas since you fully understand what the topic is. The extra time can also be from being free of reading or looking at the slides from time to time. When you don’t know the topic that well, your time is spent mostly on looking at the reading material rather than understanding the topic or the questions thrown at you from the audience. You may also see business powerpoint templates.

6. Increase Wonder

As the presenter, you can add elements in the slides that will not only entertain the audience but also make them wonder about the topic. When the topic is too serious and boring, you can insert elements that will catch their attention and make their brains grind. You can insert icebreakers to cut the tension or boredom and make them think about riddles or questions that they haven’t encountered yet. Also, you should utilize the different transitions and animations that PowerPoint provides to add a bit of flair to your slides. You may also see medical powerpoint templates.

Planner Simple Powerpoint Template

planner simple powerpoint template 788x

Project Proposal Simple Powerpoint Template

project proposal simple powerpoint template 788x

Modern Proposal Simple Powerpoint Template

modern simple powerpoint template 788x

Marketing Plan Simple Powerpoint Template

marketing plan simple powerpoint template 788x

Are you ready for your presentation?

Creating a presentation can be both fun and stressful at the same time. It is fun in a way that you get to be playful in designing the slides, such as setting themes, importing images and videos, assigning different animations for each slide, and setting various free font styles and sizes for your text. These are only a glimpse of what you can do with the PowerPoint in terms of designing your presentation. You can explore more functionalities and options that you may find useful for the look of your slides.

The only way creating a presentation can be stressful is when you gather the data for your topic. That’s it. It’s because you have to make sure that the information that you use in your presentation is accurate and verified. Otherwise, you would be teaching the audience the wrong details and your credibility as a speaker or lecturer will be negatively affected. You may also see cool powerpoint templates.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the perfect template for your PowerPoint presentation. If you find this article helpful, make sure to bookmark this page and share it with your friends and family. We wish you all the best in your endeavors and good luck with your presentation! You may also see medical powerpoint templates.

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